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OSRS Desert Treasure 2 Guide: Ultra Ring - A Coveted Item

Greetings, fellow Old School RuneScape adventurers! Today, we delve into the exciting world of Desert Treasure 2, the latest update that has everyone buzzing with anticipation. The new Grandmaster Quest brings forth thrilling boss mechanics, a captivating storyline, and, of course, a plethora of valuable loot. In this guide, we'll explore the challenges, the rewards, and everything you need to know about the awakened variants of the Desert Treasure 2 bosses.

OSRS Desert Treasure 2 Guide: Ultra Ring - A Coveted Item


Preparing for the Fight

Before embarking on this epic adventure, make sure you're well-equipped for the battles ahead. Ensure you have the right gear, weapons, and supplies to take on these formidable foes. If you're going to grind Leviathan or any other boss, having a powerful sword is crucial for success.


Awakened Variants - A Greater Challenge

The awakened variants of the Desert Treasure 2 bosses are on the horizon, and they promise to be even more challenging and rewarding. These bosses are significantly stronger than their regular counterparts, so you'll need to step up your game if you wish to take them on.


The Awakener's Orb

To face the awakened bosses, you'll need an Awakener's Orb. This tradable item acts as a key to unlock the hard mode version of the bosses. Stockpiling these orbs could prove beneficial in the future, especially if you have your eyes set on obtaining the powerful Blood Torva armor.


Boss Loot and Vestiges

Each boss in Desert Treasure 2 drops a quartz corresponding to one of the four elements: ice, smoke, shadow, and blood. Combining these quarts with the ancient scepter from Phantumuspa grants magic bonuses and enhancements. Additionally, they drop chromium ingots, which are required to craft the new Rings along with framinic rings and vestiges.


The Mystery of Vestiges

The vestiges hold the key to creating the new best-in-slot Rings. However, there seems to be a mysterious issue with these items not dropping as expected. Many players in the community believe that Jagex might have forgotten to add them to the game, sparking a conspiracy. But rest assured, the developers have clarified that vestiges do drop and players need to fulfill certain conditions to access them.


Ultra Ring - A Coveted Item

While awaiting the arrival of the vestiges, players have been fortunate enough to obtain the Ultra Ring, a powerful item granting a +12 strength bonus. Due to its rarity, it has skyrocketed in price on the Grand Exchange, fetching sums that exceed the max cash limit.


Obtaining the Ultra Ring: A Rare and Coveted Drop

The Ultra Ring is obtained as an extremely rare drop from the fearsome boss, Vardovis. Known for its rarity and sought-after strength bonuses, the first of these rings fetched an astounding price of 1.5 billion Runescape coins in the market! However, some fortunate players managed to secure the Ultra Ring at a comparatively lower price, like our adventurous guide here, who snagged one from a friend for around 400 million coins.


The Strength of the Ultra Ring: A Cut Above the Rest

The Ultra Ring undoubtedly outshines its competitors when it comes to melee strength bonuses. Comparing it to the beloved Berserker ring imbued, the Ultra Ring boasts an impressive +12 strength bonus, granting your hits an incredible boost.


Max Hits that Will Leave Your Enemies Trembling

With the Ultra Ring equipped, your maximum hits reach new heights, potentially hitting up to 49.49. However, our daring adventurer has even achieved the almost mythical feat of dealing over 100 damage in a single strike, reaching an astounding 50-50 with the Dragon Dagger Special Attack (DDS)!


Crushing Your Foes with the Ultra Ring

Armed with full Max gear, including the formidable combination of Vertis and Torva armor, our adventurer is risking over two billion coins on the battlefield. The Ultra Ring, an integral part of this high-stakes setup, adds to the immense power of their blows.


Teleport Tablets and More Loot

Each boss in Desert Treasure 2 provides a tablet that allows for quick teleportation to the fight when used with your Ring of Shadows. This convenient feature streamlines your journey and enables you to focus on the challenges that lie ahead.



Desert Treasure 2 has breathed new life into the world of Old School RuneScape, offering players thrilling adventures, lucrative loot, and epic boss battles. While the awakened variants may present a daunting challenge, the rewards are undeniably worth the effort. So gather your gear, hone your skills, and embark on this incredible journey. Good luck, brave adventurers!

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