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Diablo 4 Season 1 Blood Lance Powerful Necromancer Build

Welcome to the Diablo 4 Blood Lance Necromancer Guide! With the return of the Blood Lance skill in Season 1, this build promises an exciting and potent gameplay experience. In this guide, we will cover the essential aspects, skill setup, gear suggestions, and paragon board optimization to maximize the potential of the Blood Lance D4 Builds. Let's dive into the details and create a devastating character together!

Diablo 4 Season 1 Blood Lance Powerful Necromancer Build


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Skill Setup

The Blood Lance build focuses on unleashing powerful attacks and utilizing blood-related skills to decimate enemies. 

Here's the recommended skill setup for this build:

Slot Skill Description
Left Mouse Blood Lance An iconic skill dealing immense damage to foes.
Right Mouse Blood Mist Engulf enemies in a deadly cloud of blood.
1 Corpse Tendrils Inflict destruction upon enemies with piercing tendrils.
2 Decrepify Weaken enemies and reduce their resistance.
3 Hemorrhage Bleed enemies and deal continuous damage.
4 Bone Storm Unleash a deadly storm of bones to shred enemies.


Important Aspects

For the Blood Lance build to reach its full potential, it's crucial to equip specific aspects. 

Pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Aspect of Hungry Blood - Propagate Blood Lances effectively.
  • Gore Quills Aspect - Enables Blood Lances to consume nearby blood orbs, enhancing essence management.

Formerly, we only required one aspect, but now we need both to propagate our Blood Lances effectively.


Paragon Boards

Depending on your progression in the season, you can use two different paragon boards for leveling and end-game content. For leveling from 50 to 100, focus on acquiring the most important abilities first. However, for the end-game setup, we have a highly efficient paragon board that perfectly complements the Blood Lance build.

Paragon Points Ability Description
Life Clusters Blood Drinker Glyph Activate to increase Fortify effect for enhanced survivability.
Overpower Damage Amplify Glyph Invest in this ability to boost your Overpower damage.
Dominance Fully level this ability Gain a massive 320% Overpower damage increase at full level.
Essence on Kill Cluster Enhance essence economy Consider reallocating if Aspect of Potent Blood provides sufficient essence.
Control Glyph Additional bonus damage While it doesn't work on Overpower, it benefits other skills.
Essence Obtain more essence if needed Potentially freed up by Aspect of Potent Blood interaction.
More Overpower Damage Maximize primary damage Prioritize boosting your primary damage-dealing skill.
Legendary Node Increase damage output Enhance your damage output even further.
Life Clusters Boost survivability Continue increasing your survivability with additional life points.
Undaunted Glyph Extra damage reduction Provides improved damage reduction for enhanced survivability.


Gem Selection

Choose gems that best suit your playstyle and enhance your Blood Lance build. 

Gem Description
Revenge Gem If offering flat damage reduction, enhances survivability against powerful enemies.
Malignant Pact Gem Provides attack speed, essence, and barrier to boost overall performance.
Decrepit Aura Gem Replace Decrepify on your skill bars to use this gem for added damage reduction.
The Barber Gem Offers incredible potential, but requires further testing before including it in the build.



The Blood Lance Necromancer build is an excellent choice for Diablo 4 Season 1, offering smooth power progression and high-tier end-game content clearing potential. With a relatively low barrier for entry, this build allows players to perform effectively even without perfect gear rolls or uniques. However, as you progress and experiment with various gear variations, you may uncover even more potent variations of this build.

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