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Diablo 4 Season 1 Update: Malignant Crafting, Legendary Drops, and Paragon Points Reset

In the upcoming Diablo 4 Season 1, players can expect many new features and changes. With the release of new details, it is clear that the developers have been working hard to enhance the gameplay experience. Season 1 introduces the intriguing concept of Malignant Crafting, a unique legendary drop from the seasonal boss. Players will finally have a way to reset Paragon points using a special scroll. This article will delve into these exciting additions and discuss other essential balance changes expected before Season 1.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Update: Malignant Crafting, Legendary Drops, and Paragon Points Reset


Seasonal Quest Line and Malignant Crafting

The Season 1 quest line commences with the mission called Burning from Within, obtainable from an NPC named Vertan, located near the Waypoint in Giovashada. Players have the option to filter their Journal to focus solely on the seasonal quest lines, which are highlighted in green. The primary objective in this quest line is to search for survivors along the road leading to the main town. These encounters will provide crucial information about the spread of the malignant, a central theme in the main quest line.


One of the key NPCs players will encounter during the Season 1 campaign is Cormand, who serves as an important vendor and quest giver. Aside from offering new quests and missions, Cormand also grants access to his workbench. The workbench allows players to craft three new types of items: Caged Hearts, Malignant Invokers, and Crafted Caches. These items play a significant role in Malignant Crafting.


Crafting Malignant Hearts requires a new type of crafting material called Malignant Acres. Blizzard has confirmed that there is a chance for these materials to drop from malignant enemies, similar to other crafting materials in the base game. It is speculated that breaking down unused hearts may also yield Malignant Acres. Crafted items' power levels will be relative to the character's level, ranging from 260 to 290 for a level 20 character. While currently, these items seem to provide only one effect, higher power levels may introduce multiple effects.


It is important to note that once slotted into a piece of jewelry, Malignant Hearts cannot be removed, only replaced. This differs from gem extraction mechanics. Players must exercise caution when choosing to slot these hearts as they will be permanently lost if overridden. A screenshot provided by Blizzard showcases the various types of Malignant Hearts, their categories, and the roles they fulfill. The most powerful variant, Wrathful, possesses advantages over others, such as being able to be slotted into any socket regardless of color.


The Season 1 Boss: Version the Consumed

Version the Consumed, the primary boss of Season 1, plays a pivotal role in providing players with legendary versions of Malignant Hearts. Defeating this boss through a summoning ritual rewards players with these powerful hearts, which may contain unique affixes exclusive to the boss encounter. Legendary Malignant Hearts are expected to be much stronger than their crafted counterparts, potentially offering additional uniques.


While details on the boss fight remain scarce, a gameplay trailer reveals an NPC performing the summoning ritual in a specific location. Shortly after, a legendary caged heart is dropped within the same area, suggesting a direct connection between defeating the boss and obtaining these highly coveted items.


Resetting Paragon Points with the Scroll of Amnesia

Season 1 introduces a long-awaited feature: the ability to reset Paragon points. Players have often expressed frustration with the tedious process of individually resetting or respeccing these points. Blizzard's solution to this problem is the Scroll of Amnesia, an item that can instantly reset all Paragon points. Players will need to complete the Seasonal Journey to obtain this valuable item. The specific chapter that rewards the Scroll of Amnesia has not been confirmed yet, but it is expected to be available beyond the initial three chapters.


While it remains unclear if the Paragon point reset applies exclusively to seasonal characters, it is reasonable to assume that Blizzard would extend this functionality to permanent realm characters. Completing the seasonal challenges, which include dungeon runs, open-world events, conquering strongholds, and acquiring items, will likely be part of the natural gameplay progression. Additionally, players are encouraged to pursue additional objectives within each chapter to gain extra favors and rewards for their battle pass progression.


The Battle Pass and Cosmetic Rewards

Season 1 introduces a battle pass system, comprising three versions: free, premium, and accelerated. The free battle pass offers 27 tiers, granting cosmetic items and Smoldering Ashes. Smoldering Ashes is a unique reward exclusively available in the free version, enhancing seasonal blessings by providing increased experience rates, gold find, and drop rates for Malignant Hearts. This will significantly expedite leveling in Season 1 compared to the game's initial release.


The premium battle pass encompasses an additional 63 tiers and rewards unique cosmetics specific to Season 1. These cosmetics apply to all classes, and players will also receive 1000 platinum currency, which can be spent in the in-game shop for various armor sets and cosmetics. The accelerated pass offers all the benefits of the premium and free battle passes while granting 20 level skips, allowing players to progress without completing the main campaign. It includes a special cosmetic set and an additional 2800 platinum currency for further customization options.


Balance Changes and Anticipated Nerfs

Before the launch of Season 1, a significant balance and quality-of-life changes patch is expected. The developers have acknowledged the need for adjustments, with particular attention given to Druids and specific builds like The Shred build. The Shred build's capability to deal up to 2 billion damage around level 90 has caught the developers' attention, and they consider it unintentional. While some players may argue in favor of keeping such powerful builds, Blizzard aims to address this imbalance to improve overall gameplay experience.


Necromancer Bone Spear might also receive some adjustments, as Blizzard currently views it as overly potent. These changes are part of Blizzard's ongoing efforts to fine-tune the game's balance. Furthermore, recent changes have already been made to the PvP aspect, temporarily disabling the power "Hatreds Chosen" in the Fields of Hatred area.



With Diablo 4 Season 1 on the horizon, players can anticipate an exciting array of new features and changes. Malignant Crafting, legendary drops from the Season 1 boss, and the ability to reset Paragon points offer fresh opportunities for character progression. The battle pass system introduces a wide range of cosmetic rewards and additional progression options. While balance changes and potential nerfs might reshape certain playstyles, they aim to enhance overall gameplay balance. With Diablo 4 Season 1 just around the corner, players eagerly await the chance to dive into this new chapter of demon-slaying adventures.

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