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OSRS Gold Guide: Unveiling Secret Methods for GP Farming

Welcome to another exciting episode of our OSRS gold-making journey! Today, we'll explore a variety of secret money-making methods shared by viewers, with some bonus techniques thrown in. Stick around because these methods have the potential to earn you a fortune. Join us as we dive into the world of Rune Escape and embark on our quest for wealth!

OSRS Gold Guide: Unveiling Secret Methods for GP Farming


Method 1: Ancient Mace Trading

This method involves buying ancient maces from a goblin and selling them at the Grand Exchange. The ancient mace is a powerful weapon used in player-killing due to its draining special attack. Speak to the goblin archaeologist, Tegdac, northeast of the Dorgesh-Kaan Marketplace, and purchase the maces for 1,000 coins each. After acquiring 129 maces, we sold them for a profit of 555,000 GP, making approximately 1.2 million Runescape GP per hour.


Method 2: Tomato Basket Filling

This method involves filling tomato baskets and selling them. Each basket, filled with five tomatoes, can be sold for around 250 GP. With tomatoes costing approximately 160 GP and the basket itself priced at 3 GP, we made a profit of just under 100 GP per basket. In 20 minutes, we managed to create 882 tomato baskets, which sold for 255,000 GP, resulting in a profit of 120,000 GP. This method can yield around 360,000 GP per hour.


Method 3: Ash Looting from Abyssal Demons

Focusing on picking up ashes dropped by Abyssal demons in the Catacombs of Kourend. These demons are frequently killed in large numbers, making it easier to gather a substantial amount of ash. In 20 minutes, we collected 83 Abyssal Ash, which sold for 197,000 GP. Considering the potential for more efficient demon killing, this method can generate approximately 600,000 GP per hour.


Method 4: Nightshade Gathering and Weapon Poison Crafting

For a unique method, we explored the gathering of Nightshade, a poisonous herb used to create weapon poison plus plus. Nightshade can be found in the caves under Gu'Tanoth, east of Castle Wars. We collected 109 Nightshade in 20 minutes and converted them into weapon poison, which sold for 573,000 GP. Factoring in the time required to make the poison, we achieved a total profit of over 545,000 GP in 25 minutes.


Method 5: Emerald Hunting in the Gnome Stronghold Chest

Highlighting the chance to obtain emeralds while looting the Gnome Stronghold chest. We rectified the mistake by dropping any emeralds found before searching the chest again. Although this method resulted in obtaining 14 emeralds, selling for 6,000 GP, the profit potential was only around 18,000 GP per hour, making it less viable.


Method 6: Fur Trading for Hunter Clothing

Interesting method involving trading different types of fur for hunter clothing. By paying a fee at the Fancy Dress Store in Varrock, fur can be transformed into hunter outfits. However, after attempting this method, we broke even, making no profit. Further analysis is needed to determine if there was an error in execution.


Method 7: Poison Chalice Shop and Hop

Utilizing a shop and hop approach, we acquired poison chalices for free from Stankers, a Dwarven Miner near the coal trucks west of Seers' Village. These chalices sold for over 1,000 GP each, resulting in a profit of 233,000 GP from acquiring 166 of them. With this method, you can earn approximately 700,000 GP per hour, but be prepared for an overnight wait for sales.


Method 8: Goblin Wire Theft

Our next method took us back to the Dorgesh-Kaan caves, where we engaged in stealing Goblin wire. This wire, obtained from a machine east of the furnace, can be sold for around 1,000 GP each. We managed to gather 230 wires in 20 minutes, resulting in a profit of 227,000 GP. This method has the potential to generate around 690,000 GP per hour.


Method 9: Chompy Bird Hunting

Killing Chompy birds and selling their raw meat. Using toads filled with swamp gas as bait, we hunted Chompy birds near Castle Wars. With the Western Provinces' Elite diary completed, we obtained 82 Chompy bird meat, selling for 146,000 GP. This method can yield approximately 438,000 GP per hour, though without the diary completion, the profit may be halved.


Method 10: Rock Shell Armor Crafting

A truly lucrative method, crafting Rock shell legs, allowed us to turn a significant profit. By purchasing the necessary materials and paying fees, we created 100 Rock shell legs in just over 10 minutes. Selling these for 4.7 million GP and considering the costs, we earned a profit of 1.45 million GP. This method boasts an incredible hourly profit of 8.7 million GP.



Throughout our gold-making journey, we explored various methods, each with its own profit potential. In total, we accumulated 3.3 million GP, bringing us closer to decking out Hank in prestigious gilded armor. With more items left to purchase, we look forward to unlocking the Gilded Med Helm next.

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