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Diablo 4 Grim Favors Guide: The Most Efficient Level-Up Method

In Diablo 4, leveling up quickly during the season can be crucial to getting ahead of the competition and enjoying the game's end-game content. Today, we will share with you the most efficient and best way to level up during the season. This method scales with your character level, making it suitable for players of all levels. By utilizing this technique, you'll be able to hit the max level in no time. So let's dive in and explore the fastest way to reach the level cap in Diablo 4!

Diablo 4 Grim Favors Guide: The Most Efficient Level-Up Method


Grim Favors - The Key to Efficient Leveling

The core of this leveling strategy revolves around Grim Favors, time-based activities scattered throughout the entire map. These activities spawn frequently and offer a wide range of objectives, such as killing enemies, protecting hostages, or completing special events. What makes Grim Favors so valuable is that everything you do within these activities rewards you with XP, making them the most efficient means of leveling up.


Experience Gains from Grim Favors

Completing Grim Favors grants you substantial XP rewards. Killing enemies during these activities provides even more XP on top of the base rewards. For each Grim Favor you complete, you'll earn approximately 5000 XP. This makes leveling through this method significantly faster than traditional dungeon farming, as you receive rewards for every step of progress.


Recommended Activities for Optimal XP Gain

While all Grim Favors offer XP, some activities are more rewarding than others. Focus on the following two types of Grim Favors to maximize your XP gains:

  • Slaying Enemies: Grim Favors that require you to kill a large number of enemies provide extra XP alongside the regular rewards. These are excellent for rapid leveling.
  • Completing Sellers: Some Grim Favors involve protecting hostages or completing specific tasks. These can be done quickly and efficiently, contributing to your XP gains.
Bounty Description Grim Favors Rewarded
Complete a dungeon Finish an entire dungeon. +5 Grim Favors
Harvest a zone Kill enemies in the sub-zone and pick up their Venous Motes (essences/orbs). Essences drop only from kills on the overworld map. +3 Grim Favors
Clear a cellar Successfully clear a cellar (an area usually found below buildings or structures). +1 Grim Favor
Complete an event Successfully complete a special in-game event. +1 Grim Favor
Kill an elite Locate and defeat a specific elite enemy in a designated area. +1 Grim Favor
Cull an enemy type Slay a number of a specific enemy type (e.g., Caldeum Knights). +1 Grim Favor
Finish a Ritual Interact with a specified number of altars in a zone to complete a ritual. +3 Grim Favors
Defeat a World Boss Successfully defeat a powerful World Boss enemy. +5 Grim Favors


Scaling Rewards for All Levels

The beauty of this method is that it caters to all character levels. Whether you are level 10 or level 50, Grim Favors scale with your character, ensuring you receive appropriate XP rewards. Even at lower levels, you can gain substantial XP and level up quickly.


The Tree of Whispers and Bonus Rewards

Every ten Grim Favors completed, players are rewarded with a loot box from the Tree of Whispers. This bonus further boosts your XP and Diablo 4 Gold gains, making it even more enticing to pursue Grim Favors.

Feature Description Additional Notes
Maximum Grim Favors Required You need 10 Grim Favors to turn in the quest to the Tree of Whispers. - Upon reaching 10 Grim Favors, other Whispers of the Dead bounties will be locked. Additional points won't be gained until you turn in the quest.
- Excess Grim Favors beyond 10 carry over for future turn-ins.
Reward Bundles Diablo 4 Whispers of the Dead activity offers three reward bundles. They indicate the type of items you can expect. (e.g., "Collection of Chestplates" often drops chest armor). - A legendary option in the reward bundles guarantees a legendary item of that type.
- Without the legendary option, items rely on RNG for drops.
- Higher World Tiers increase legendary drop chances.
Time Limit for Bounties All bounties across all regions have a one hour and 30-minute time limit. Once the time elapses, a new batch of bounties will appear on the world map. - After turning in your Grim Favors for the first time, numerous bounties will appear in other regions and sub-zones, including PvP areas like Fields of Hatred.


The Tree of Whispers Exploit

As of the time of this guide, there's an exploit that can be used to save time and expedite the process. After claiming your reward from the Tree of Whispers, simply drop the loot on the ground and pick it back up. This action will register as completing the ten Grim Favors again, allowing you to claim the reward multiple times. Keep in mind that exploits might get patched in future updates, so take advantage of this while you can.



Leveling up quickly in Diablo 4's seasonal play can greatly enhance your gaming experience. By focusing on Grim Favors and strategically completing the most rewarding activities, you can level up rapidly regardless of your character's current level. The Tree of Whispers bonus adds even more incentive to pursue these activities. Remember the Tree of Whispers exploit if you wish to save even more time. Now that you know the most efficient leveling method, go forth and conquer the challenges that await you in Diablo 4!

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