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Diablo 4 Season 1 Bone Spear One-Button Necromancer Build for Efficient Farming

In Diablo 4, efficiency and survivability are crucial factors when it comes to successful farming D4 Gold and Items. This guide will introduce you to a powerful one-button Bone Spear Necromancer build that combines high attack power with secure survivability. With this Diablo 4 Season 1 build, you'll be able to effortlessly clear high-tier dungeons and eliminate dangerous enemies while maintaining a relaxing and enjoyable gameplay experience. Let's dive into the details of this formidable build.



Diablo 4 Season 1 Bone Spear One-Button Necromancer Build for Efficient Farming


About Necromancer Bone Spear

Bone Spear is a powerful skill in Diablo 4 that belongs to the Necromancer class. When activated, the Necromancer conjures a Bone Spear from the ground, which deals damage and can pierce through multiple enemies. The skill costs 25 Essence to cast, making it a valuable resource in combat.


As an active skill in the Necromancer's Skill Tree, Bone Spear can be ranked up to a maximum of Rank 5. Each rank increases the damage output of the skill, allowing it to become even more potent as players invest more skill points into it.


Additionally, Bone Spear can be enhanced and upgraded to unlock new features and enhance its effects. Enhancing Bone Spear allows it to break into three shards upon destruction, each dealing a percentage of the skill's damage. This enhancement increases the overall damage potential and allows for more effective crowd control.


Build Overview

  • Attack Power: The build boasts an impressive 19,000 attack power, allowing you to deal massive damage to enemies.
  • Survivability: Despite having 12,000 life, the build ensures survivability through smart gameplay choices and strategic positioning.
  • Level 100 Advantage: Being at the maximum level provides a substantial boost to your overall life pool, adding to your survivability.


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Dealing with Snipers

One of the challenges in Diablo 4 is dealing with dangerous snipers that can quickly drain your health. It's essential to prioritize eliminating these enemies to avoid significant damage. By utilizing the Bone Spear skill and aiming for headshots, you can effectively dispatch snipers from a safe distance.


Clearing Dungeons

When facing packs of enemies or engaging in dungeon runs, the one-button Necromancer build truly shines. Most packs can be one-shot, making clearing dungeons a breeze. Keep an eye out for ambushes and snipers that may require a more careful approach. Remember, the build's strength lies in its simplicity and efficiency.


Loot and Rewards

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter various loot and Diablo 4 Gold rewards. Keep an eye out for valuable items such as the Shaco, a coveted chest armor that can significantly enhance your character's capabilities. Additionally, looting chests and defeating enemies will yield a plethora of rewards, ensuring a satisfying gameplay experience.


Challenging Moments

While the build generally offers a relaxing and straightforward playstyle, there are still moments that require caution. Certain encounters, such as boss fights or challenging enemy types, may demand more strategic thinking and resource management. Utilizing health potions when necessary ensures your survival during intense encounters.


Optimizing Stats

To ensure dominance on the battlefield, prioritizing specific stats is crucial. With approximately 15,000 attack power, 7,000 armor, and 7,000 life, this build strikes a balance between offense and defense. Additionally, a critical chance of around 47% and a critical damage range of 550-650 amplify your damage potential. These stats, coupled with various multipliers from abilities like Skirmishers, Shadow, and Iron, create a devastating combination.


Enhancing Survivability

While the one-button Necromancer build is highly effective on its own, incorporating certain abilities can significantly boost your survivability. Adding Corpse Generals, for instance, allows for additional control, slowing, stunning, and vulnerability effects on enemies. Additionally, investing in defensive passives or incorporating Bone Splinters as a basic skill can provide further defensive benefits. By fine-tuning your build, you can achieve both offensive dominance and a sturdy defense.


Essence Management

Managing your Essence efficiently is vital to maintaining a smooth and relentless gameplay experience. Essence fuels your Bone Spear attacks and works in synergy with various essence-related bonuses. Leveraging the scaling damage from Essence Crystals can lead to exponential damage output. Focus on collecting Essence during encounters to maximize the potential of this build.


Dungeon Domination

With the one-button Necromancer build, conquering challenging dungeons becomes a breeze. By carefully aiming your Bone Spear and hitting multiple enemies, even the most formidable packs can be decimated in a single blow. Keep your Essence reserves topped up, take advantage of vulnerable enemies, and prepare for a smooth journey through Diablo 4's treacherous dungeons.


Season 1 Starter Excellence

The versatility of the one-button Necromancer build makes it an excellent choice as a season starter character. By optimizing your passive abilities and gear choices, you can swiftly progress through the early stages of the season with minimal effort. The build's simplicity and power ensure a comfortable and rewarding gameplay experience from the very beginning.



The one-button Necromancer build in Diablo 4 offers a powerful and efficient way to farm Gold and Items in dungeons and eliminate enemies. With its high attack power and secured survivability, this build provides a relaxing and enjoyable gameplay experience. Whether you prefer a lazy and straightforward approach or seek a more engaging playstyle, this build can be adapted to suit your preferences. So grab your Bone Spear, press that right-click button, and embark on an adventure filled with rewards and excitement.

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