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Diablo 4 Season 1 Leveling Guide: Fastest Route from Level 40 to Level 60

Welcome to this updated Diablo 4 leveling guide for Season 1! In this article, we will explore the fastest route to level from 40 to 60 and take advantage of the latest patch changes. We'll also learn about a mouse fix at level 55 and level 75 for different difficulties. Additionally, we'll discuss special tricks to reset dungeons, optimize loot, and maximize experience gains.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Leveling Guide: Fastest Route from Level 40 to Level 60


Level 40-55: Utilizing the Legion Event

As you progress from level 40 to 55, one of the most efficient ways to gain experience is by participating in the Legion Event. This event spawns every 30 minutes and grants bonus experience while you're under-leveled. Since monsters in World Difficulty 3 are fixed at level 55, you can take advantage of the bonus experience to level up rapidly. Look for ongoing Legion Events and time them, ensuring you don't miss out on the valuable experience boost.

During downtime between Legion Events, consider clearing the Nightmare Dungeons for Trail Whispers or attempting the Tray of West Best to further improve your character's gear. Combining this with seasonal events and unlocking dungeons' renaults can provide you with additional rewards and progression towards Paragon points.


Choosing the Right Nightmare Dungeon

When selecting a Nightmare Dungeon for farming. The "Dead Man's Dredge" dungeon is a popular choice for players seeking efficient experience and Diablo 4 Gold gain before reaching level 55. As for other dungeons, it's essential to clear them at least once for Renault unlocks, contributing to your character's progression and Paragon points.


Legion Event Locations

When a Legion event is about to take place, a distinct circular icon will appear on your map, indicating the event's location. From the moment the icon appears to the start of the event, you have approximately 5 minutes to reach the designated area. While you can join the event after it begins, keep in mind that the window for late entry is only a few seconds.


Legion Gathering Events occur at various locations, which are randomly chosen for each event. Some of these locations are positioned over Strongholds, requiring players to have completed the Stronghold beforehand to participate.

Legion Event Locations Zone/Area
Kor Dragan Fractured Peaks
Carrowcrest Ruins Scosglen
Haunted Wreckage Dry Steppes
Dilapidated Aqueducts Kehjistan
Norgoi Vigil Hawezar
Crusader's Monument Hawezar


Level 55-60: Overcoming the Challenge

Reaching level 55 introduces some challenges due to the level 55 fixed monsters in the Nightmare Dungeons. At this stage, you can consider two approaches:

  • Continue with the Legion Event: If you can handle the difficulty, participate in the Legion Event during World Difficulty 4 for additional experience gains. The event will still be valuable for reaching level 60 and farming Ancestral Gears.
  • Attempting the Capstone Dungeon: For a more challenging and rewarding experience, try clearing the Capstone Dungeon at level 55. It might require a gear change and possibly some assistance from friends, but it offers a satisfying achievement and a chance to test your skills.


How to find Capstone Dungeons?

In the treacherous world of Diablo 4, Capstone Dungeons stand tall as the pinnacle of difficulty and rewards. Reserved for seasoned players who have completed the main campaign and hunger for greater challenges, these dungeons are a test of skill, wits, and bravery. Prepare yourself for encounters with formidable foes, cunning traps, and alluring treasures that promise an exhilarating gaming experience. Currently, there are two Capstone Dungeons available in the game: the Cathedral of Light and the Fallen Temple.


- Cathedral of Light

Location:Kyovashad (Fractured Peaks)

Unlock: Complete the campaign. Appears in World Tier 2

As the first Capstone Dungeon that players will encounter, the Cathedral of Light awaits in the northwest corner of the building above the World Tier Statue in Kyovashad. Designed to be a challenging starting point for those venturing into the world of Capstone Dungeons, it sets its level cap at 50. To emerge victorious, players must fulfill their objectives and face the final boss, Curator. Defeating the Curator bestows you with valuable loot and unlocks a new level of difficulty: World Tier 3: Nightmare.


- Fallen Temple

Location:Chambatar Ridge (Dry Steppes)

Unlock: Appears on the map in World Tier 3 difficulty.

Nestled in the eastern reaches of the Dry Steppes, the Fallen Temple takes the challenge even higher than the Cathedral of Light. Tailored for players who possess extensive experience and formidable skills, this dungeon sets its level cap at 70. It serves as an ideal test for those who have already triumphed in the first Capstone Dungeon and are seeking a greater obstacle to overcome.


- Echo of Hatred

Location:Desolate Highland (Fractured Peaks)

Unlock: Appears on the map in World Tier 4 difficulty.

Entering the Echo of Hatred in Diablo 4 demands strict prerequisites for any chance of survival. The foremost requirement is playing on World Tier four, which can only be unlocked by successfully completing the Torment Capstone Dungeon. Once you've attained World Tier four status, it becomes crucial to power-level your character to bolster your chances of success in this daunting challenge.


Resetting Dungeons for Infinite Farming

A highly effective method for leveling is resetting the Nightmare Dungeons using a specific technique. 

Here's how it works:

  • The leader of the party initiates the dungeon and then promotes another player to be the leader temporarily.
  • The new leader then promotes the original leader back, effectively resetting the dungeon.
  • Clear the dungeon to receive rewards, then exit the dungeon.
  • The leader and the player swap roles again, resetting the dungeon for another run with the same loot and effects.
  • By repeatedly using this method with one friend, you can infinitely farm the same Nightmare Dungeon, maximizing both experience gain and loot acquisition.



In summary, leveling from 40 to 60 in Diablo 4 Season 1 requires careful planning and efficient strategies. Utilize the Legion Event and Nightmare Dungeons to maximize experience gains and loot acquisition. Additionally, consider the dungeon resetting method for infinite farming in specific dungeons. As you progress to level 55 and beyond, embrace the challenge of the Capstone Dungeon or continue farming the Legion Event for the best results.

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