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Diablo 4 Season 1 Powerful and Dynamic Explosive Marksman Rogue Build

In this Diablo 4 build guide, we will explore a powerful and dynamic character build that combines speed, evasion, crowd control, and survivability, making you feel like an unstoppable evading God! This build centers around the incredible power of the Barber gem and synergizes with various aspects, skills, and gear choices to unleash devastating AOE damage on your enemies.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Powerful and Dynamic Explosive Marksman Rogue Build


Overview and Playstyle

The Explosive Marksman build thrives in mid-range to close-range engagements, allowing you to dance in and out of danger. As you level up, you'll become tankier, enabling you to take a more close-range approach. Start engagements with a well-timed Shadow Step or a strategically placed Poison Trap to draw enemies in. Use the taunt gem and aspect to control enemy movements, keeping them at bay while you unleash your rapid fire and evade attacks.


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The Core Gems: The Barber and Trickery

  • The Barber: The centerpiece of this build, The Barber gem, transforms your critical hits into absorbing explosions that deal AOE damage to surrounding enemies. Maximize your damage potential with this gem to obliterate hordes of foes.
  • Trickery: Use the poison trap skill combined with the Trickery aspect to create a shadow decoy that taunts enemies, allowing you to control the battlefield and set up devastating AOE attacks.


Gear and Aspects

Disobedience: Ideally, equip Disobedience on your amulet to maximize its potential. This aspect enhances your damage output.

  • Might and Edge Masters: Boost your damage further with Might and Edge Masters aspects.
  • Aspect of Audacity: Provides a stun every 20 seconds, keeping you safe during engagements.
  • Aspect of Repeating: Synergizes perfectly with The Barber, allowing rapid fire attacks to ricochet between enemies, spreading vulnerability and dealing massive damage.
  • Aspect of Smoke Grenade or Cheat Aspect: Choose between Smoke Grenade for dodge and Cheat Aspect for more damage. Test and see which suits your playstyle best.
  • Aspect of Expectant: Increases your basic attack's damage with each hit, allowing you to ramp up damage.
  • Aspect of Accelerating and Rapid: Enhance your attack speed with these aspects to synergize with puncture and rapid fire skills.


Skill Selection

  • Puncture: Focus on fundamental puncture to get three blades, which provides vulnerability and slows the targets every three hits.
  • Rapid Fire: Use advanced rapid fire to increase your critical strike damage after evading. This pairs perfectly with the evasive playstyle of this build.
  • Shadow Step: Maximize the use of Shadow Step to evade damage and reduce its cooldown with the Discipline aspect.
  • Weapon Master: Boost your damage further with Weapon Master.
  • Exploit and Malice: These skills complement The Barber gem, dealing more damage to healthy and injured enemies.
  • Poison Trap: Utilize countering poison trap to reset your imbuement cooldowns.
  • Cold Imbuement and Debilitating Toxins: Maximize your single-target damage and reduce incoming damage with these skills.


Paragon Board

  • Combat: Prioritize increasing Critical Strike Damage for optimal damage output.
  • Cutting Stratagem: Obtain the Cunning Strategy legendary node for two additional arrows, leading to a 25% damage increase.
  • Eldritch Bounty: Boost your imbuement damage, improving your overall performance.
  • Ranger: Enhance Marksman skills' damage for even deadlier attacks.
  • Exploit Weakness and Infusion: Increase your damage output with these skills, taking advantage of vulnerability.
  • Cheap Shot: Optimize this board for leveling to improve your damage.


Endgame Transition

As you reach endgame, you can transition to the Endgame Paragon Board, making use of the rare nodes available. Focus on exploiting your enemy's weaknesses and maximizing your damage potential.



The Explosive Marksman Rogue Build offers an exhilarating playstyle with incredible speed, evasion, crowd control, and survivability. With The Barber gem at its core, you'll unleash devastating AOE damage, making you feel like an evading God. Experiment with different aspects, gear, and skills to tailor the build to your preferences and dominate the dark and dangerous world of Diablo 4!

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