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Runescape 3 Quick Making Gold with Dragon Bones for Necessary High-Tier Gear

This guide will explore several Gold-making methods in RuneScape that will help you acquire the necessary Runecape GP for your high-tier gear or take advantage of the upcoming necromancy update. Whether you're preparing for big booty bossing or want to avoid purchasing expensive bones, these strategies will help you efficiently farm bones and make a profit. So, get ready to slay some creatures and boost your bankroll!

Bones in RuneScape

Bones in RuneScape are the remains of deceased creatures and serve as a resource for training the Prayer skill. Most monsters with an animal or humanoid appearance drop bones upon defeat, but specific creatures like demons, imps, spirits, ghosts, spiders, and insectoids do not drop bones. Some monsters have specific types of bones, such as big, bat, monkey, or dragon bones.


During Dungeoneering, it's important to note that all dropped bones disappear as usual, making it unfavourable for players who like stockpiling items. However, bones can be placed on a table to collect them differently. Gravestones in the game mark the resting places of deceased players and may contain bones. Additionally, players can use the spells Bones to Bananas or Bones to Peaches to convert normal bones into edible bananas or peaches, respectively. Bones can also be offered at altars in player-owned houses for Prayer-related activities.


Method 1: Reinforced Dragon Bones

Runescape 3 Quick Making Gold with Dragon Bones for Necessary High-Tier Gear

To start off, we have reinforced dragon bones. These bones are in high demand and can fetch over 80K GP each. You can obtain a small number of them as drops from level 83 creatures, but the majority are acquired from Rune dragons. To access Rune dragons, you'll need to complete the "Fate of the Gods" quest, which grants you access to the World Gate. If you've completed your quests, you can use the six-stage circuit or the Karamja gloves to quickly reach the World Gate. However, walking there is also an option if you prefer a scenic route. Make sure to equip super anti-fire potions, range armor, Dragon Bane arrows, and consider bringing a Dwarven Siege Engine for a spicy AFK experience. The upgraded Bone Crusher and Death Note Relic from Archaeology can enhance your bone farming efficiency.


With the upcoming release of the necromancy skill in RuneScape, there is a great opportunity to make money by investing in supplies. One lucrative method is AFK-ing Rune dragons, which guarantees a net profit of at least 100,000 GP per kill. This guide will walk you through the requirements, gear setup, and strategies to maximize your earnings while comfortably AFK-ing these powerful metal dragons.


- Requirements

To access Rune dragons, you must have completed the "Fate of the Gods" and "Ritual of the Mahjarrat" quests. While the latter quest is quite lengthy, it is necessary to unlock these formidable creatures. Having a strong gear setup and meeting the following requirements will ensure smooth AFK-ing:

  • High-level two-handed range weapon (Dragon Bane arrows are highly recommended for their damage and accuracy bonus against dragons)
  • Amulet of Souls
  • Tier 70 armor or Dragon Slayer perk (for extra damage output)
  • Ranged or hybrid Zaryte Bow (preferably)
  • Upgraded Bone Crusher and Death Note Archaeology Relic (for efficient bone collection)
  • Cannon (Royal dwarf Cannon or upgraded Dwarven Siege Engine with restocking Cannon perk)
  • Searing overloads or better (such as old overload salves)


- Gear Setup

The gear setup shown in the guide is excessive and not mandatory for AFK-ing Rune dragons. However, certain key items like Dragon Bane arrows and high-level armor pieces offer additional benefits, such as increased damage and reduced damage taken. Adjust your gear based on your preferences and budget.


- Strategy

Teleportation methods like metal dragon trinkets, the Kethsi ring, or the Sixth-Age circuit provide quick access to Rune dragons. Alternatively, use the Eagle's Peak lodestone and head south to the walled gate. Enter the Kethsi dungeon and position yourself next to the Headless statue in the southwestern corner.


Set up your cannon south of the statue and start attacking the Rune dragons. Pay attention to your potions and maintain your health and prayer levels. If necessary, use the Vampyrism aura and Penance prayer to sustain your health and prayer points.


- Profit

At a rate of 204 kills per hour, you can earn approximately 18.8 million GP from Rune dragon bones and 3.5 million GP from alchables obtained through the spring cleaner. Additional profits may come from rare drops like dragon plate legs and longswords. Assuming these rare drops and dragon-related expenses cancel each other out, the pure bones and alchables alone can generate a profit of around 22 million GP per hour.


Method 2: Frost Dragon Bones

Frost dragon bones have long been a reliable source of GP. Currently valued at around 28K GP each, they remain a viable option for bone farming. With 85 Dungeoneering, you can access the Ice Frost Dragon Dungeon Resource Dungeon using the fairy ring code AIQ or by running from the Port Sarim lodestone. Super anti-fire potions are a must. Frost dragons can be slain using any combat style, making this method accessible to a wide range of players.


Method 3: Airut Bones

Lastly, we have airut bones, which are currently worth approximately 24K GP each. These bones are relatively easy to kill and can be safespotted, making them a suitable option if you have 92 Slayer. To access airuts, use the fairy ring code AKQ or run from the Eagles' Peak lodestone. They attack with both melee and ranged, and their special attack can be avoided by stunning them before it hits. Utilize the cover of rocks near Piscatoris for a cozy and efficient killing experience.


Method 4: Dagannoth Bones

Next up is one of my personal favorite Gold-making methods: farming Dagannoth bones. These low-level bosses provide a great opportunity for profit. You'll want to bring hybrid gear, and having a weapon for each combat style (preferably 2H) will save inventory space. While you can use any weapon, powerful options like The Inquisitor Staff and Terrasaur Maul can speed up your kills. Dagannoth bones are currently valued at around 7K GP each, and you can receive multiple noted bone drops between 7 and 11, significantly increasing your bone yield. Additionally, you have a good chance of obtaining valuable rings, such as Archers, Berserkers, and Seers rings, which can add substantial GP to your earnings.


Method 5: Hardened Dragon Bones

Hardened dragon bones are currently selling for approximately 35K GP each, making them another profitable option. These bones can be obtained from Adamant and Gemstone dragons. To fight Adamant dragons, you'll need to complete the "Hero's Welcome" quest to access the Dragonkin Lair or use the Brimhaven Dungeon entrance. Super anti-fire potions are recommended, and the Karamja gloves will provide a 4% damage boost. While magic is effective against Adamant dragons due to their weakness to air spells, you can use any combat style. Gemstone dragons can be found in the Gemstone Cavern. Access to the cavern requires Karamja gloves 3 and offering Kelhar uncut gems. Ranging is suggested for efficient kills, and beware of their special attacks.



With the release of the necromancy update approaching, the demand for bones is expected to remain high, making bone farming a profitable endeavor. By utilizing the methods described above, you can amass GP for your high-tier gear or take advantage of the valuable drops these creatures offer. So, get out there and start farming bones today! Remember to be kind to your fellow players and enjoy the journey. 

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