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RuneScape High-Level Items: incredibly useful and will greatly enhance gameplay experience

In this guide, we will explore ten high-level items that every RuneScape player should aim to obtain. These items are incredibly useful and will greatly enhance your gameplay experience. While there are certainly more than just ten essential high-level items, I have handpicked these based on their utility and popularity. Keep in mind that acquiring these items might require some investment, but the benefits they provide make them well worth the effort. So, let's dive into the world of high-level items in RuneScape!


Level 90 Weapons

As a high-level player, it is crucial to have access to level 90 weapons due to their superior accuracy and damage output. These weapons grant you the capability to tackle every boss in the game. Some excellent options include dual-wield weapons like Ascension Crossbows, Seismic Wand and Orb, and Drygore weapons. Alternatively, you can consider the Noxious weapons, such as the Noxious Staff, Scythe, and Longbow. While these items can be expensive, their long-lasting effectiveness justifies their price tag.


Tier 92 Weapons

If you're already wealthy or have the means to acquire higher-tier weapons, consider looking into tier 92 weaponry. These weapons offer even better benefits and often come with unique special abilities. I recommend checking out the PvM Encyclopedia Discord for an optimal upgrade order, as certain tier 92 weapons may be skipped based on your preferences and goals.


Mazcab Ability Codex

For ranged and magic users, the Mazcab Ability Codex is a must-have. This codex provides access to Corruption Blast and Corruption Shot abilities, which inflict damage over time and possess area-of-effect capabilities. These abilities are highly versatile and become an integral part of your combat rotation. While each codex costs around 42 million GP, the benefits they offer justify the investment.


Double Surge Ability Codex

The Double Surge Ability Codex allows you to perform consecutive surges, significantly enhancing your mobility in the game. It is invaluable for traversing the map, engaging in PvM encounters, or simply improving your overall convenience. The codex can be quite expensive, currently priced at around 120 million GP. Consider acquiring it after prioritizing other essential items.


Invention Perks

As a high-level player, it's time to focus on obtaining Invention perks. These perks provide substantial boosts to your DPS and quality of life during PvM encounters. Even budget perks can make a noticeable difference, so it is highly recommended to unlock Invention and start working on acquiring perks for your gear and weapons. Check the PvM Encyclopedia Discord or RuneScape Wiki for guidance on optimal perk setups.


Grace of the Elves + Luck of the Dwarves

The combination of Grace of the Elves and Luck of the Dwarves offers exceptional benefits for skilling activities. Grace of the Elves allows you to store Porters, instantly teleporting gathered resources to your bank. It also reduces prayer drain rates and occasionally spawns Seren Spirits, providing rare items. Luck of the Dwarves, on the other hand, grants tier 4 luck and access to the ultra-rare drop table. This combination, although expensive, optimizes your Skilling efficiency and increases your chances of obtaining valuable items.


Elder Overload Potions + Tier 95 Curses

Elder Overload Potions are the best overloads available, offering significant boosts to combat stats. These potions are especially valuable for high-level PvM encounters. Additionally, reaching level 95 Prayer unlocks the Turmoil, Anguish, and Torment curses, which greatly enhance your combat capabilities. These curses synergize well with the Soul Split curse at level 92, making PvM encounters more manageable and rewarding.


Enhanced Excalibur

The Enhanced Excalibur is an incredibly useful item that provides passive healing over time. It is obtained by upgrading the regular Excalibur through the Seers' Village achievements. This item requires no adrenaline or money to use and can be activated every six minutes. Augmenting the Enhanced Excalibur further allows for customization with perks and enhancements, making it an invaluable asset for high-level PvM encounters.


Cinderbane Gloves

Cinderbane Gloves are the best-in-slot gloves for any situation where poisoning the target is possible. These gloves synergize with poison-boosting items like the Revenant familiars or weapon poison++. Not only are they highly effective at dealing damage, but they are also versatile and remain relevant across various scenarios.


God Books or Grimoire

A high-level player should have a reliable pocket slot item. Consider obtaining a God Book or the Grimoire, which offers different effects and benefits. The Grimoire from Solak is considered the best-in-slot book, but you can opt for more affordable alternatives like the God Books obtained from the Elder God Wars bosses. These items augment your combat abilities and play a significant role in optimizing your gameplay.



Acquiring these ten high-level items will greatly enhance your RuneScape experience. While some items may require substantial investments, their benefits in combat, skilling, and overall convenience make them worthwhile acquisitions. Remember to prioritize your goals and focus on obtaining the items that best suit your playstyle. By adding these essential items to your arsenal, you'll be well-equipped to tackle challenging PvM encounters and excel in the world of RuneScape.

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