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RuneScape Skeletal Wyvern Guide: AFK Making 16+ Millions Gold Per Hour

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of AFK-ing Skeletal Wyverns in RuneScape, allowing you to earn approximately 16 to 18 million Runescape GP per hour. Additionally, this method provides an opportunity to collect extra bones for necromancy. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, but this remains a reliable way to gather bones for those in need. We'll discuss the expected results, gear requirements, recommended inventory setup, and the optimal location for maximizing your profit.

RuneScape Skeletal Wyvern Guide: AFK Making 16+ Millions Gold Per Hour


About Skeletal Wyverns

Skeletal Wyverns are formidable undead Slayer monsters that demand level 72 Slayer to engage in combat. Notable for their exclusive drop of granite legs and the coveted draconic visage, these creatures present an exciting challenge for adventurers. Found within the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, specifically in the chamber accessible from the southern wall of the icy area, they coexist alongside their living counterparts in the depths of the same cave, as well as in the Wilderness.

These fearsome creatures possess bones highly sought-after for the production of super prayer potions, and subsequently, extreme prayer potions. Additionally, they serve as a reliable source of crimson charms, although alternative options exist for obtaining them more easily outside of Slayer assignments.

While players can receive Skeletal Wyverns as a specific Slayer task, they can also be slain for Skeletons and Undead tasks. It's important to note that they cannot be counted towards living wyvern tasks or vice versa, due to their distinct nature.


Expected Results

By following this method, you can expect to obtain around 600 bones per hour, resulting in a profit of approximately 16 to 18 million GP. The actual amount may vary depending on whether you choose to instantly sell the bones or opt for a slower selling method. Keep in mind that the prices and profits mentioned here are subject to change as more players start utilizing this method.



To successfully execute this AFK method, the following requirements are recommended:


- Gear

  • Dual-wield weapons (preferably tier 92 or equivalent staff)
  • Cursed Amascut Sand or other gloves/boots with prayer bonus
  • Dragon Rider helmet, gloves, and boots (for reducing prayer drain)
  • Full book and Channeler's ring (for prayer bonus)


- Combat

  • Level 95 or higher curses (preferably Soul Split)
  • Overload potions for increased combat performance
  • Wormfire potions (to keep the wyverns aggressive)


- Additional Items

  • Ripper Demon familiar (optional, can be substituted)
  • Super prayer renewal potions
  • Weapon poison++ (optional, for additional damage)
  • Magic Note Paper (to note bones if Death Note Relic is unavailable)
  • Penance powder (to extend prayer duration)
  • Ancient Elven Ritual Shard (to sustain prayer)
  • Enhanced Excalibur (for emergency healing)


Gear Setup

While it's not necessary to have the exact same gear, using higher-level equipment will increase your kills per hour and overall efficiency. However, ensure that your gear provides enough defense and damage output to make the method viable for AFK-ing. The following setup is recommended:

  • Weapons: Dual-wield tier 92 weapons (can be substituted with similar-tier weapons)
  • Armor: Crippling or Ganodermic armor (can be substituted)
  • Amulet: Salve Amulet (e) for increased damage against undead enemies
  • Ring: Dark Magic Aura (or any other DPS Aura)
  • Cape: Max Cape (optional, for extra damage)


Locating Skeletal Wyverns

You can find Skeletal Wyverns in the regular dungeon or your Player-Owned Slayer Dungeon.

In this guide, we will use the public dungeon as it is more accessible to most players.

Follow the character in the video or use your own means to reach the dungeon entrance.


Standing Position

Stand at the specific location demonstrated in the video or at the most optimal spot available.

This position will aggro all four Skeletal Wyverns, ensuring maximum efficiency.


Inventory Setup

Ensure your inventory contains the following:

  • Wormfire potions, overload potions, aggression potion, and weapon poison++
  • Super prayer renewal potions
  • Magic Note Paper (if Death Note Relic is not available)
  • Penance powder (to extend prayer duration)
  • Ancient Elven Ritual Shard (to sustain prayer)
  • Enhanced Excalibur (for emergency healing)



  • Activate your potions, full book, and desired aura.
  • Enable Auto Retaliate to automatically attack the wyverns.
  • Use Penance powder before entering the dungeon.



  • Keep an eye on your prayer points to ensure they don't drain excessively.
  • Every six minutes, drink a super prayer potion to replenish your prayer points.
  • Check your overload timer and consume another dose when necessary.
  • Utilize the Ancient Elven Ritual Shard to restore prayer points when they reach halfway or below.



By following this AFK Skeletal Wyvern method, you can earn an impressive profit of 16 to 18 million GP per hour, depending on the market conditions and your selling preferences. Remember to adjust the gear and setup according to your own capabilities and resources. While this method may not be suitable for lower-level players, it provides an excellent opportunity for those seeking a profitable and semi-AFK experience. Start earning those bones and bolster your bank account or prepare for necromancy!

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