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Diablo 4 Season 1 One-Shotting Uber Lilith Forms with Blood Artisan's Querass Necromancer Build

In Diablo 4, defeating Uber Lilith can be a challenging task. However, with the right build and strategy, it's possible to one-shot both of her forms. This guide will walk you through a powerful setup that utilizes the unique effect of the Blood Artisan's Querass to launch devastating Bone Spirits after consuming blood orbs. This Diablo 4 Build allows you to accumulate massive amounts of damage and unleash it on Lilith.

Diablo 4 Season 1 One-Shotting Uber Lilith Forms with Blood Artisan



To begin, you'll need a Blood Artisan's Querass equipped. This chest armor's unique effect lets you generate free Bone Spirits when consuming blood orbs. Normally, Bone Spirit consumes all of your essence, but with this armor, there is no limit to the number of blood orbs you can consume. This means you can store up unlimited damage as long as you can generate enough blood orbs.


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Generating Blood Orbs

Blood orbs can be generated by using the Blood Wave skill with the Tidal aspect. By speccing into Blood Wave and reaching the Blood Orb bonus, you can generate nine blood orbs per cast. These blood orbs appear at designated positions along the path of the Blood Wave. As you continue casting, the orbs will fill up these positions, creating dense clusters of orbs.


Preparing for the Kill

Enter the echo of Lilith boss room, where the fight doesn't start until you get close enough. This allows you to accumulate a large number of blood orbs without any interruptions. Each blood orb represents a portion of the banked-up damage you'll unleash on Lilith. The goal is to build up enough damage to one-shot her forms.


Calculating the Damage

On average, each Bone Spirit deals around 10 million damage. As the unique effect of the Blood Artisan's Querass only requires five blood orbs to spawn a Bone Spirit, each blood orb is worth approximately 2 million damage. With three sections of blood orbs, each cast of Blood Wave generates 6 million damage. For a safe estimate, assume Lilith's first form has around 300 million HP and her second form has around 500 million HP. With this setup, you'll need to cast approximately 83 Blood Waves to have enough damage to take down the second form in one hit.


The Fight

With the preparation phase complete, position yourself strategically in the boss room. Standing slightly off-center allows the blood orb clusters to benefit from the Aspect of Swelling curse, increasing the damage of your Bone Spirits. Additionally, it ensures you won't get blocked or caught up in the bone prison during the fight. Pay attention to Lilith's postures during intermissions, as they can pose a threat.


Executing the Kill

Use the blood orbs closest to Lilith to finish off the last sliver of her health after the intermissions. Once Lilith transitions to her second form, unleash the top cluster of blood orbs to instantly kill her. Throughout the fight, avoid the exploding black ground during stage transitions. Repeat this process for the remaining stage breaks until Lilith lands and can be damaged again. At this point, walk into your blood orb stack, pre-cast Bone Prison, and unleash your damage. With the accumulated power, Lilith should meet her end swiftly.


Optimizing Your Build

While the specific build detailed here may not be fully optimized, it provides a reliable method for defeating Lilith. Gear, aspects, paragons, and other factors can be tailored to your preference. Cooldown reduction is crucial during the preparation phase, so consider using a focus, helm, or amulet with CDR. When transitioning to the kill phase, swap to gear with high crit damage. Elixirs such as Heady Precision or Cruelty can enhance your critical chance and damage. Don't forget to take advantage of abilities like Blood Mist, Bone Prison, Corpse Tendrils, and Corpse Explosion to maximize your damage output.



With this powerful setup and strategy, you can defeat Uber Lilith in Diablo 4 by one-shotting both of her forms. Remember to accumulate blood orbs using the Blood Artisan's Querass and Blood Wave skill, and position yourself strategically during the fight. Adapt the build to suit your playstyle and optimize your damage output. Good luck in your battles against the forces of darkness!

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