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Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.0C: New Uber Unique and Malignant Tunnels Tier List

The latest patch for Diablo 4 has been released, addressing some controversial issues and fixing critical exploits. A new Uber unique weapon has been introduced in Season 1, which only a few players have obtained. Let's take an in-depth look at these topics and more.



Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.0C: New Uber Unique and Malignant Tunnels Tier List


Uber Unique - Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander

Season 1 introduces a new Uber unique weapon called the Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander. It is a potent and rare weapon with a unique passive effect. Players can gain a random Shrine effect for a short duration after killing an elite enemy. The effects include artillery, channelling, conduit, greed, and lethal and protection shrines.

Stat Value
Item Name Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander
Item Type Ancestral Unique Staff
Item Power 820
Damage Per Second 2,484
Damage per Hit [1,988 - 2,980]
Attacks per Second (Weapon Speed) 1.00 (Slow Weapon)
Damage Bonus to Crowd Controlled Enemies +17.5%
Damage Bonus [10.5 - 17.5]%
Attack Speed Bonus [4.4 - 10.0]%
Lucky Hit - Chance to Stun Up to +[7.0 - 14.0]%
Critical Strike Chance +[3.0 - 8.0]%
Shrine Effect after Elite Kill [10.0 - 20.0] seconds, once every 30 seconds


Malignant Tunnels Tier List

Malignant tunnels are essential for farming resources and upgrading items.

Here's the tier list for season 1:


S Tier: Bedeviled Grotto

In Diablo 4, the Bedeviled Grotto is a location found in the Hawezar region. It is situated in the central area of the Forsaken Coast. Players can explore this dungeon-like area to face challenging enemies, discover valuable loot, and engage in various quests and activities. The Grotto is known for its unique layout, high mob density, and the potential for rewarding loot drops. It is one of the preferred Malignant Tunnels for farming resources and upgrading items due to its efficiency and relatively fast completion time. As players venture through the Bedeviled Grotto, they will encounter powerful foes, so it's essential to come prepared with formidable gear and skills to overcome the challenges and emerge victorious.


S Tier:  Fissure of malice

In Diablo 4, the Fissure of Malice is located southwest of Nostrava, which is the region's Stronghold. Despite having cleared it during the main campaign, players will need to do so again. However, the effort is rewarded with a convenient new waypoint that simplifies access to the Fissure of Malice. This waypoint makes it easier for players to access the Malignant Tunnel and engage in resource farming and item upgrades. While revisiting the Fissure of Malice may require facing challenging foes, the new waypoint adds convenience to the gameplay experience, allowing players to venture into the tunnel more efficiently and reap the rewards it offers.


A Tier: Dendai Hollow

The Dindai Hollow is considered the best tunnel in Diablo 4 for farming Hearts and XP. It offers easy access to Elites at the beginning, which drop Hearts and provide significant XP upon defeat. The tunnel's layout is relatively short, and it includes the "Slay All Enemies" objective, ensuring a maximum amount of XP is obtained.

It is important to note that players have the option to skip capturing Malignant Hearts if they wish to focus solely on gaining experience. However, it is advisable to gather Hearts for Ichors, as they offer long-term benefits in the game. By striking a balance between farming Hearts and gaining XP, players can optimize their progression in Diablo 4.


C Tier: Ravening Pit

In the Dry Steppes region of Diablo 4, the second tunnel is known as the "Blistered Barrens." This tunnel is located in a relatively remote area, with no significant landmarks nearby. The closest point of reference is the Blistered Barrens, which players can reach relatively quickly by traveling northeast from the Jirandai waypoint. While the tunnel's location may be somewhat isolated, it presents an opportunity for players to explore and discover unique challenges and rewards within this region of the game.


D Tier: Boiling Wound, Blighted (avoid these)


Bug Warning

There's a new bug in the game related to Season Blessings. Acquiring certain blessings that increase Diablo 4 gold can inadvertently raise the cost of enchanting occults. This can lead to unexpected re-roll costs for legendary items, potentially wasting gold. Be cautious and consider unspecifying the gold-related blessing until this bug is fixed.


Patch Fixes

Patch 1.1.0C has been rolled out, and it addresses several important issues, including:

  • Fixing an issue with focused offhand items that could only have an aspect imprinted on them once.
  • Resolving a problem with combining the dark dance and punishing speed malignant powers causing players to stun themselves.
  • Fixing a bug where the Grim reward season journey objective could be repeated by dropping and picking up the same stash.
  • Correcting the werewolf fur color, which appeared too bright in certain situations.
  • Improving the movement on specific controllers, which was not functioning correctly.
  • Adding a confirmation pop-up for the activation of the premium battle pass.
  • Clearing vendor buyback inventory when acquiring or reallocating seasonal blessings.
  • Addressing crashes and providing further stability improvements.


In conclusion, stay updated with patch notes and developer announcements to keep track of bug fixes, changes, and new features in Diablo 4. The game continuously evolves, and new content and improvements are on the horizon. Enjoy your adventures in the world of Sanctuary!

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