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Diablo 4 Season 1 Coming Malignant Tunnels Dungeons and New Breed of Challenge Monsters

Welcome back to Sanctuary! In this guide, we will delve into the exciting new features coming to Diablo 4 in Season 1. We have fresh details from the Diablo 4 Dev team about how malignant tunnels differ from Nightmare Dungeons and how malignant monsters offer a unique challenge. We'll also explore the new loot grind loop and discuss its differences from the base game. Let's jump right into the action!

Diablo 4 Season 1 Coming Malignant Tunnels Dungeons and New Breed of Challenge Monsters


In Diablo 4's Season of the Malignant, players will encounter Malignant Tunnels, a new type of dungeon with unique features. These tunnels have a higher likelihood of spawning Malignant-type enemies, adding an extra layer of challenge. The Malignant Tunnels culminate in encounters with Malignant Outgrowths, which are associated with one of the four colors. To activate these Outgrowths, players will need to craft and use an Invoker. The choice of which color and Invoker to use will determine the rewards and challenges that await in these dungeons.


Malignant Monsters: A New Breed of Challenge

In Diablo 4, elite level enemies, known as Elite Monsters, pose a tough challenge throughout the world. However, Season 1 introduces a thrilling twist with malignant monsters. These supercharged versions of enemies come with new attack patterns and properties, offering an even greater level of difficulty. Malignant monsters can appear in public events, normal dungeons, and Nightmare Dungeons. They are predominantly encountered in a brand new set of dungeons called malignant tunnels.


Malignant Tunnels: A Unique Dungeon Experience

Malignant tunnels are specifically designed to change the pace of gameplay and focus on mob killing and earning valuable loot and Diablo 4 Gold. These dungeons feature smaller, more concentrated spaces, offering a brisk and intense dungeon crawling experience. With lessons learned from the base game, the Diablo 4 team aims to provide players with a tighter gameplay loop and rewarding challenges in these malignant tunnels.


The Loot Grind Loop: Acquiring Malignant Hearts

One of the highlights of Season 1 is the introduction of malignant hearts as coveted rewards. Defeating malignant monsters grants you a chance to obtain these unique drops. Malignant hearts come in four types: Vicious, Brutal, Devious, and Wrathful. These hearts can be used to socket a new set of seasonal gear, including rings and jewelry, which offer powerful buffs and new properties. By collecting and utilizing these hearts, players can create formidable builds and explore wildly powerful combinations.


Malignant Outgrowth and Invokers: The Ultimate Challenge

To further enhance the loot grind loop, the Diablo 4 team has introduced the malignant outgrowth and invokers. At the end of each malignant tunnel, you will encounter a malignant outgrowth, which triggers a challenging boss battle. By activating a crafted item called an invoker, you can determine the type of caged heart reward you receive after defeating the boss. This customization adds a layer of control, allowing you to shape your rewards based on your preferences and playstyle.


Seasonal Story and New Vendor: Corman

Season 1's content revolves around the aftermath of the main campaign. Players will face the malignant threat while also uncovering a distinct questline that ties the narrative and gameplay elements together. Corman, an ex-priest seeking to do what's right, becomes a crucial ally throughout this season. While the campaign may be relatively brief, it serves as an introduction to the new gameplay mechanics and rewards. Corman also takes on the role of a new vendor, providing further opportunities for interaction and progression.



Diablo 4's Season 1 introduces exciting changes to the gameplay loop, offering a tighter, more rewarding experience. Malignant monsters and malignant tunnels provide intense challenges and valuable loot, while the inclusion of malignant hearts allows for powerful build customization. With the ability to shape your rewards and the integration of a captivating questline, Season 1 promises an engaging journey in the ever-evolving world of Sanctuary. Prepare to face the malignant threat and make your mark in Diablo 4 when Season 1 launches on July 20th.

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