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RuneScape AFK Farming: Defeating Corporeal Beast Loot and Gold Strategies

In this guide, We will share my strategies for defeating the Corporeal Beast in RuneScape, particularly for AFK (away from keyboard) purposes. We have defeated the Corporeal Beast over 5,000 times on the Ironman account and accumulated valuable loot and rewards along the way. 



RuneScape AFK Farming: Defeating Corporeal Beast Loot and Gold Strategies


The Corporeal Beast

The Corporeal Beast is one of RuneScape's most iconic bosses and is known for dropping rare and beloved Spirit Shields. Despite its formidable damage potential, it is now possible to AFK this boss. In this guide, I will show you how to effectively AFK the Corporeal Beast and provide an overview of the loot I obtained from 5,000 kills.


AFK Setup

To maximize your AFK experience, you will need high-level gear and supplies. While some items can be downgraded for cost-saving purposes, doing so will result in fewer kills per hour and increased risk of death. Here is the setup I recommend:

Weapon: Trimmed Masterwork Spear - The Corporeal Beast takes reduced damage from all weapons except for spears. The Trimmed Masterwork Spear is the best option, but you can downgrade to a Misseri (Tier 85) if necessary. Keep in mind that downgrading may reduce your kill count and require more defensive options.

Armor: Trimmed Masterwork Armor (2 pieces) - The Corporeal Beast's damage is irregular, with occasional high hits. Trimmed Masterwork Armor has an effect that spreads out big damage over time, increasing survivability.

Cape: Zuck Cape (melee) - Upgrades the Overpower ability, making it one of your strongest attacks.

Helm and Boots: Vestments of Havoc - These provide maximum melee damage and are the strongest melee armor in the game. If you want more safety or have downgraded other items, you can use Crypt Bloom or Ganodermic Helm and Boots, paired with the Animate Dead spell for increased survivability.

Gloves: Cinderbane Gloves - These gloves provide poison damage and work well with Weapon Poison potions.

Amulet: Essence of Finality - This amulet offers increased healing and accuracy. Alternatively, you can use an Amulet of Souls for similar effects with lower upkeep costs.

Ring: Champion's Ring - While not essential, it provides a small boost to bleeds.

Scrimshaw: Scrimshaw of Vampyrism - This scrimshaw helps maintain your HP during the fight, particularly against high-damage attacks.

Ammo Slot: Use an item with prayer bonus if available, such as a quiver or rune pouch.



Here is a breakdown of the items to bring in your inventory:

Cannon and Cannonballs: The Corporeal Beast summons Dark Energy cores that can deal significant damage if left unchecked. Set up a cannon near the boss to quickly eliminate them.

Overloads: Use overloads for damage and accuracy boosts to maximize your AFK potential.

Super Prayer Renewal Potions: These gradually increase your prayer points over time.

Super Restores: Use these to replenish prayer points or consider using prayer potions.

Weapon Poison Potions: These potions add free damage and synergize well with Cinderbane Gloves.

Food: Bring some food as a safety measure in case your AFK session is interrupted.

Abyssal Armor Spikes: These spikes offer a slight increase in damage but are not essential.

Excalibur and Elven Ritual Shard: These items can be used to restore HP and prayer respectively. They provide extra safety but are not required.

Potion Reservoirs: If available, use these to automatically reapply potions when they run out, reducing the need for manual drinking.

Familiar: Do not bring a summoning familiar, as the Corporeal Beast can devour them.

Auras: Two recommended auras are Penance and Vampirism. Penance Aura allows easier upkeep of prayer, while Vampirism Aura enhances healing capabilities. Switch between these auras as they become available to enhance your AFK experience.


Loot and Rewards

After 5K kills, the loot and rewards from the Corporeal Beast can be quite lucrative. Here's an overview of what you can expect:

  • GP Drops: Purely from GP drops, you can accumulate around 4 million GP. However, considering Onyx bolt drops and Regen bracelets, the total GP value increases to approximately 347 million Runescape GP. Additionally, converting the 70,000 rune bolts into Enchanted Onyx bolts, you can obtain a total of 977 million GP. If you decide to sell all the loot, you can expect almost 1 billion GP.
  • Experience: Throughout the 5K kills, you can earn a total of 45.7 million experience across melee combat styles and an additional 15 million experience in Constitution. The loot also includes various supplies that offer significant experience gains, such as cooking (4.2 million XP), crafting (over a million XP), construction (over two and a half million XP), and firemaking (over 3 million XP).
  • Supplies: You will collect valuable supplies from the Corporeal Beast, including 380,000 cannonballs, 21,000 desert goat horns (useful for creating smoke devil pouches), 5K limpurt roots, 22,000 white berries (ideal for overloads), 4,000 toadflax seeds, 600 ranarr seeds, law runes, anti-poisons, and stone spirits.
  • Spirit Shields: The Corporeal Beast drops all the necessary components for creating Spirit Shields, including the Divine (melee), Elysian (ranged), Arcane (magic), and Spectral Spirit Shields. The drop rates for the sigils are approximately 1 in 512, with the Spectral Sigil being slightly rarer at 1 in 1,280. These shields provide damage reduction and have unique effects that can be useful in various high-end encounters.



By following this guide, you can effectively AFK the Corporeal Beast in RuneScape, earning valuable loot and rewards. Remember to optimize your gear, inventory, action bar, and auras for maximum efficiency. The Corporeal Beast provides a substantial amount of  Runescape GP, experience, and supplies, making it a profitable boss to farm. Good luck on your journey and enjoy your adventures in RuneScape!

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