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Diablo 4 Season 1 Powerful Twisting Blades Rogue Build

Welcome to the best road guide for Season One of Diablo 4! In this guide, LOLTANK will cover the differences between Season Zero and Season One, the latest updates, and how to build a powerful Twisting Blades Rogue. Please note that the gameplay shown is based on the new updates from the recent patch, so you'll get the most up-to-date strategies for your journey in Season One.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Powerful Twisting Blades Rogue Build


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Skill Overview

Twisting Blades is a core skill in the Rogue class Skill Tree, available to all Rogues from the beginning. As an Active Skill, players can rank it up to Rank 5, increasing its effectiveness and potency. Additionally, players have the option to Enhance and Upgrade the skill, unlocking new features that enhance its effects.


Mechanics and Combos

When using Twisting Blades, Rogues can perform quick and deadly combos to unleash devastating attacks on their foes. The skill requires dual-wielded weapons and utilizes combo points, which can be spent to increase the damage inflicted on the target. By strategically managing these combo points, Rogues can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of Twisting Blades.


Damage Amplification

One of the key benefits of Twisting Blades is its damage amplification effect. By successfully landing successive hits with the skill, the Rogue can increase their overall damage output, making subsequent attacks even more potent. This mechanic encourages players to maintain a steady stream of attacks to keep the damage bonus active and deal devastating blows to enemies.


Movement Speed Bonus

In addition to its offensive capabilities, Twisting Blades also grants a valuable Movement Speed bonus to the Rogue. This allows for swift maneuvers and evasive actions during combat, enhancing the Rogue's agility and survivability on the battlefield.


Skill Tree Progression

As an essential part of the Rogue class Skill Tree, Twisting Blades offers various upgrade options to tailor the skill to your playstyle. Players can invest skill points in the Core Cluster to increase the base efficiency of Twisting Blades. Additionally, unlocking specific nodes and enhancing the skill will grant unique bonuses and features, further empowering the Rogue.


Enhancements and Upgrades

By investing skill points in Twisting Blades' Enhancement and Upgrade nodes, players can access new effects and augment the skill's capabilities. These enhancements may include increased damage, reduced resource costs, improved movement speed, or even the addition of secondary effects to Twisting Blades' attacks.


Season One Changes

Let's start by highlighting the major changes from Season Zero to Season One:

  • Siphoning Strikes Nerf: Siphoning Strikes has received a significant nerf, making it less effective and less valuable as a passive skill.
  • Aftermath Buff: Surprisingly, Aftermath got a buff, granting more resource when you activate your ultimate, making it a valuable addition to your build.
  • Paragon Changes: The Combat Glyphs have been altered, with Eldritch Bounty node duration increased from 6 to 9 seconds, and the cooldown of the Preparation's ultimate ability increased from 4 to 5 seconds, which is actually a buff in terms of cooldown reduction.
  • Eldritch Bounty: A new powerful passive that boosts your damage when you attack with an imbued skill, especially beneficial for the new Malignant Hearts.


Malignant Hearts and Powerful Aspect

The Malignant Hearts are a set of new items with unique powers.

Here are a couple of essential Malignant Hearts you should consider:

  • Vile Apothecary: Gives your attacks a chance to apply all of your imbuements (resistances and bonus damage), which can stack and become extremely potent.
  • Dark Dance: While above a certain HP threshold, your skills will cost life instead of resources, and skills consuming life will deal increased damage, providing excellent survivability.


Building the Twisting Blades Rogue

Now, let's dive into the Twisting Blades Rogue build guide:


- Early Levels (1-26)

  • Choose the Twisting Blades skill and utilize traps for maximum damage and resource efficiency.
  • Prioritize getting the Puncture skill and its related nodes for vulnerability and slow application.
  • Take Shadow Step or Concealment for mobility and utility, depending on your preference.
  • Utilize Death Trap and Poison Trap to deal additional damage.


- Mid-Game (26-50)

  • Acquire the Aspect of Disobedience for added damage and versatility.
  • Transition from daggers to swords for improved crit chance.
  • Focus on increasing crit strike chance and attack speed on gear.
  • Experiment with different aspect bonuses and find what suits your playstyle best.


- End-Game (50+)

  • Aim for the powerful Malignant Hearts to enhance your damage and survivability.
  • Consider incorporating Starlight for extra healing and resource generation.
  • Fine-tune your gear and aspect choices to optimize your build for high-level content.


Leveling and Farming XP

For leveling and farming experience, focus on doing side quests, dungeons, and strongholds. However, note that strongholds have received nerfs, so focus more on dungeons and side quests for efficient XP and Gold farming.



The Twisting Blades Rogue build offers incredible damage and versatility in Season One of Diablo 4. With the addition of Malignant Hearts and the right aspect choices, you can become a force to be reckoned with. Remember to adapt your build based on your playstyle and the available gear. 

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