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Old School RuneScape Train Slayer Level 1 to 99 Guides

This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know to train your Slayer level in Old School RuneScape efficiently. Slayer is an essential skill that unlocks access to powerful monsters, some incredibly profitable. Whether you seek big profits, fast XP, or AFK Slayer, we've got you covered. Let's dive into the basics, the best weapons and armor, and the five training styles to help you become a seasoned Slayer master!

Old School RuneScape Train Slayer Level 1 to 99 Guides


Why Train Slayer?

Training Slayer is highly rewarding for several reasons. Firstly, it grants access to monsters that are otherwise unreachable, some of which are highly profitable. Slayer bosses like the Alchemical Hydra can yield millions of RS gold per hour. For Iron Men players, Slayer unlocks unique drops like the Abyssal Whip, Trident, and Occult Necklace, essential for raiding and overall account progression. Additionally, leveling Slayer naturally improves your combat stats, making it an efficient way to gain experience.


Quests and Slayer Level Requirements

To fully enjoy Slayer, you'll need to meet certain quest and Slayer level requirements. Ten quests in Old School have a Slayer level requirement, including Desert Treasure 1, Animal Magnetism, The Fremennik Exiles, and Monkey Madness 2. To get the Quest Cape, you need level 69 Slayer, and for the Achievement Diary Cape, you need level 95 Slayer.


Quest Name Slayer Level Requirement
Desert Treasure 1 10 Slayer
Animal Magnetism 18 Slayer
The Fremennik Exiles 60 Slayer
Monkey Madness 2 69 Slayer
Quest Cape 69 Slayer
Achievement Diary Cape 95 Slayer


Slayer Masters

There are nine Slayer Masters in Old School RuneScape. Each assigns specific monsters and tasks, with higher-level masters offering harder and more extended assignments. 


Slayer Master Requirements
Turael None
Spria Completion of "A Porcine of Interest" quest
Krystilia Wilderness Slayer Master
Mazchna Level 20 combat
Vannaka Level 40 combat
Chaeldar Completion of Lost City quest
Konar Level 75 combat
Nieve Level 85 combat, replaced by Steve after completing Monkey Madness 2
Duradel 100 combat, 50 Slayer



Slayer Points and Rewards

Completing tasks rewards you with Slayer points, which can be spent on various rewards. Unlocking new tasks, Slayer items, utilities like the Slayer helmet, and task extensions are some of the benefits you can gain from spending your Slayer points. A recommended unlock order for maximum efficiency is provided, but you can adapt it to suit your playstyle.


Best Armor and Weapons for Slayer

Melee is the most recommended combat style for Slayer due to its low cost. Weapons like the Fang, Rapier, Inquisitor's Mace, and Blade of Seldor are the best in slot. Torva armor is top-tier, but you can use cheaper alternatives like Fighter Torso and Obsidian Plate Legs. Ranged and Magic are viable options as well, but not as efficient as melee for most Slayer tasks.


Training Styles

  • Low-Level Training: Start Slayer at around 70 combat for better efficiency. Low-level training can be achieved by choosing the appropriate tasks from Turael or Spria.
  • Fastest Experience: This style involves extending burstable tasks with Slayer points, using a cannon for non-burstable tasks, and blocking the slowest tasks. Use Duradel, Neve, or Steve for maximum XP gains.
  • Profitable Slayer: Focus on tasks that yield good profits by using Krystilia, Konar, Duradel, or Nieve. Skip non-profitable tasks regardless of their XP rates.
  • AFK Slayer: Use aggressive monsters and cannons in multi-combat areas to AFK for extended periods. Suitable tasks include Dust Devils and Nechryaels.
  • Most Slayer Points: Boost with Konar in the Wilderness to maximize Slayer points earned per hour. Alternatively, use Duradel or Neve and block certain tasks for faster points accumulation.


IronMan Slayer Tips

Iron Men should follow similar training styles to regular players but should avoid using cannons due to the slow process of making cannonballs. Additionally, the Herb Sack is highly useful for collecting herbs during Slayer tasks.

  • Slayer Masters: As an Iron Man, you'll want to start with the lower-level Slayer Masters, like Turael and Mazchna, who offer tasks suitable for your combat level. As you progress and meet the requirements, you can unlock access to higher-level masters.
  • Task Variety: Completing tasks from different Slayer Masters will provide diverse experiences and rewards. Aim to unlock access to all the masters for a better task variety at higher levels.
  • Slayer Helmet: Eventually, you'll want to obtain a Slayer Helmet, which requires 55 Crafting and a Black Mask. This powerful helmet combines various slayer gear and offers damage and accuracy bonuses against assigned monsters.
  • Quests & Diaries: Completing quests and achievement diaries will grant you access to new Slayer areas, special gear, and other valuable rewards.
  • Safe Spotting: Learn to use safe spots to your advantage, especially in early levels when your combat stats may not be high enough to face some monsters head-on. This will make your tasks more efficient and safer.
  • Prayer & Equipment: Depending on the task, bring appropriate gear, food, and prayer potions to ensure you can handle the assigned monsters effectively.
  • Block & Skip Lists: Slayer Masters can assign tasks you may not want to complete. Use your block and skip lists wisely to avoid undesirable tasks and increase the chances of getting more favorable ones.
  • Slayer Points: As you complete tasks, you'll earn Slayer Points. Spend these points wisely on useful rewards, like Slayer Ring upgrades, Herb Sacks, and the Broader Fletching perk.
  • Monsters with Rare Drops: Some Slayer monsters drop valuable items, like certain herbs or unique equipment. Take note of these creatures and prioritize tasks that give you a chance to get these drops.
  • Slayer Rings: Unlock the ability to craft Slayer Rings, which provide teleports to various Slayer locations. These rings are incredibly useful for efficient task completion.
  • Wilderness Slayer: If you're daring enough, consider doing Wilderness Slayer tasks for the chance to obtain valuable resources and points, but be cautious of player killers!
  • Slaying on the Go: Make use of Slayer rings, Fairy Rings, and other teleportation methods to access task locations quickly, saving valuable time during your Slayer journey.


By following this guide, you'll be well-prepared to embark on a rewarding journey to reach Slayer level 99. Good luck, and happy Slaying in Old School RuneScape!

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