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7 Effective Steps To Reach Level 50 Quickly in ESO, 2023

Leveling up your character from 1 to 50 in TESO can be an exciting journey, especially for new players. However, many players fall into the trap of mindlessly grinding for experience points, which can be tedious and inefficient. This guide is specifically tailored for new players and focuses on seven essential steps to efficiently level up your character while enjoying the game and building a strong foundation for the endgame content.



7 Effective Steps To Reach Level 50 Quickly in ESO, 2023


Step 1: Complete the Starting Tutorial

Although it may seem tempting to skip the tutorial, it provides crucial information about the game's combat mechanics, such as light attacks, heavy attacks, interrupting enemies, and breaking free from crowd control. While the tutorial could be better, it is a decent starting point for new players to familiarize themselves with the basics. Additionally, it introduces the Hall of Starting Zones, where you can explore various starting story quests and DLCs, providing valuable information about available content.


Step 2: Choose the Right Starting Area

After completing the tutorial, it is recommended to venture into one of ESO's three classic starting zones: Khenarthi's Roost, Stros M'Kai, or Bleakrock Isle. These zones are smaller in size compared to full chapters or DLC areas, making it easier to navigate and complete objectives quickly. They also lack challenging world bosses or events, ensuring a smoother starting experience for new players. Completing most of the content in one of these starting zones will take your character from level 3 to approximately level 6 or 7.


Step 3: Visit the Main Alliance Zone for Your Faction

Each faction in ESO has a designated main alliance zone: Auridon for Aldmeri Dominion, Glenumbra for Daggerfall Covenant, and Stonefalls for Ebonheart Pact. Upon reaching your faction's main zone, it is essential to cover the basics, such as joining the Fighter's Guild, Mages Guild, and Undaunted Guild, to unlock their respective skill lines. Additionally, visit the bank, upgrade your bag space, and acquire the free starter house, which provides a convenient, fast travel location. Exploring the zone, collecting sky shards, completing delves, and engaging in world events and public dungeons will grant you extra levels and valuable skill points.


Step 4: Embark on Main Story Quests

Interact with the hooded figure found in your starting alliance zone to begin the main story questline in ESO. This questline provides not only an engaging storyline but also substantial experience, TESO useful items, and valuable skill points. Completing each main story quest rewards you with experience and a full skill point, enabling you to unlock important passives and enhance your character's capabilities. The main story quests are relatively short, making them an efficient way to level up while gaining valuable knowledge about the game's lore.


Step 5: Explore Chapter Zones

Around level 15, it is recommended to start exploring chapter zones, which can be accessed through wayshrines. If you own a chapter, teleport to its respective zone and embark on the zone's story quests. Each chapter's story quests provide substantial experience, often resulting in gaining five or more levels. Alongside story quests, continue exploring the zone, completing delves, public dungeons, and world events to maximize your leveling progress.


Step 6: Engage in Group Content

Once you have gained some levels and acquired a sufficient number of skills, it's time to dive into group content. At level 20, you can participate in random group dungeons, which offer massive experience rewards. Queue up for random group dungeons via the activity finder, selecting the role of DPS or healer. Completing random group dungeons not only grants significant experience but also provides skill points through dungeon quests. Additionally, consider exploring PVP battlegrounds for another daily group activity that yields substantial experience.


Step 7: Leveling Skills and Focused Grinding

As you approach level 40, you may notice a slight slowdown in leveling progress. At this stage, it is recommended to focus on leveling specific skills, particularly those you intend to use in your desired build. For example, equip all your skills from a particular skill line, such as one-handed and shield, and engage in easy content like Dolmens to quickly maximize the progression of those skills. This focused grinding allows you to ensure your character is fully developed before reaching level 50.



By following these seven steps, new players can efficiently level up their characters from 1 to 50 in The Elder Scrolls Online. Instead of mindlessly grinding for experience, this guide emphasizes engaging with various aspects of the game, such as quests, exploration, group content, and skill development. By taking this approach, players will not only enjoy the journey but also build 

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