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Diablo 4 Season 1 Bone Prison Necromancer Build

In this Diablo 4 Build, we'll be covering the ultimate Bone Prison Necromancer build that is capable of one-shotting even the toughest bosses, including Uber Lilith. This build utilizes the powerful new Barber heart, which has the potential to deal massive damage with critical hits. LOLTANK Editor Timothy discuss the skills, aspects, gear, and Paragon board choices to maximize your damage output and make the most out of this incredible build.



Diablo 4 Season 1 Bone Prison Necromancer Build



In dungeons with multiple enemies, activate Bone Storm and Blood Mist simultaneously to deal massive area damage. Use Bone Prison to keep enemies together and spam Corpse Explosions for additional damage. Rinse and repeat to maintain near-constant Blood Mist uptime.

For boss fights, place Bone Prison before activating Bone Storm and Blood Mist. Build up critical hits to unleash a massive explosion from the Barber heart. If necessary, repeat the process until the boss is defeated.


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About Bone Prison

Bone Prison is a skill in the Necromancer class Skill Tree of Diablo 4, specifically found in the Macabre Cluster. As an Active Skill, it can be upgraded up to Rank 5, allowing players to enhance its effects. Furthermore, players have the option to Enhance and Upgrade the skill to unlock additional features, making it more powerful. In the Skill Tree menu, Active Skills are denoted by large square icons, making them easily recognizable and accessible for players to customize their character's abilities.


Effects of Bone Prison at different ranks

Rank Bone Prison Life Cooldown (Seconds)
1 186 18.0
2 372 17.1
3 558 16.2
4 744 15.48
5 930 14.76




Skill Description Points Allocation
Reap Unlock Act Like Troop but don't use this skill actively. Invest 3 points
Huge Flesh Generate extra corpses for your abilities. Put 3 points
Blood Mist Unlock Gastly for near-constant uptime, a key skill in the build. Allocate 1 point
Corpse Explosion Upgrade to Blighted Corpse Explosion for increased damage. Upgrade this skill
Bone Prison Unlock Gastly Bone Prison for crowd control. Invest 1 point
Grim Harvest Allocate 1 point for additional damage. Allocate 1 point
Fueled by Deaths Allocate 3 points in Fueled by Deaths for extra damage. Allocate 3 points
Amplified Damage Max this skill for increased damage against cursed enemies. Max this skill
Decrepify Unlock Abhorrent Decrepify for lucky hit and reduced cooldowns. Allocate 1 point
Skeletal Mage Mastery Max this skill as your skeletal mages deal significant damage. Max this skill
Corpse Tendrils Upgrade to Plagued Corpse Tendrils for double vulnerable application. Upgrade this skill
Necrotic Carapace Invest 1 point for added fortify and life. Invest 1 point
Reaper's Pursuit Allocate 1 point for movement speed. Allocate 1 point
Darkness and shadow Allocate 2 points to boost darkness and shadow damage. Allocate 2 points


Ultimate Ability

Max out Bone Storm, then invest in Prime and Supreme for improved skeletal mage performance.


Gear and Aspects

  • Book of the Dead: Reapers with the aspects of Mages for increased corpse generation and critical strike chance. Golem can be sacrificed for the critical strike chance aspect.
  • Helm Aspect: Explosiveness to trigger corpse explosions and reduce Blood Mist cooldown.
  • Vicious Aspect: Max this aspect to increase the number of skeletal mages.
  • Aspect of Decay: Buffs Shadow Blight for more damage.
  • Aspect of Disobedience: Provides armor and survivability when Blood Mist is not active.
  • Ghost Walker Aspect: Increases movement speed during Blood Mist.
  • Aspect of Grasping Veins: Buffs critical strike chance and damage after using Corpse Tendrils.
  • Ring of Mandelin: Empowers minions and causes explosive attacks with seven or more minions.
  • Blighted Aspect: Enhances Shadow Blight's damage after applying the passive.


Paragon Board

  • Amplify: Start with this to increase damage against cursed enemies.
  • Scent of Death: Invest in control and the legendary aspect for damage.
  • Scourge: Prioritize this for a 40% damage increase when consuming five corpses.
  • Dead Razor: Boosts your minions' effectiveness.
  • Ruby: Socket in armor for increased maximum life.
  • Emerald: Socket in armor for improved critical strike damage to vulnerable enemies.



The ultimate Necromancer build is an insanely powerful and fun playstyle that can one-shot bosses with ease. Utilize the Barber heart and synergistic skills to deal overwhelming damage. Remember to stay mobile, use crowd control effectively, and prioritize critical hits to become the king of necromancer builds in Diablo 4! 

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