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OSRS 1-99 Hunter Guide: Catching Creatures for Fun and Profit

Welcome to Old School RuneScape! In this article, we'll be diving into the revamped 1-99 Hunter guide. As the name implies, Hunter allows your character to catch an incredibly diverse roster of creatures, each serving their own unique purpose in the game. From using them as clothing to wielding them as Weapons of Mass Destruction, this skill opens up various possibilities.

OSRS 1-99 Hunter Guide: Catching Creatures for Fun and Profit


What is the Hunter?

Hunter is an exclusive members-only skill in RuneScape, involving the capture of various animals and creatures. Despite being a non-combat skill, players must remain cautious as they can still take damage while hunting. Equipping hunting gear obtained from specialized stores, players can pursue specific creatures, earning valuable rewards like spotted kebbit fur for the spotted cape, chinchompas, black salamanders, and even the elusive dragon implings. Hunter is a straightforward skill, though you may not see substantial profits until the later levels. Interestingly, it's more efficient to reset creatures or drop their yield early as you progress to more lucrative methods.


Quests that Provide Hunter Experience

Before delving into the training methods, let's review the quests that grant Hunter experience. Keep in mind that some of these quests have a Hunter level requirement:

  • Bone Voyage: Unlocks Fossil Island, where you can train with birdhouses, herbivores, and drift net fishing.
  • Eagles' Peak: Learn to use box traps for specific creatures.
  • Priest in Peril: Access the entire swamp area of Morytania, where you can catch swamp lizards.
  • Monkey Madness 2: Unlock the maniacal monkeys, a decent AFK training method.

Additionally, completing the Hard Western Diary grants access to a more private Hunter area for catching red chinchompas, increasing experience per hour due to better spawns.


Tools for Catching Creatures

Throughout your journey to level 99, you'll need specific tools to catch different creatures. I won't list them all here, but make sure to keep an eye out for the required items as you progress.


Hunter Potions

Using a Hunter Potion can significantly boost your experience gains, as it allows you to catch higher-level creatures for more experience. Consider using these potions to reach your milestones faster.


Hunter Clothing

Hunter outfits, like Spotted, Larupia, Graahk, and Sabretooth, might look like they assist you in catching creatures with Pitfall traps. However, due to a long-standing bug in the game, these outfits are purely cosmetic and don't affect Hunter efficiency.


Useful Plugins

If you're using plugins, some helpful ones for Hunter include:

  • Hunter: Displays the state of your drops and color codes them based on their status.
  • Time Tracker Reminder: Reminds you when your birdhouses are ready, giving you passive Hunter experience.
  • Driftnet: Aids in drifting net fishing, offering significant experience per hour.
  • Herbivore: Tracks the herbivore in Fossil Island, making hunting easier.
  • NPC Indicators: Highlights creatures on-screen for easier catching.


Training Methods

Here are the key training methods for leveling Hunter from 1 to 99:

Training Method Level Range Description
Barbarian Fishing 1-9 Gain 1,000 Hunter and Slayer experience by answering questions at the Baroque Museum.
Birdhouse Runs 9-99 Set up birdhouses in Fossil Island and gain substantial passive experience.
Pescatoris Hunter Area 15-29 Catch Copper Longtails and Ruby Harvest butterflies for faster leveling.
Morytania Swamp Lizards 29-43 Catch swamp lizards for decent experience.
Falconry 43-57 Catch Spotted Kebbits and Dark Kebbits using a falcon.
Red Salamanders 59-67 Catch red salamanders east/south of the ZMI Altar.
Black Salamanders 67-80 Catch black salamanders in the Wilderness for more experience.
Razorsnare 80-99 Catch Razor-backed Kebbits and Chinchompas.
Herbivore 80-99 Hunt the herbivore on Fossil Island for profit and decent experience.
Maniacal Monkeys 80-99 Catch maniacal monkeys in the Monkey Madness 2 cave for AFK training.
Black Chinchompas 80-99 Hunt black chinchompas in the Wilderness for high experience and profit.


Final Thoughts

You now have a comprehensive 1-99 Hunter guide at your disposal. Choose the method that suits your playstyle and desired outcomes best, and embark on your Hunter training journey. Whether you're hunting for fun, profit, or both, enjoy the diverse world of creatures that Old School RuneScape has to offer.

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