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RuneScape 3 Best Quest Guide: Unveiling Powerful Rewards

Welcome to this updated version of our RuneScape 3 quest guide. In this article, we will discuss some of the best and most useful quests, along with their corresponding rewards. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned adventurer, this guide will help you prioritize your questing journey. We have organized the quests based on accessibility, with quests at the beginning requiring fewer prerequisites and offering relatively fewer rewards than those further down the list. Let's dive in and explore the quests that will enhance your RuneScape 3 experience.

RuneScape 3 Best Quest Guide: Unveiling Powerful Rewards


Waterfall Quest

One of the first quests you should set your sights on is the Waterfall Quest. This quest is ideal for new accounts as it has no specific requirements. By completing this quest, you will earn a significant amount of RS Gold, Attack, and Strength XP, boosting your levels from 1 to 30. Additionally, the quest acts as a stepping stone for other quests and is recommended to be completed early on.


Beneath Cursed Tides

A free-to-play quest, Beneath Cursed Tides, is an excellent choice for those starting their RuneScape journey in free-to-play worlds. With some skill requirements, including Level 30 in certain skills, completing this quest grants access to the Giant Oyster monthly Distraction and Diversion (D&D). This D&D offers substantial Fishing and Farming XP, as well as a chance to receive random clue scroll rewards. It's an exciting quest to embark on early in your RuneScape adventure.


Smoking Kills

Considered one of the best quests to complete, Smoking Kills is essential for Slayer training. It requires several prerequisite quests, including Stolen Hearts, Diamond in the Rough, Gertrude's Cat, Itchlarin's Little Helper, and The Restless Ghost. Additionally, you will need Level 25 Crafting and 35 Slayer. The rewards from this quest are invaluable, granting you the ability to earn the full amount of Slayer points, unlock the Palm of each Slayer Master, and construct Slayer items like the Slayer helmet. Completing this quest early will greatly benefit your Slayer training.


Fairy Tale Quest Series

The Fairy Tale Quest series comprises Lost City, Fairy Tale Part I, II, and III, each with its own set of skill requirements. Completing these quests rewards you with the magic secateurs, enhancing herb yields during farming, and grants access to the Fairy Rings for convenient teleportation across the map. These quests provide useful tools for efficient herb farming and quick travel.


Jack of Spades

Jack of Spades is a beginner-level quest requiring only two other quests as prerequisites. Upon completion, you gain access to Menaphos, unlocking a wealth of new content and mid-level Skilling methods. This quest is highly recommended for new accounts due to the significant amount of content it opens up.


Fortunate Five Quest Series

The Fortunate Five Quest Series, consisting of New Varrock, Dimension of Disaster, Dishonour among Thieves, and the upcoming Dead and Buried, offers an accessible starting point with no requirements. However, Dead and Buried may have higher Construction requirements. Completing this quest series grants access to the city of Varrock in its four-dimensional state. Each building you construct within the city provides various helpful boosts, making it worthwhile to progress through this quest series early on.


The World Wakes

A popular and iconic quest, The World Wakes, has no specific requirements but is recommended for players with a combat level of 100+ or combat stats around level 70. By completing this quest, you unlock five new Ultimate abilities, including Death Swiftness and Sunshine, which are essential for Ranged and Magic combat. The quest also rewards you with experience lamps, making it a great choice for leveling tedious skills.


Azzanadra's Quest

As a newer quest, Azzanadra's Quest requires the completion of Daughter of Chaos, Civil War III, and other quests, along with 60 Mining and 60 Smithing. The rewards include the tier 6 Infernal Puzzle Box, which can be added to your tool belt for access to powerful puzzle box abilities. You'll also gain the Dive ability, similar to Bladed Dive but without the need for dual wield weapons.



These are some of the best quests in RuneScape 3, each offering unique rewards to enhance your gameplay experience. From the early-game Waterfall Quest to the challenging Sliske's Endgame, prioritizing these quests based on accessibility and rewards will help you progress efficiently. Remember to check the specific requirements for each quest and plan accordingly.

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