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How to Farming BiS Beast Armor easily and quickly in New World SandWorm Raid?

Gearing up with BiS (Best-in-Slot) Beast Ward armor is essential for taking on the Sandworm Raid in New World. The primary, secondary perk you should aim for is Refreshing unless you have specific ability perks in mind. Previously, obtaining this gear was challenging and inefficient, but a recent patch has made it significantly easier. In this guide, we'll explore a new farm spot and provide strategies for obtaining the desired gear on a budget.


How to Farming BiS Beast Armor easily and quickly in New World SandWorm Raid?


Farm Spot & Loot Pool

The farm spot we'll be focusing on is the Eternal Pools. Previously, it was inconvenient to navigate the area due to the looping path, but now a new shortcut has been added, simplifying the process. The Protector's Cache, found in the loot pool of Avarice at the Eternal Pools, offers the desired stats for BiS gear. These caches contain various drops, including named items, but our primary focus will be on the Blue Moscovian Bon gear. This gear comes with both Beast Ward and Refreshing perks, making it incredibly close to best-in-slot for most players. The cache offers light and medium variants of this gear, making it optimal for gearing up for the Sandworm Raid on a budget.


Shortcut Location

To reach the Eternal Pools, start by using the teleporter near Lazarus. From there, climb up the wall next to the teleporter, maneuvering around a bit. Follow the stairs to reach the top, which was already possible before. Now, a fallen pillar on the right side allows you to climb up and reach the entrance of the arena quickly. Utilizing this shortcut will expedite your farming process.


Fighting the Boss

Fighting Avarice is relatively easy, even with a small group. Three people can defeat it without a healer, and it's possible to clear it with only two people if adequately prepared. However, it's advisable to tackle the boss with a full group to maximize rewards and split the costs of keys. Pay attention to Avarice's slams, which deal significant damage. Assign a tank to handle these attacks, and ensure you clear the ads that spawn around the boss to prevent empowerment. Greatsword or spear users can make use of AoE damage to handle the ads efficiently. The fight itself is straightforward and poses no significant challenge compared to the Sandworm.


Crafting the Key:

To access the Eternal Pool Arena, you'll need a Protector's Tuning Orb. These orbs are limited to a maximum of five per week. If you want to run the arena daily, you'll need to switch between other arenas as well. Here are the crafting materials required for the Protector's Tuning Orb:

  • Star Metal Chisel: Purchase from any faction vendor using NW gold or faction points.
  • 5 Runestones: Requires Stone Cutting level 200 to craft. You'll need 5 Obsidian Void Stones, 1 Obsidian Sandpaper, and 1 Elemental Lodestone.
  • 1 Energy Core: Crafted using 50 each of Elemental Hearts and Eternal Hearts, which are obtained from various mobs in the game.
  • 5 Glowing Swamp Moss: Dropped by Angry Earth mobs. You can farm them from mobs in locations like Malevolence.


Boss Fight: Avarice:

Avarice is the boss of the Angry Earth faction, and he has specific strengths and weaknesses. Here are some key details to consider:

  • Fire Damage: Fire damage is 30% more effective against Avarice.
  • Slash Damage: Slash damage deals 20% more damage to Avarice.
  • Thrust Damage: Avarice has a 15% resistance to thrust damage.
  • Lightning Damage: Avarice is resistant to lightning damage, taking 40% less damage.
Boss Abilities
  • Adds: Avarice spawns additional mobs around him. Tanks should use taunt to gather them, and melee DPS can use AoE abilities like Gravity Wells or Maelstrom to handle them efficiently.
  • Poison Attack: Avarice periodically throws poison on the ground, causing damage over time. Dodge this attack to avoid damage.
  • Root Attack: Avarice shoots roots from his hands, mainly targeting ranged DPS and healers. Dodge these roots to avoid damage.
  • Melee Attacks: Avarice performs hits, kicks, and swings that primarily hit players within melee range.
Staggering Avarice
  • Avarice has a stamina bar. Heavy attacks reduce his stamina and stagger him.
  • Coordinate with your team to consistently stagger Avarice throughout the fight.
  • Take advantage of the staggered state to deal burst damage.


Tips and Tricks:

Use Angry Earth Trophies and Coatings: If you have Angry Earth trophies in your houses, they provide a significant damage boost. Coating your weapon with Angry Earth coatings can also increase your damage.

  • Hurling Stones for Healers: Healers can use Hurling Stones for a damage boost. It enhances light attacks, which can be useful if you have a perk that allows healing with light attacks.
  • Use Incense: Incense reduces afflictions on yourself, helping to mitigate some of the boss's effects.
  • Positioning: Pay attention to your positioning. Ranged DPS and healers should stay at a safe distance, avoiding poison and Avarice's melee swings. Melee DPS should focus on attacking from behind.
  • Fire Mage: Consider having a Fire Mage in your group or respec one of your DPS players into a Fire Mage. Fire damage is highly effective against Avarice and other Angry Earth mobs.
  • Understand the Mechanics: Once you've run the arena a few times, you'll become familiar with Avarice's mechanics. Proper positioning and coordination with your team will make the fight easier.


Season Pass Farm

While grinding at this farm spot, consider bringing extra weapons and salvageable materials to work on your Season Pass achievements simultaneously. The ads spawned during the Avarice fight count as mobs for various achievements, providing additional rewards. Take advantage of this opportunity to progress in your Season Pass while farming for gear.


Gold Farm & Trading Tip

Crafting keys for the Eternal Pools requires resources, including the Glowing Swamp Moss, which is used to craft the Protector's Tuning Orb. Since more players are likely to farm in this area, the demand for Glowing Swamp Moss may increase. Previously, players could acquire this resource while passing through the area or during chest runs. However, the current situation might lead to a scarcity of Glowing Swamp Moss. As a result, it can be an efficient farming spot or a potential route for chest runs, allowing you to accumulate this resource for personal use or sell it for profit.



With the introduction of the Eternal Pools farm spot and the improved accessibility to BiS Beast Ward gear, gearing up for the Sandworm Raid has become significantly easier. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can acquire optimal gear on a budget, progress in your Season Pass achievements, and potentially farm valuable resources for trading purposes. Enjoy your adventures in New World, and may you conquer the challenges that await you!

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