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ESO Zeal of Zenithar Event (2023) Guide: Bonuses, Notes, Rewards and Maximize Profit

Zeal of Zenithar event in The Elder Scrolls Online 2023 offers exciting bonuses to all players. Enjoy reduced travel and vendor costs, increased crafting inspiration, and discounted housing. Participate in daily quests for event tickets and valuable rewards. Maximize profits by taking advantage of discounts, selling valuable items, and exploring dungeons for treasures. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to make the most of your adventures in Tamriel!



ESO Zeal of Zenithar Event (2023) Guide: Bonuses, Notes, Rewards and Maximize Profit


Event Time

The Zeal of Zenithar event will take place from July 27th, 2023, starting at 10 AM US Eastern Time, and will conclude on August 8th, 2023, at 10 AM US Eastern Time. During this event, special bonuses will be available to all players, regardless of their participation in the event's daily activities.


Event Bonuses

  • Wayshrine Travel Costs: Reduced by 75%.
  • Vendor Prices: Reduced by 10%, including Telvar, Alliance Points, Golden Vendor, and other NPC Merchants.
  • Repair Costs: Reduced by 50% when dealing with NPC Merchants.
  • Crafting Inspiration: Experience gained from all sources, such as deconstructing intricates, is increased by 100%.
  • Polarity Housing: Available for purchase with a 10% discount.


Important Notes

  • There is no Double XP bonus during this event, unlike the Anniversary Jubilee, Jester's Festival, Witches Festival, and New Life events.
  • To participate in the Zeal of Zenithar event, head to Belkarth in Craglorn and speak to the NPC called Administrator Vero. Complete the event initiation quest "The Unrefusable Offer" available for free in the Crown Store.
  • The main objectives for this event include acquiring Baked Apples through cooking and harvesting Maple Wood, both of which are easily accessible near the event vendor.
  • After completing the introduction quest, you can undertake the daily event quest "Honest Toil" from NPC Visaria, who will offer you three choices to complete, each rewarding three event tickets and a Zenithar's Sublime Parcel in Gold quality.
  • Choices: Leveling up or earning and spending Shavings Points, spending 5,000 gold at any Guild Trader, Excavating Antiquities, or looting treasure chests.
  • You can earn a total of 39 event tickets throughout the event by completing the daily quest every day. Be cautious not to earn tickets after reaching the inventory currency cap of 12 event tickets, as they will not be added to your inventory during the event.


Event Rewards

Upon completing the daily quest, you will receive a guaranteed Zenithar's Sublime Parcel.

Additional guaranteed Zenithar's Delightful Parcels in Purple quality can be obtained by completing the following activities:

  • Complete the introductory quest (once per account per day).
  • Complete any Master Writ (limited to one per crafting skill line per day per account, totalling seven Master Writs per day for seven Delightful Parcels).
  • Defeat a world boss or complete a world event (unlimited).
  • Complete a round in Dragonstar Arena or Blackrose Prison while grouped with a guild mate (chance-based but unlimited).
  • Complete the entire Dragonstar Arena or Blackrose Prison (guaranteed Parcel in the final chest).
  • Pickpocket NPCs or loot strongboxes or thieves troves (chance-based).


Contents of Zenithar's Parcels

The Zenithar's Sublime and Delightful Parcels contain various rewards such as outfit styles, crafting materials, boosters, provisioning recipes, repair kits, treasure maps, survey reports, Imperial City Vault Keys, campaigning gear, and even a chance to win 100,000 Telvar or gold jackpot in a random currency pouch.


Impresario Vendor  & Indrik Evolution

Visit the Impresario Vendor during the Zeal of Zenithar event to exchange your event tickets for exclusive items, including the first three fragments for the Passion Dancer Garment Costume, Bound Style Pages for the Kwama Miners Outfit Style, group repair kits, Passion Dancer Blossom Fragments, and 2021 unstable Morpholog pet fragments. You can combine these fragments to obtain unique rewards.


If you are interested in Indrik evolution, visit the Indrik Vendor, who will sell the usual Nascent Indrik Feathers, Onyx Indrik Berries, and Mossheart Indrik Berries, along with the Sapling Indrik Pet and the Ebon Glow Indrik Pet.


How to get the most profit from this event?

During this event, almost all ESO currencies are on sale, allowing you to buy premium items at a 10% discount. 


Houses on Sale Take advantage of the discount on houses. You can find some great investments or houses to use as fast travel points within major cities. Check the Crown Store for available houses, and remember that some might require specific achievements but will still be discounted.
Furnishing Items All Furnishing vendors in each ESO zone offer discounted Furniture pieces. Stock up on these bind-on-pickup items, especially those from achievement furniture vendors. You can use them for your house or even sell them for a profit.
Trait Items Look for trait items such as Corodium, which you can buy from blacksmiths in any zone. These can be used for your own styles or as crafting materials, especially if you need them for specific Furnishing plans.
Tel Var Stones If you enjoy Tel Var farming, consider using them to purchase Hijaku runes or Parcels. The former is more consistent in returns, while the latter can be a gamble but potentially more profitable.
Profitable Sets to Sell Some sets might not be popular or useful for you, but they can still be profitable to sell. Examples include Deadly, Dark Convergence, Elf Bane, Ancient Grace, and Plague Break, among others. Remember, profitability matters more than the viability of the set.
Imperial City Keys Utilize your key fragments from the Xanther event to open chests in dungeons. Focus on either the Imperial City Prison or White Gold Tower based on the sets you prefer. Roll for purples to get jewelry and other valuable items.
Keep an Eye on Pouches Remember to open pouches during the event. There's a chance to get a substantial amount of Tel Var Stones, which can be converted into significant ESO gold.


Overall, this event offers fantastic opportunities to save on purchases, make profits by selling valuable items, and stock up on essential materials. Remember to check out the houses, Furnishing vendors, trait items, Tel Var stones, and dungeons with your keys for the best results.



The Zeal of Zenithar event in The Elder Scrolls Online offers exciting bonuses, daily quests, and numerous rewards. It's a chance for players to save on purchases, make profits, and stock up on valuable items. Enjoy the event, and may your adventures be prosperous and filled with Zenithar's blessings!

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