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RuneScape Gold Farming: Top Most Profitable Bosses and Making GP Method

Today, we'll be exploring the top 11 most profitable bosses in RuneScape. Keep in mind that these rankings may change over time, so We might make an updated Article in the future. The profits mentioned here are based on the wiki estimates for hourly Runescape GP earnings, so feel free to share your thoughts if you disagree with them. 



RuneScape Gold Farming: Top Most Profitable Bosses and Making GP Method


RuneScape Bosses Farming Profits

The top 11 bosses in terms of profitability in RuneScape, including a bonus boss Zamarack at 2000% enrage and their main money-making drops. This is based on estimates from the RuneScape Wiki and assumes the most effective strategies and methods for each boss.

Rank Boss Major Money Makers GP/Hour (Mil)
10 Elite Dungeon 1 (ED1) Ancient Scales 48
9 Arch-Glacor t95 Lang Swords 51.6
8 Rise of the Six (ROTS) Malevolent Energies 55.7
7 Raksha Greater Ricochet Ability Codex 63.6
6 Vorago Seismic Singularity, Seismic Wand 68.9
5 Karapac The FSOA (Front and Side of Armadyl) 76.8
4 Solak Eldritch Crossbow, Grimoire Pages 77.3
3 TzKal-Zuk Scripture of Ful, Magma Tempest Ability Codex 77.4
2 Nex - Angel of Death (AOD) Appraisals 119.5
1 Telos Seren Godbow (SGB) 136.8
0 (Bonus) Zamarack Bow Pieces, High Alchs, Relics 170 (for 2000% enrage repeats)


The Shadow Reef (ED1)

Profit: Approximately 48 million GP per hour (estimated)

The first boss on our list is the Shadow Reef (ED1). The primary money maker here is ancient scales. This boss proves to be incredibly profitable and consistent, thanks to its drops. While you can acquire decent loot during dungeon runs, the real treasure lies in the ancient scales. With the chance of doubling your loot, you can experience jaw-dropping moments, like obtaining 220 ancient scales for a staggering 250 million GP! ED1 secures the 10th spot with an average of 48 million GP per hour.


The Arch-Glacor

Profit: Roughly 51.6 million GP per hour (estimated)

The Arch-Glacor awaits adventurers seeking profits and mesmerizing visuals. Equipped with the t95 Lang swords, you can confidently face this boss while reveling in the aesthetics of its surroundings. The primary money-making focus is on the valuable Lang swords, which currently stand at over a billion GP each. The boss's rage mechanic adds excitement and enhances your chances of lucrative drops. To maximize earnings, aim for 0 to 250 percent in rages, as recommended by the wiki.


Rise of the Six (ROTS)

Profit: Approximately 55.7 million GP per hour (estimated)

Although ROTS is considered older content, it remains surprisingly profitable. The key to riches lies in malevolent energies, which can yield around 1.6 million GP per run. Speed is the name of the game here; the faster you complete runs, the more you stand to earn. The drop rate for shields may be rare, but the high value they command contributes to the overall profits. Coming in at number eight, ROTS proves that age is no barrier to lucrative rewards.



Profit: About 63.6 million GP per hour (estimated)

Raksha, the formidable boss that once challenged even the most skilled adventurers, now presents a wealth of opportunities. The bulk of the GP earned here stems from rare drops rather than basic loot. Notably, 3.92 million GP per kill comes from the rare drops alone, while basics yield around 300K per kill. Grimoire Pages and valuable drops like Greco and Greater Chin make this boss a true gold mine.



Profit: Roughly 68.9 million GP per hour (estimated)

Virago, the rocky pimp boy, boasts valuable drops such as the seismic singularity and seismic wand, each priced around 500 million GP. In addition, basic tectonic energy offers further profitability, adding around 3.4 million GP per kill. Virago's fortunes can fluctuate based on the popularity of magic weapons, which can significantly impact its profitability.



Profit: Approximately 76.8 million GP per hour (estimated)

Karapak is one dirty boy, renowned for its valuable drops like the fsoa (Fortunate Slayer of Animica) which once reached a staggering 10 billion GP! While their prices have decreased following a recent GE update, they remain incredibly profitable. Additionally, cannonballs obtained from Karapak can fetch impressive prices due to the decline in steel cannonball bots.



Profit: Roughly 77.3 million GP per hour (estimated)

Solak's profitability may come as a surprise, but it's a gold mine nonetheless. The real money lies in grimoire pages, essential for critical hits with fasoa and magic. To optimize earnings, focus on acquiring numerous pages. With careful planning and dedication, Solak can provide substantial long-term profits.


The Angel of Death (AoD)

Profit: Approximately 77.4 million GP per hour (estimated)

The Angel of Death (AoD) is a truly astonishing boss when it comes to making money. Appraisals, valued at around a village, and other rare drops drive the exceptional profits. The recent release of necromancy and the upcoming t99 prayer for AoD have caused appraisal prices to skyrocket, making this boss even more lucrative.


Nex: Angel of Death

Profit: About 119.5 million GP per hour (estimated)

The Angel of Death (AoD) reigns supreme at the second spot, primarily due to its incredible appraisals. With prices surpassing a village, this boss stands as a testament to the potential wealth that can be amassed in RuneScape. Additionally, rare drops and high-end rage repeats can lead to impressive earnings.



Profit: Approximately 136.8 million GP per hour (estimated)

At last, we arrive at the number one spot! Telos, the mighty boss depicted in the nostalgic trailer, secures the top position. Despite fluctuations in orb and dormant prices, the Shadow-Dyed Zaros Godsword (SGB) remains a significant contributor to the boss's immense profitability. With high-end enrages, you may even find yourself obtaining rare drops frequently, further boosting your earnings. A worthy champion of profits in RuneScape!


Honorable Mention: Zamorak (Nex)

Profit: Around 170 million GP per hour (estimated)

We couldn't neglect our fellow Zamorak enthusiasts! Nex stands as an honorable mention, boasting impressive earnings of around 170 million GP per hour. The bows and other valuable drops contribute to its exceptional profitability.

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