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SWTOR Awesome Armor Sets: How to get it quickly and effectively without cartel coins?

Are you tired of wandering around the Galaxy in mismatched armor sets that make you look like you raided a thrift store? Fear not, fellow adventurers! In this guide, we'll explore five fantastic ways to acquire dope-looking armor sets in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) without spending any cartel coins. We've made sure to include options that are free-to-play friendly, so let's dive in and upgrade your style!


SWTOR Awesome Armor Sets: How to get it quickly and effectively without cartel coins?


Adaptive Gear Vendor

First and foremost, head to the Republic or Imperial Fleet and make your way to the Supply Section. Here, you'll find the Adaptive Gear Window, which is the most affordable place to get armor sets on this list. Each piece can be purchased for as low as 2,500 credits, making it a budget-friendly option. Keep in mind that the armor sets available may vary for Empire and Republic players, so check out this vendor for some cool sets.


Reputation Vendors

For a more unique and challenging approach, consider obtaining armor sets from reputation vendors. Reputation is earned by completing daily missions for different factions. You can track your reputation rank in the Legacy Tab. The higher the rank, the better the armor sets you can obtain. While it may take time to achieve the highest rank, the impressive sets, like the Hollowed Gothic and Runic Wanderer armor sets, are well worth the effort.


Gear While Leveling

Believe it or not, levelling gear can sometimes surprise you with its stylish appearance. Although not all loot and story mission rewards may look great, some sets can be visually appealing. Additionally, certain sets are exclusive to specific classes and level ranges, so you'll need to explore and complete heroic missions to find them.


Crafting Armor Sets

Crafting is an excellent way to access unique armor sets that you wouldn't find elsewhere. Depending on your character's specialization, choose either Armor Mech or Synthweaving to create heavier or cloth-style sets, respectively. As a free-to-play player, remember that you can only have one crew skill per character, so plan accordingly. You may also need to purchase resources from other players on the Galactic Trade Network (GTN).


Crafting System

Crafting in SWTOR involves using your companions to gather resources known as crafting materials. These materials are then used to create various items. There are three primary components to the crafting system:

  • Crafting Skills: There are six crafting skills available: Armormech, Armstech, Artifice, Biochem, Cybertech, and Synthweaving. Each skill enables you to create items using the gathered materials.
  • Mission Skills: Mission skills allow you to send your companions on missions to obtain valuable resources needed for your chosen crafting skill. The available mission skills are Diplomacy, Investigation, Treasure Hunting, and Underworld Trading.
  • Gathering Skills: Gathering skills allow you to send your companions on missions and also collect raw crafting materials from the environment while exploring. The four Gathering skills are Archeology, Bioanalysis, Scavenging, and Slicing.


Choosing and Leveling Crafting Skills

Each crafting skill is associated with one Gathering skill and one Mission skill. You can have a total of three skills per character, meaning each character can have its own set of crafting abilities. Alternatively, you can have all your characters specialize in the same crafting skills, though diversifying can be more engaging.


To level up a crafting skill in SWTOR, you need to create items or complete missions associated with that skill. Open the crafting menu by pressing 'N' on your keyboard. When crafting or completing missions, pay attention to the color of the dots on items and the text on companion missions:

Orange Provides three crafting skill points
Yellow Provides two crafting skill points
Green Provides one crafting skill point
Gray Does not grant any crafting skill points


As your crafting skill level increases, you can visit your crafting trainer to learn new schematics and higher-quality items, a crucial aspect of levelling up crafting.


Obtaining Crafting Materials

To craft items, you'll need specific crafting materials or rare components. These can be acquired through Gathering skills or by purchasing them from other players through the Galactic Trade Network (GTN). Visiting the crafting vendor on the fleet can also provide lower-tier resources at more affordable prices than on the GTN.


Overview of Crafting Skills and Items

Here's a breakdown of the six crafting skills in SWTOR and the items they can create:

Armormech Heavy and medium armor, armor mods, and augments. Ideal for Troopers and Bounty Hunters.
Armstech Blaster pistols, rifles, and upgrades. A weapon crafting skill.
Artifice Lightsabers, enhancements, and color crystals for lightsabers or blasters.
Biochem Medpacs, adrenals, implants, and other consumables.
Cybertech Gadgets, modifications, and some mounts.
Synthweaving Light and robe-like Jedi armor.


Galactic Trade Network (GTN)

Lastly, the GTN allows you to buy armor sets from other players. While this method can be tricky without spending millions of SWTOR credits (and maintaining an active subscription), it's still possible to find some cool armor sets for less than one million credits with a little patience and persistence.


How to Obtain Adaptive Gear?

  • Acquiring Adaptive Gear:  As you progress through the game and accumulate around 200 coins, head to the mother base and visit the emergency fleet vendor. Navigate to the "Supplies" section and find the vendor offering adaptive gear. Some sets are unlocked with time and progress, but the initial sets available can be really cool and help you create a unique look for your character.
  • Costs of Adaptive Gear:  Adaptive gear sets may vary in cost. Cooler sets often cost around 30 coins, while less elaborate sets might cost only 6 coins. You can also find adaptive weapons, which can add an extra flair to your character's appearance.


How to Modify Adaptive Gear?

  • Importance of Item Modification: When you obtain adaptive gear, you'll notice that it requires specific item modifications to enhance its stats and effectiveness. The modifications include armor mods, enhancements, and dye slots.
  • Upgrade Your Gear: To upgrade your adaptive gear, locate the appropriate vendor for your character's level range (e.g., level 46 or 42 vendor). Examine your gear's slots and identify which modifications are needed. This will usually include armor mods and enhancements.
  • Obtaining Modification Crystals: You can acquire modification crystals from various quests and normal activities. These crystals are crucial for upgrading your gear and improving its performance.
  • Swapping Modifications:  For instance, if you're playing a healing role but decided to try out DPS (damage-dealer) gameplay, you can switch the gear's mods accordingly. Purchase the desired modifications and replace them in the appropriate slots to adapt your gear to your preferred playstyle.


How to Maximize Adaptive Gear Benefits?

  • Adaptive Gear Level Range: Adaptive gear can serve you effectively until approximately level 60. However, keep in mind that purple gear will always be superior to adaptive gear, and some blue items may outperform it as well.
  • Choosing the Best Rewards: When presented with quest rewards, consider opting for modification crystals over purely cosmetic items. Crystals provide better gear choices and allow you to maintain optimal performance during levelling.



There you have it, five fantastic ways to acquire awesome armor sets in SWTOR without the need for cartel coins. Whether you opt for the budget-friendly Adaptive Gear Vendor, aim for the prestigious reputation vendor sets, or explore other avenues like levelling gear, crafting, or the GTN, you're sure to elevate your fashion game in the Galaxy. May the Force be with you as you embark on your journey to acquire the most stylish armor sets in SWTOR! If you found this guide helpful, leave a like or let us know in the comments how long you've been playing the game. Enjoy your adventures

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