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OSRS Items Guides: Some of the unusual consumables

Consumable items play a crucial role in Old School RuneScape when it comes to challenging encounters, such as taking down formidable foes like War Cath. Preparing with the right consumables can greatly increase your chances of success. While there are familiar and beloved consumables in the game, there are also discontinued, obscure, and downright disgusting items that you can use. In this guide, we will explore some of these unusual consumables found in OSRS.

OSRS Items Guides: Some of the unusual consumables


Frog Spawn and Slimy Eel

Our first stop on this gourmet tour takes us to the Lumbridge Caves. Here, we have a unique two-for-one meal. Begin by fishing for some delectable frog spawn using a net. After that, catch some slimy eels from the river. While you can't cook them in the caves, make sure to use the eels on the gas hole for extra flavor (just kidding, it doesn't actually work). Head outside to light a fire and cook the slimy eel. Enjoy this cooked slimy eel alongside the frog spawns for a truly interesting meal.


Mystery Meat

After completing the "Sins of the Father" quest, head to Darkmeyer and speak to the butcher. He will offer you some mystery meat. Although examining it might reveal some unsettling information, don't worry too much about its contents. Surprisingly, this item costs only one OSRS GP and restores five health. It's a strange addition to the game, but hey, good value, right?


Poison Chalice

Visit the dwarf Stankers in the coal mines past Seers' Village after completing the Dwarf Cannon Quest. Stankers will give you a poison chalice, which has various effects when consumed. It's one of the oldest items in the game and offers a unique experience. Drink it and see what effects you encounter, but be aware that it's not particularly useful in most situations.


Cave Goblin Delicacies

In the Dorgesh-Kaan marketplace, you'll discover a range of horrifying foods. Turgok, a cave goblin, sells cave slime soup, a delicious green gloop soup that heals two hitpoints. Additionally, you can find wall beast fingers, which may sound enticing to some. Explore the marketplace for a variety of strange dishes, but beware, they might not be to everyone's taste.


Unappetizing Potions

While not exactly obscure, it's worth considering the strange ingredients used in potions. For instance, some potions contain ingredients like ground unicorn horn, chocolate dust, and even wine (which apparently improves your aim). Consider the sacrifices your character makes by consuming these potions, such as drinking a crushed bird's nest in the case of the Saradomin brew.


Monkey Nuts and Banana Stew

Visit Salihib on patrol in Ape Atoll for some monkey nuts, which gained recognition through their infamous use in quick chat spam. Additionally, you can try the unappetizing-looking banana stew. Interestingly, when you eat the banana stew, it increases in weight, defying the laws of physics and creating matter out of nothing.


Gnome Restaurant Delights

Within the Gnome Restaurant, you'll find a range of peculiar foods. From tangled toads' legs to wormholes and more, these dishes may not be for everyone. The vegetarian option, veg ball, and the absence of meat in "no meat" are particularly unusual choices. However, all these gnome restaurant foods restore two hitpoints, making them suitable for your next adventure.


Alcoholic Libations

Don't forget that consumables also include beverages, and your character in OSRS is quite the drinker. Your character can chug down four bottles of liquor without much impairment, except for a slight decrease in attack. It's a testament to their strength and resilience.


Locust Meat

Head to the desert and search for locusts, which used to inhabit Sophanem. Unfortunately, they've been driven out due to my heroic efforts (you're welcome). Nevertheless, you can still find locust meat and consume it without cooking. This act triggers a humorous message about juices squirting in your mouth, providing a quick three-hitpoint heal.


Half Full Jug of Wine

Once a nostalgic item from the early days of RuneScape, the half full jug of wine was discontinued in 2001 due to players' lack of self-control. These jugs are now valuable in RuneScape 3, trading for approximately 17 billion GP. In OSRS, they can still be obtained annually but hold significantly less value.



Old School RuneScape offers a wide range of consumable items, some of which are bizarre, obscure, or even disgusting. Exploring these items can add an extra level of enjoyment to your gameplay experience. From slimy eels and frog spawns to mystery meat and poison chalices, the game's consumables are both fascinating and peculiar. Remember to appreciate the sacrifices your character makes while consuming potions and indulge in the quirky delights found in the Gnome Restaurant. So, venture forth and embrace the weirdness that OSRS has to offer!

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