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Diablo 4 Fissure of Malice: Start Malignant Tunnels Farming Malignant Hearts and XP Guides

In Diablo 4, efficiently farming Malignant Hearts and experience points (XP) can significantly enhance your character's progression. In this guide, we'll explore a specific method that allows you to farm the Malignant Tunnels infinitely, focusing on Malisa Fissure of Malice tunnel, which is currently one of the best for farming Diablo 4 Gold, XP and Malignant Hearts. By following this strategy, you'll be able to accumulate a substantial amount of resources and prepare your character for the challenges that lie ahead.

Accessing the Fissure of Malice

Diablo 4 Fissure of Malice: Start Malignant Tunnels Farming Malignant Hearts and XP Guides

To begin farming Malignant Hearts and XP, access the Malignant Tunnels, with Malisa Fisher's tunnel being our primary target due to its abundance of enemies and resource drops. You can find Malisa Fisher in your material tab, so make sure to check your progress frequently while farming.


Farming Malignant Hearts and XP

Once inside the tunnel, progress forward to encounter a variety of enemies, including those carrying Malignant Hearts. Defeat these foes to collect the Hearts, which are crucial for your character's advancement. Remember that these Hearts will be used in the future, so gathering as many as possible now is essential.


Managing Inventory

As you progress and collect items, your inventory might become overfilled. To address this, consider removing unnecessary items or heading back to town to sell or scrap them for Diablo 4 gold. Gold will be valuable in your journey, so be mindful of its importance.


Dealing with Ghouls

You'll encounter ghouls within the tunnel that can be quite challenging to handle. They can freeze you while healing themselves, making them formidable opponents. Take note of this behaviour and strategize accordingly to overcome them efficiently.


Resetting the Tunnel

After completing the tunnel run, you can reset it by exiting the game but not closing it entirely. Re-enter the game to find the tunnel completely reset, allowing you to farm Malignant Hearts and XP again. This is an effective method until a dedicated "Reset Dungeon" option is introduced.


Sorting Malignant Hearts

Back in town, you'll have an array of collected Malignant Hearts. Review each heart's attributes and select the ones that suit your character build the best. It's wise to keep the most powerful Hearts while recycling the rest to craft caches for more monster summons in the tunnel.


Malignant Tunnels Guides

Malignant Tunnels are special locations in Diablo 4 that have emerged as a consequence of Lilith's dark machinations during the Main Story Campaign. These corrupted dungeon-like areas are infested with Malignant Creatures, and players must explore, capture, and defeat these creatures to cleanse Sanctuary of this new corruption. Malignant Tunnels become accessible in the Season of the Malignant, the game's first Season, and are a key feature for players seeking Malignant Hearts to enhance their characters' power.


- Clearing Malignant Tunnels

The primary motivation for players to explore Malignant Tunnels is to farm Malignant Hearts. These valuable resources can be obtained at the end of each tunnel. Players will encounter hordes of Malignant Creatures within the tunnels, and defeating them is crucial to reaching the end and accessing the Malignant Hearts.


- Outgrowths and Malignant Invokers

Upon clearing the hordes, players will find two wretched pulsing objects called Outgrowths. To obtain Malignant Hearts, players must craft Malignant Invokers that correspond to different types of Malignant Hearts. These Invokers will enable players to interact with the Outgrowths and summon Fully Corrupted Malignant Creatures from them.


- Wrathful Malignant Hearts and Player Agency

One of the Outgrowths will always spawn a Wrathful Malignant Creature, which yields a Wrathful Malignant Heart upon defeat. The other Outgrowth's spawn depends on the Malignant Invoker used, giving players the freedom to choose which type of Malignant Heart they wish to acquire. This agency allows players to narrow down their desired Heart type.


- Alternative Sources of Malignant Hearts

While defeating the Malignant Creatures spawned from the Outgrowths is one way to obtain Malignant Hearts, players can also find these valuable items by defeating Elite Enemies across the entire Sanctuary. These Elite Enemies have been transformed into Malignant Creatures and hold the potential to drop Malignant Hearts.


- Farming Strategy

Blizzard has indicated that farming Malignant Tunnels will be one of the most efficient ways to collect all thirty-two Malignant Hearts. Players seeking to acquire these resources should embark on a systematic approach to clearing Malignant Tunnels, using Malignant Invokers strategically, and slaying Elite Enemies for additional chances to find Malignant Hearts.



By following the method presented in this guide, you can efficiently farm Malignant Hearts and XP in Diablo 4. The Fissure of Malice stands as an excellent choice for this farming strategy, providing a continuous supply of resources to aid your character's progression. Be sure to manage your inventory wisely, choose the most suitable Hearts for your build, and embrace the endless possibilities of Diablo 4's world. 

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