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RuneScape Free-to-Play Gold Making Methods 2023

In this guide, LOLTANK will explore six different free-to-play gold-making methods that can yield around two to three million Runescape GP per hour. While these methods do not require any specific requirements and can be done on free-to-play worlds, it's important to note that free-to-play gold-making methods are not as lucrative as they once were. With bonds now valued at around 60 to 70 million GP and the best free-to-play gold-making method generating only about three to four million GP per hour, it can be quite challenging to accumulate enough gold for a bond. If possible, it is recommended to either buy a bond or obtain membership to enjoy faster gold-making opportunities. For those who still prefer the free-to-play route, let's dive into the different methods.

RuneScape Free-to-Play Gold Making Methods 2023


Runescape FTP Gold-making methods

Remember that while these are some of the best free-to-play methods, membership offers much more efficient gold-making methods. Therefore, it might be worth purchasing a bond or getting a membership to boost your gold-making capabilities.

Method Requirements GP/hr Additional Information
Killing Chickens None 2m Loot everything including chicken breasts, bones, feathers, and eggs. Use magic for efficiency. Bank at Lumbridge.
Killing Adolescent White Wolves None 2m Drops include wolf bones and wolf meat. Kill them around Birth Thorpe or White Wolf Mountain. Use range weapons for efficiency.
Opening Muddy Chest with Muddy Keys Decent combat level 2m Fill your inventory with muddy keys and head to the Lava Maze in the Wilderness. Beware of Hellhounds.
Cutting Oak Logs Level 15+ Woodcutting (Level 50 recommended for Rune Hatchet) 1.2m Cut oak logs around Varrock. The western bank of Varrock is best for banking.
Mining Iron Ore Level 10+ Mining (Level 50 recommended for Rune Pickaxe) and Level 10+ Smithing for Iron Ore Box 2-3m Mining speed and GP/hr depend on your Mining level. Best spot is Birthorpe.
Tanning Hides 20m starting cash 4-5m Tan dragon hides into leather using a Portable Crafter. Profit depends on the hide type and current market prices. Slow buy hides and slow sell leather for maximum profit.


Killing Chickens

Chickens are a classic F2P gold-making target. Killing chickens can net you about two million GP per hour if you pick up everything they drop, including chicken breasts, bones, feathers, and eggs. It's a great low-level magic training method and can be performed with a fresh account. The recommended abilities for this method are the chain ability and dragon breath, which allow you to hit multiple chickens at once. Don't forget to turn on your area loot and use the bank chest in Lumbridge to deposit your items.


Killing Adolescent White Wolves

This combat method involves killing adolescent white wolves for their wolf bones and meat. It can yield around two million GP per hour. The XP gain isn't as great as with chickens, but it's a good alternative if you want a break. The best spot to kill these wolves is around Burthorpe or White Wolf Mountain. You'll need to use a ranged weapon due to the wolves being spread out. The bones are worth around 3.6K and the meat around 2.6K GP.


Opening Muddy Chests

By using muddy keys to open muddy chests, you can earn just over two million GP per hour. It's advisable to have a decent combat level for this method and to bring armor to protect against hellhounds. If possible, make a waka canoe to get to the level 35 Wilderness location. Open the chests in the middle of the Lava Maze, making around 3,200 coins profit each time. Once you've exhausted your keys, you can run out and bank with Darren or other similar NPCs.


Cutting Oak Logs

Cutting oak logs is a simple and mostly AFK method that yields around 1.2 million GP per hour. You'll need at least level 15 woodcutting, with level 50 recommended to use the Rune Hatchet. The best spot for cutting oak logs is around Varrock. While you're waiting for the oak trees to regrow, consider cutting regular trees for a bit more profit, though it's less AFK.


Mining Iron Ore

Mining iron ore is another effective way to earn gold in F2P. With iron ore trading at just under 1K each, the use of Iron Stone Spirits, which cost only 10 GP each, effectively doubles your mining yield. The best spot for mining iron is in the Burthorpe mine. Depending on your mining level, you can earn anywhere between two to three million GP per hour.


Tanning Hides

Historically the best F2P gold-making method, tanning hides can earn you between four to five million GP per hour. You'll need around 20 million GP to start, mainly to purchase the dragon hide. Then you'll need a portable crafter and set up a preset with the dragon hide you intend to turn into leather. Although this method is a bit riskier due to fluctuating market prices, if done efficiently, it can be quite profitable.



While free-to-play gold-making methods may not be as lucrative as they once were, they still offer some opportunities to accumulate GP. However, if you have the means to buy a bond or obtain membership, it's recommended to explore the many gold-making methods available in member worlds, which can yield much higher profits. Regardless of your choice, these six free-to-play methods can help you make some gold and set you on the path to further adventures in the world of RuneScape.

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