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OSRS Revenant Caves Guide: Ultimate Gold-Making Method

In the vast world of Old School RuneScape, players are always looking for the most effective Gold-making methods. Today, we bring you an incredible strategy that requires substantial gear investment but promises lucrative rewards. Join us as we delve into the Revenant Caves, where we'll incinerate every PvMer that crosses our path, leaving nothing but ashes in our wake. In our opinion, this setup is the most potent, combining devastating offensive capabilities and strategic tools. 

OSRS Revenant Caves Guide: Ultimate Gold-Making Method


About Revenant Caves

The Revenant Caves, also known as the Forinthry Dungeon, are a treacherous set of caverns nestled within the Wilderness in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Exclusive to members, these caves offer a high-risk, high-reward experience for adventurous players seeking valuable loot. However, one must tread carefully, as the caves are fraught with danger and reside within the singles-plus combat zone.


Located in the Wilderness, the Revenant Caves act as a sanctuary for revenants, formidable foes that roam the area. Access to the caves can be gained through three distinct one-way entrances, each positioned at different levels of Wilderness. These entrances are strategically placed to ensure that players cannot easily escape from aggressive player killers by continuously entering and leaving the caves. Moreover, should a player attempt to teleport while engaged in combat with an NPC, there is a brief delay before the teleportation takes effect, offering potential risks and challenges.


Gear Selection

we've assembled the optimal gear for this adventure. This setup combines the finest weapons, armor, and accessories to ensure our dominance in the Revenant Caves. We've incorporated the essential harm items, allowing for swift attacks, along with the tour of it for maximum hit potential using the Karasi sword and the mighty claws. The sheer damage output is mind-boggling, and we can't wait to showcase its effectiveness.


Unveiling the Special Attack

Now, let's address the burning question: What will be the special attack used in our encounters? Today, we have a Karate spec of 77. While we shouldn't get our hopes up for a Smite, as players often panic and remove their prayer, we remain optimistic about the potential damage output. Smite or not, we are ready to unleash devastation upon our foes and seize their valuable possessions.


Engaging in Battle

The time for action has come. As we venture deeper into the Revenant Caves, encounters with other players become more frequent. Let's take a look at some of our thrilling moments during this Gold-making spree.


Securing the First Kill

With our gear and tactics fully optimized, we spot our first victim. Engaging in combat, we unleash a relentless assault, landing critical hits and overwhelming the enemy. Smite proves to be a powerful tool, draining their prayer points and increasing our chances of obtaining valuable loot. Our efforts yield a satisfying 102 points in damage, signaling a promising start to our journey.


Continuing the Rampage

As we press on, the thrill of battle intensifies. We encounter various players, each offering unique challenges. Yet, with our well-crafted gear and battle strategy, we consistently emerge victorious. With each kill, the loot piles up, bringing us closer to our goal of amassing incredible wealth.


A Twist of Fate

However, not every encounter goes according to plan. Despite our best efforts, some foes manage to escape or withstand our onslaught. Nevertheless, we remain undeterred, knowing that the Revenant Caves hold countless opportunities for profitable encounters.


Reflecting on Progress

Along our journey, we take a moment to evaluate our gains. Despite a few setbacks, we have managed to accumulate substantial wealth. An 18 million OSRS gold drop proves that our efforts have been worthwhile. While we may have missed out on potential smites and larger rewards, we can't complain about the impressive profit we've secured.


Challenges and Adaptation

As we face skilled opponents donning powerful gear, we recognize the need for constant adaptation. Our current setup may lack the sheer damage output to defeat every player we encounter. However, we make the most of our opportunities, adapting our strategies and seizing advantageous moments. Every encounter offers a chance to refine our skills and improve our efficiency.



In conclusion, our journey through the Revenant Caves has been nothing short of exhilarating. Our chosen gear and combat tactics have allowed us to dominate our foes, securing valuable loot and accumulating substantial wealth along the way. While the path to riches may be fraught with challenges and occasional setbacks, perseverance and adaptability are key to achieving success. We hope you've enjoyed this exciting adventure with us and that it inspires you to explore the vast possibilities of OSRS. Until next time, stay tuned for more thrilling content, and thank you for your continued support. 

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