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World of Warcraft Ranged DPS: Tier List and Ranking in Patch 10.1.5

In Patch 10.1.5, the world of ranged DPS in World of Warcraft offers a variety of fun and engaging options. In this guide, we will explore some of the most enjoyable ranged DPS specs, focusing on mechanics, fantasy, talent builds diversity and overall fun factor. Forget about the meta for a moment, and let's dive into the realms of pure enjoyment. Here are the top contenders for the most fun ranged DPS specs.


World of Warcraft Ranged DPS: Tier List and Ranking in Patch 10.1.5


Affliction Warlock

If you revel in the thrill of spreading deadly diseases and afflictions to vanquish your enemies, the Affliction Warlock is the perfect choice. Witnessing your foes succumb to your lingering curses is an unrivalled delight. Recent reworks and talent adjustments have made Affliction even more enjoyable, excelling in both dungeons and raids. For players seeking a distinct playstyle and the satisfaction of outlasting their adversaries, this class stands as a solid and gratifying option.


Balance Druid

For some players, the Balance Druid, also known as Boomkin, may be an acquired taste, but it offers a visually stunning and rewarding experience. Its captivating animations and high damage output make it a delight to play. The added versatility of being a Druid allows players to switch into other roles, making it an exciting all-around choice for those who embrace a celestial-themed gameplay style.


Arcane Mage

The Arcane Mage has undergone a refreshing rework, introducing the orb system, which adds an element of enjoyment in seeing orbs cascade and deal damage. While it maintains a turret-like playstyle, the interactions with Spark and Touch of the Magi bring engaging complexities. Although mastering it may require some effort, Arcane Mages find immense satisfaction in executing powerful combos and unleashing massive damage.


Beast Mastery Hunter

When it comes to relaxed ranged DPS specs, the Beast Mastery Hunter takes the crown. It's the ideal option for players who relish the company of their furry, scaly, or feathery companions. Offering simplicity with enough intricacies to keep players engaged without overwhelming them, BM Hunters also boast a diverse set of pets that provide utility and various crowd-control options. This versatility makes them an enjoyable and well-rounded choice.


Demonology Warlock

If you've ever dreamed of summoning and commanding a legion of demons, the Demonology Warlock will fulfil that fantasy. It stands as an exciting pick for many players. The addition of the Pit Lord and customizable pet options add flavour and visual engagement to the gameplay. While it may lack some AoE power in high-end content, the array of demons and imps keeps the spec captivating and enjoyable.


Destruction Warlock

For those seeking moments of gratifying destruction, the Destruction Warlock offers the perfect experience with its powerful Chaos Bolts and impactful abilities. While it may not offer as much build diversity as other specs, the sheer joy of unleashing devastating chaos upon your enemies remains unparalleled. Responsive mechanics and exciting finishers create bursts of excitement. However, there is room for further improvements to enhance the overall experience.


Frost Mage

The Frost Mage is all about chilling out and taking it easy. Glacial Spike is a powerful ability that stands out, hitting harder than Chaos Bolt and sounding amazing with its crackling freeze. Though thematically fitting for Frost Mages, the spec could use more exciting moments to match Fire Magic. With further development, Frost Mage might eventually rival Fire Mage, but currently, We would keep shooting Glacial Spikes all day.


Marksmanship Hunter

Marksmanship Hunter wields powerful shots, comparable to Chaos Bolts, but it lacks that extra something special that other specs possess. While not needing a pet like Beast Mastery, it still feels like it's missing a unique edge. We would place it below BM in terms of fun and excitement. Marksman is enjoyable, but Survival is more appealing due to its melee mechanics.


Devastation Evoker

Devastation Evoker is undeniably fun, but the visual aspect is a letdown for some. The spec's dragon theme should feel more dragon-like instead of resembling a lizard or snake. While its rotation is solid, I'd rank it next to Marksmanship Hunter in terms of overall enjoyment. It's accessible and enjoyable, but the visual aspect hinders its full potential.


Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman, a long-time favourite, boasts an impressive theme, sound, and looks. The gameplay is quite good, though some might find it complex with many things to juggle. The recent addition of Lightning Rod is a delightful enhancement. It's an A-tier spec, right below S-tier, offering an enjoyable experience.


Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest has had its ups and downs, but the current state is quite solid. The recent reworks have addressed many issues, and it's satisfying to play. While there might be fewer build options, the fantasy is well-delivered with an eerie Old God theme. We would place it slightly below Boomkin in terms of fun, making it an S-tier choice for enjoyment.


Augmentation Evoker

Augmentation Evoker, oh boy, this spec really shook up the meta. Playing as the augmentation evoker is incredibly fun, and it adds a refreshing diversity to the game. The playstyle is quite unique, but it didn't resonate with me as much. Sure, the animations of breaking the Earth apart are fantastic, but they are few and far between. Most of the time, it's just mindlessly spamming the same buttons, which gets tedious.



Remember, the ranking is purely subjective, and players should choose the ranged DPS class that aligns with their playstyle and preferences. WoW's Patch 10.1.5 offers an exciting variety of ranged DPS specs, ensuring there's something fun for everyone. So, explore the classes, experiment with talents, and most importantly, have a blast while playing your favourite ranged DPS spec!

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