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Diablo 4 Enchanting Items by Using the D4Craft Tool Guides

Enchanting items in Diablo 4 can be both advantageous and challenging due to the presence of priority affixes. These priority affixes guarantee certain stats to roll on your occultist every time you enchant an item. Understanding this system can greatly help you in obtaining desirable stats and optimizing your gear. In this guide, we will delve into the details of priority affixes, and their impact on different item slots, and provide tips on maximizing your enchanting odds.

Diablo 4 Enchanting Items by Using the D4Craft Tool Guides


About D4Craft

D4Craft is an online tool designed to assist players in maximizing their experience with the game systems in Diablo 4. 

The tool offers several valuable features to enhance gameplay and decision-making:

  • Enchantment Prediction: Players can use D4Craft to predict the likelihood of achieving specific results when using the enchanter in Diablo 4. By providing insights into the chances of obtaining desired outcomes, players can strategize their enchanting endeavors more effectively. Additionally, the tool provides estimated crafting costs, enabling players to plan their resource allocation wisely.
  • Affix Search Tool: D4Craft offers a comprehensive affix search tool, allowing players to explore various affixes and their corresponding breakpoints for different values. This feature provides valuable information on the potential rolls and stat ranges for items in the game. By understanding these affixes and their breakpoints, players can make informed decisions when it comes to item customization and optimization.
  • Items Database: The tool provides access to a comprehensive items database, offering a wealth of information on the wide array of items available in Diablo 4. Players can utilize this database to explore item details, compare different items, and make well-informed choices regarding their gear and character builds.
  • Game Recipes List: D4Craft allows players to browse the game's recipes list, providing insights into the costs associated with item power and base. This feature assists players in understanding the resources required for crafting and helps them plan their progression and crafting strategies accordingly.


Understanding Priority Affixes

Priority affixes are a set of guaranteed stats that always roll on specific item slots when using the occultist. For instance, weapon enchantments always include the main stat for the respective class, such as Dexterity for the Rogue or Strength for the Barbarian. Similarly, rings will always roll critical chance if it's not already present. These priority affixes make it easier to obtain certain desirable stats but can also pose a challenge when aiming for other stats.


Using the Tool

Nebuchadnezza, the developer behind, has done extensive research on priority affixes and their impact on enchanting. The website provides a helpful tool that calculates the expected cost and number of attempts required to roll specific stats. Let's take an example of enchanting chest armor to illustrate how the tool works.

  • Visit and select the chest armor slot.
  • Identify the priority affixes for chest armor, denoted by skull icons. These could be Thorns, Total Armor, and Controlled Impact Duration Reduction, among others.
  • Suppose you have a chest armor with Close Reduction, Distance Reduction, and Normal Reduction, and you want to roll the fourth stat as Maximum Life.

The tool will calculate the expected number of attempts (22 in this case) and the gold cost (50 million gold) to roll Maximum Life, assuming all stats have equal waiting to show up.


Optimizing Enchanting

Understanding the priority affixes allows you to optimize your enchanting process. Here are some key considerations:

  • Desired Stats: If you aim to have an item with three out of four desired stats, it's beneficial to have the missing stat as one of the priority affixes. For example, rings often require Attack Speed and Critical Chance. Having these as priority affixes makes it easier to roll the remaining desired stat.
  • Class-Specific Considerations: Each class may have different stat preferences for certain slots. For example, the Barbarian may not benefit from Attack Speed on gloves for certain builds. Adjust your enchanting strategy accordingly.
  • Exclusive Stats: Certain slots, such as amulets, cannot have more than one passive rank. It's important to note this limitation when enchanting amulets. The tool can help determine the expected number of attempts and gold cost for rolling specific passives.
  • Enchanting Costs: Enchanting becomes more expensive with each attempt. Prioritize your desired stats wisely to avoid excessive gold expenditure. The tool can guide you in understanding the cost implications.


Using Seasonal Characters to Your Advantage

During a Diablo 4 season, all occultist bars are reset, allowing you to make a fresh start. To maximize your enchanting options, create one character of each class. By unlocking the occultist early through a dungeon completion, you can utilize the occultist's services from a low character level. This enables you to enchant items more easily and save Diablo 4 gold.



Understanding priority affixes is crucial for efficient enchanting in Diablo 4. By leveraging the knowledge of guaranteed stats and using tools like, you can optimize your enchanting process, save gold, and obtain the desired stats for your gear. Make use of seasonal characters to unlock the occultist early, further enhancing your enchanting options. Good luck with your enchanting endeavors in Diablo 4!

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