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OSRS Zulrah Fight Guide: Best Gold-making methods

In this guide, LOLTANK will explore Zulrah, one of the best Gold-making methods in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), to see if it's still a viable option in 2023. Zulrah has earned its nickname "the Gold snake" due to its consistent loot drops. However, it's important to note that Zulrah is not a straightforward boss to learn, especially for new players venturing into PvM or Ironman accounts with limited gear. Nevertheless, with dedication and practice, you can master this boss and reap its lucrative rewards.

OSRS Zulrah Fight Guide: Best Gold-making methods


Gear Setup

Before we delve into the Zulrah encounter, let's take a look at the recommended gear setup for this boss fight:

Gear Description Alternative
Tanzanite Helm Protects against poison and venom during the fight. Bring an anti-poison or anti-venom potion.
Amulet of the Damned (or Occult Necklace) Enhances your magic damage output. -
Rada's Blessing Provides prayer bonus and useful teleport options. -
Trident of the Swamp Primary weapon for magic attacks. -
Ahrim's Robetop and Ahrim's Robeskirt Provides magic accuracy and defensive bonuses. Use other magic gear if you lack these.
Mage's Book Enhances your magic accuracy and damage. -
Tormented Bracelet Improves magic accuracy and damage. -
Eternal Boots Boosts magic accuracy. -
Ring of Suffering Allows you to store Ring of Recoil charges to deal with snakelings. -
Barrows Gloves Offers high offensive stats. -
Ava's Assembler Automatically retrieves and saves ranged ammunition. -
Necklace of Anguish Provides a ranged damage boost. -
Karil's Crossbow and/or Blowpipe Switch to these during the fight for ranged attacks. Bring a Rune Crossbow if you lack these.


Inventory Setup

Here's a suggested inventory setup for the Zulrah fight:

  • Ranging Potion: Boosts your ranged attack stat.
  • Prayer Potion: Keeps your prayer points up during the fight.
  • Manta Rays or Sharks: For healing during the fight.
  • Saradomin Brews: Use these for combo eating when necessary.
  • Zul-andra Teleport Scrolls: For quick access to Zulrah's lair.
  • Sapphire Ring: To be enchanted into Ring of Recoil charges.


Understanding Zulrah's Rotations

Zulrah has four different rotations, each with its own attack style. When facing the green form, use magic attacks and pray against ranged attacks. Against the blue form, switch to ranged attacks and pray against magic attacks. Pay close attention to its attacks and be prepared to switch prayer accordingly.


The Zulrah Fight

Start by activating Mystic Might and quickly board the boat to initiate the fight.

  • Zulrah will begin in one of its forms (either green or blue). Respond accordingly by using the appropriate attack style and prayer.
  • Be prepared for Zulrah to switch forms throughout the fight. Anticipate its attacks and switch gear and prayers accordingly.
  • Avoid standing in the venom clouds, as they can inflict significant damage.
  • Make use of the Ring of Suffering's recoil charges to deal with the snakelings. This will save inventory space and make the fight smoother.
  • Keep in mind that Zulrah's rotations can be complex, and it takes practice to get used to them. Don't be discouraged by early deaths or mistakes.


Learning from Zulrah

Fighting Zulrah teaches you different PvM mechanics and is a great way to get into PvM. The encounter is different each time due to the varying rotations, keeping the fights exciting and fresh.


Experience Rates and Earnings

In one trial, we gained 50,000 experience and 2.16 million OSRS gold pieces from 23 Zulrah kills. The most profitable drop was Zulrah's scales, worth 643,000 GP.



Zulrah remains one of the best Gold-making methods in OSRS in 2023. Although it may be challenging to learn, the rewards and unique drops make it worthwhile for players seeking both profit and PvM experience. With dedication and practice, you can become proficient at defeating Zulrah and enjoy its dynamic and exciting encounters. So, gear up, study the rotations, and embark on your Zulrah adventures!

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