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World of Warcraft Solo Shuffle PVP: Class Tier List & Ranking | Patch 10.1.5

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening everybody! In this guide, we'll be discussing World of Warcraft the latest PVP 10.1.5 Solo Shuffle class tier list update. We'll go through each specialization and assess its performance in the current patch. By the end of this guide, you'll have a better understanding of which specializations are best suited for your playstyle and success in Solo Shuffle PVP.


World of Warcraft Solo Shuffle PVP: Class Tier List & Ranking | Patch 10.1.5


Solo Shuffle PvP Introduction

Solo Shuffle is a unique type of PvP arena where six players compete in six rounds of 3v3 arena matches. The teams are shuffled at the end of each round, adding an exciting twist to traditional PvP gameplay. The objective is for a team to be the first to eliminate an opponent player, securing victory for that round. Solo Shuffle is primarily a rated PvP activity, and players are wow gold rewarded based on the number of rounds won per game.


Solo Shuffle PvP Class: Tier List

Based on the information provided, here's a table summarizing the classes and their respective tiers:

WOW Patch 10.1.5 Solo Shuffle PVP Class Tier List Screenshot


Specialization Description Tier
Affliction Warlock Significant Haunt damage buff, high damage potential with good team support. B+
Arcane Mage Surprisingly powerful after buffs, complicated but excels in damage and kiting. S
Arms Warrior Consistent damage output, considered a powerhouse in the current patch. A
Assassination Rogue Struggles in Solo Shuffle due to low damage, challenging in crowd control situations. C
Augmentation Evoker Still potent after nerfs, excels against melee DPS, challenging to stick on. A+
Beast Mastery Hunter Not performing as well as expected, decent for newcomers but struggles vs some classes. B
Demonology Warlock Strong with high crowd control, challenging against high-mobility melee. A
Destruction Warlock Strong, but Affliction is better, not among the top wizards but still decent. A
Devastation Evoker Improved with noticeable damage increase. B+
Discipline Priest Decent damage but susceptible to Mana issues, not as powerful as Holy Paladin. B+
Elemental Shaman Remarkable damage but Flame Shock is dispelled often, still strong overall. A
Enhancement Shaman Powerful and potent, offers hybrid utility and survivability. A
Feral Druid High Winds Nerf affected the clone build, balanced with good damage and support abilities. A
Fire Mage Tankier with more melee DPS in the meta, strong against Paladins. A+
Frost Death Knight Relies on gimmicky one-shot strategies, needs help with certain setups. B
Frost Mage Strong, especially against melee DPS. A
Fury Warrior Improved with increased damage, slightly less powerful than Arms Warrior. B+
Holy Paladin S-tier healer, strong but vulnerable to crowd control. S
Holy Priest Strong support with decent damage, versatile healer with good mechanics. A
Havoc Demon Hunter Versatile and powerful with lots of utility, weak against kiting wizards. A
Marksmanship Hunter Fragile against disarms and run down, potent in certain matchups but not top-tier. B+
Balance Druid S-tier caster with strong abilities, Cyclone and full moons are effective. S
Mistweaver Monk Can counter dot classes with Fistweaving, strong healer but has limitations. A+
Outlaw Rogue Considered the weakest spec due to low damage, offers decent control but struggles. D
Preservation Evoker S-tier healer with high damage, effective against Paladins. S
Restoration Druid Decent but team-dependent, slightly weaker after High Winds nerf. B+
Retribution Paladin Strong melee DPS with good output, vulnerable to certain crowd control. A
Restoration Shaman Powerful Healer after healing buff, great crowd control and utility. S
Shadow Priest Tanky with high damage among casters, supports teammates with Master Spell. S
Subtlety Rogue S-tier melee with excellent control abilities, hard carry potential. S
Survival Hunter Fragile compared to other hunter specs, slightly stronger after damage buff. B+
Unholy Death Knight Powerful with high damage potential, excellent crowd control and shutdown abilities. S
Windwalker Monk Best melee DPS at the moment, powerful and versatile with great crowd control. S


Note: The tiers are subjective and based on the provided descriptions. Tier rankings may change with balance updates.


Solo Shuffle Basics

  • Specializations and Ratings: Unlike other Rated PvP activities, Solo Shuffle has a separate rating for each of your character's specializations. This means that your rating may vary depending on the role you choose to play (DPS, Healer, or Tank).
  • Cross-Faction Play: In Solo Shuffle, cross-faction play is enabled, allowing you to team up with players from the opposite faction.
  • Team Composition: Each Solo Shuffle team consists of one Healer and two DPS players. Tanks can also queue for Solo Shuffle, but they are counted as DPS in this mode, except for Protection Paladins, who are considered Healers.
  • Penalties for Leaving: Leaving a rated Solo Shuffle match prematurely will result in receiving the Deserter debuff and losing the rating as if you had lost all six rounds.


Arena PvP Fundamentals:

  • Coordinated Defensive Play: Use defensive cooldowns when your opponents use their offensive cooldowns to survive longer and thwart enemy attacks effectively.
  • Utilize Class Toolkit: Familiarize yourself with your class's abilities, including mobility skills to escape danger (e.g., Divine Steed), crowd control to interrupt healing or shut down offense (e.g., Polymorph), and utility spells (e.g., Innervate or Thorns) to support your team.
  • Track Cooldowns: Keep track of important cooldowns used by your opponents, so you know when they can pose a significant threat or when you have the opportunity to secure a kill.
  • Teamwork: Communicate and collaborate with your teammates to focus on a common target for offensive strategies and use crowd control to help keep your allies alive during challenging situations.
  • Casting Mind Games: If you're a caster, consider "fake casting" by intentionally cancelling a cast to bait out an opponent's interrupt, giving you an opening to cast uninterrupted later.


Gearing for Solo Shuffle PvP

  • PvP Item Level Requirement: In Dragonflight Season 1, a PvP item level of 408 is necessary to queue for Solo Shuffle matches.
  • PvP Gear Acquisition: PvP gear with higher item levels can be obtained primarily from vendors in Valdrakken, such as Seltherex and Corxian. Additionally, PvP gear can be acquired through professions, War Mode, and the new Trophy of Strife system.


Solo Shuffle Rewards

  • Standard Rated PvP Rewards: Participating in Solo Shuffle PvP allows you to earn standard Rated PvP rewards, including Conquest points, progress in the Great Vault for better loot options, credit towards vicious mounts, and other seasonal rewards.
  • Unique Solo Shuffle Rewards:
  • Crimson LegendEnd the season in the top 0.1% of the Solo Shuffle ladder with a minimum of 50 games played to earn the Crimson Legend title.
  • Legend %s: Win 100 Rated Solo Shuffle rounds while at the Elite rank during Dragonflight Season 1 to earn the Legend %s achievement and its rewards.



The tier list provides an overview of each specialization's strength in Solo Shuffle PVP in the 10.1.5 update. Some specs have improved, while others have remained consistent or struggled. Consider your playstyle, team composition, and opponents to choose the best specialization for your success in Solo Shuffle PVP.

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