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New World Summer Medleyfaire Farming Methods: Top Secret Tricks For Massive Rewards

Ahoy, New World adventurers! Medleyfaire event is back, and it has brought some exciting changes, allowing us to farm rewards more efficiently than ever before. While some methods may face nerfs in the future, fear not, as we have alternative strategies that will keep you ahead of the game. In this guide, we will compare various farming methods and explore how to maximize efficiency to make the most out of the Medleyfaire event.


New World Summer Medleyfaire Farming Methods: Top Secret Tricks For Massive Rewards


How does the event work?

First, let's have a quick rundown of how the event works. This event runs from July 19th to August 16th and offers various rewards, including PvP and PvE armour, patterns, cosmetics, and more


Activity Rewards Location
Event Reward Shop Skins, Patterns, Trophies, Cosmetics -
Daily Activities Event Tokens, Fishing Materials Outposts & Medley Faire Outposts
Fishing Valuable Fish, Event Tokens Eternum Sturgeon Hotspots
Crafting Patterns Gold Patterns: Elemental Aversion, Refreshing perks
Green Patterns: Random perks, Marketable



The event, called Summer Medley Faire, offers various rewards that can be obtained from the Reward Shop. Players can find skins, patterns, trophies, and cosmetics in the shop. Some patterns are highly valuable and provide best-in-slot perks for both PvP and PvE builds.



To get started with the event, players can choose from four different locations and speak to the main NPC there to pick up the quest. Completing the quest chain and mini-quests will level up their Summer Medley Faire tier, granting access to better rewards. There are two crafting stations: one to craft tokens from gathered materials and another to craft festive housing items. In every town, you'll also find a central present that can be looted once a day, providing gypsum and extra New World Coins.


Daily activities during the event include visiting all Outposts and the four Medley Faire Outposts. Engaging in swarms that spawn globally will yield bait for fishing. Using this bait at the Eternum Sturgeon hotspots allows players to catch valuable fish. Fishing also rewards players with event tokens and materials.


For those interested in fishing, using the Vengeful Fishing Outfit and 250 Focus will increase their chances of catching rare fish. The primary target for fishing is the Eternum Sturgeon, and Brightwood is an excellent location to find multiple hotspots.


As for crafting patterns, there are two types: gold and green. Gold patterns offer guaranteed perks such as Elemental Aversion and Refreshing. On the other hand, green patterns can be sold on the market and have a chance to roll any perk, reducing the need for expensive crafting mods.


Town Farm - Still Efficient!

To start off, loot all the towns. Initially, the rewards might be insignificant, but as the towns get upgraded for the event, the rewards increase. Loot the larger baskets, as they have a chance to give you premium tokens. Additionally, you can receive green patterns from the event through this method.


Event Location Reputation

In the event location itself, you can use any dance on the Dance Floor to gain extra event reputation, although no direct rewards are given for this action.


Music Farm - Nerfed Method

Previously, a powerful method involved buying the new song "YAAHH" from the vendor and playing it near the stage. This granted premium tokens up to three times per day, along with additional rewards based on the quality of your performance. However, an update has nerfed music rewards, and this method might not yield tokens or patterns anymore.


The rewards you receive will vary depending on the quality of your performance. Below are the various rewards you can unlock based on different performance scores:

Score: Amazing

  • Premium Token (up to 3x a day)
  • 5x Normal Token
  • 50 event reputation
  • 7.5% chance to roll a Summer Event Pattern


Score: Great

  • Premium Token (up to 3x a day)
  • 4x Normal Token
  • 25 event reputation
  • 5% chance to roll a Summer Event Pattern


Score: Okay

  • Premium Token (up to 3x a day)
  • 2x Normal Token
  • 15 event reputation
  • 2.5% chance to roll a Summer Event Pattern


Score: Bad

  • Premium Token (up to 3x a day)
  • 1x Normal Token
  • 0 event reputation


Other Currently Working Farming Methods

Although the music farm may have been nerfed, fear not! There are alternative farming methods that are just as effective. Here are two options:


  • Fish Farms - Method 1: Using Modern Bug Swarms: Visit modern bug swarms and play the modern bug haze. The higher your performance rating, the more rewards you receive, including modern bug bait. The bait can be used to fish in open waters near Turnham, granting event-related items and a chance to get the attention of the sturgeon.
  • Fish Farms - Method 2: Fishing in Event Hotspots: Look for event hotspots near Turnham, where you can fish without using bait and still get event rewards, particularly autonomous sturgeons. Using the highest tier fishing pole from the event and bait further increases the chances of getting only sturgeons and no junk.


Optimal Farming Strategies

For those seeking tokens and crafting materials, a mix of fishing in hotspots and open waters might be the most efficient approach. Fishing hotspots yield more sturgeons, while open-water fishing provides a variety of rewards.



The Medleyfaire event offers various farming opportunities, even with some methods being nerfed. By strategically mixing music, dancing, and fishing, you can optimize your rewards and make the most out of the event. Remember to stay updated with future changes, and always adapt your strategies accordingly to maximize your efficiency. Happy farming, adventurers!

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