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Runescape AFK Making Gold Methods and Recent Changes

In this guide, we will cover the recent changes in Runescape, specifically the increase in the log-out timer from five minutes to ten minutes. This change has implications for various AFK (Away From Keyboard) training methods. Before diving into the AFK methods, let's go over some other updates that were released recently.



Runescape AFK Making Gold Methods and Recent Changes


Recent Updates

The most significant change in the recent update was related to Protein Planks. Previously, these planks could be used as stackable planks for construction purposes. However, this functionality has been removed, and now they can be used similarly to Protein Bars. You can utilize them at your workbench in your player-owned house, providing AFK XP. The XP per hour may have decreased, but the method is now extremely more AFK, making it a welcome addition for players looking for an AFK training method for construction.


Aside from the log-out timer increase and the change to Protein Planks, not many new additions were introduced to the game. Double XP was confirmed to launch on July 28th, and there was a teaser for necromancy, hinting at future content. But other than that, no major updates were released.


AFK Methods Benefiting from Log-Out Timer Increase

The increase in the log-out timer has positively impacted several AFK methods in the game. Here are some methods that benefit significantly from this change:


1. AFK Mining

With the perfect Juju mining potion active and stone spirits in your inventory, you can mine indefinitely without logging out. Mining is a decent Gold-making method, especially if you're mining light and dark animica, which can be sold for around 4K each. Using the grace of the elves allows you to teleport 500 of them at a time before replenishing, and if you have the golden consignment buff, the ores will automatically go straight to your bank, saving you from frequent banking trips.


2. Easy Mode Arc Glacor

You can start an instance with the Arc Glacor in normal mode with all mechanics turned off. Using either the vampirism aura or penance aura with Soul Split, you can AFK the boss fight and earn Marks of War every hour. The loot from Arc Glacor can be pretty decent, and you may make a few million GP per hour, especially if you get the Chaos die re-roll token or the Elder Troves, which can be worth over 200K each.


3. Archaeology

Archeology has become a more AFK skill with the increased log-out timer. Many excavation spots take longer than five minutes to complete, so the 10-minute timer is extremely helpful. You can make Gold from archeology by selling archeology materials or completing certain artifact spots to create Tetra Compasses, which can be quite profitable. There's also a chance to get Guild Master Tony's Matic, which sells for a high price.


4. The Dream of Aia

With the increased AFK timer, you can AFK skill at the different Skilling stations in the Dream of Aia. While this method won't make you a lot of Runescape Gold, it provides a good source of AFK XP.


5. Imbuing Eldergod Wars Arrows

If you're imbuing Eldergod Wars Arrows to make different types of arrows, the increased log-out timer will prevent you from being logged out in the middle of the process.



The increase in the log-out timer from five minutes to ten minutes has improved the AFK experience in various methods in Runescape. While it may not be a game-changing update, it offers a nice quality-of-life improvement for players engaging in AFK activities. The recent changes to Protein Planks also introduced a new AFK construction training method.

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