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Diablo 4 Season 1 Shadow Sever Insane Damage Necromancer Build

In Diablo 4, a powerful and game-breaking build has emerged, featuring a Shadow Sever Necromancer that deals overwhelming damage. The build utilizes the Sever weapon for upfront incredible damage, complemented by Corpse Explosions and Shadow Blade for devastating DPS. This guide will take you through the build and its setup, allowing you to maximize its potential and dominate the world of Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Shadow Sever Insane Damage Necromancer Build


Build Planner


Gear and Legendary Aspects

Slot Priority Legendary Aspect
Helmet Defensive affixes (health, armor) Explosive Miss (Corpse Explosions)
Chest Total armor, damage reduction Disobedience (Armor Increase)
Gloves Offensive stats (Crit Chance, Shadow Damage) Grasping Veins (Crit Chance, Damage Boost)
Pants Defensive stats (max life, damage reduction) Shielding Storm (Barrier on Bone Storm)
Boots Movement speed, lucky hit chance with Shadow Damage Greaves of the Empty Tomb (Desecrated Ground)
Offhand Essence cost reduction, cooldown reduction, resource generation Runic Orb of Decay (Shadow Blade boost)
Rings Ultimate Shadow (Bone Storm becomes Darkness spell) Blood-Soaked Ring (Shadow Blade effect on Blood Mist)
Amulet Blighted Chain (Damage boost after triggering Shadow Blade) -


Malignant Hearts

Malignant Heart Effect
The Decrepit Aura Auto-cast Decrepify on nearby enemies.
The Sacrilegious Auto-cast Corpses around you.
The Barber Crit Damage Multiplier for critical strikes after 2.9s.
The Tempting Fate Additional Crit Damage Multiplier after 10 hits.



  • Reap: Use for damage reduction and attack speed bonus.
  • Sever: Essential for primary damage, especially when combined with Corpse Explosions.
  • Huge Flesh: Lucky hits have a chance to create corpses, ensuring a constant supply for Corpse Explosions.
  • Blood Mist: Passively casts Corpse abilities within Blood Mist, offering constant damage and corpse generation.
  • Decryptify: Slows enemies and reduces their damage while reducing cooldowns when lucky hits occur.
  • Gloom: Increases damage against enemies affected by Darkness skills, applying to Bone Storm and Corpse Explosions.


Paragon Board

Distribute points wisely in the Paragon Board to enhance damage, critical strike damage, damage reduction, and other beneficial stats. Prioritize glyphs that increase damage to vulnerable and close targets.

Paragon Board Selections Glyph Location
Wither Overall DMG Boosts to Shadow DMG, Great nodes here! Control Glyph
Flesh Eater Amazing rare nodes again and DMG Increase. Territorial Glyph
Scent of Death Amazing rare nodes again and DMG Increase and reduction with corpses. Sacrificial Glyph


Gameplay Showcase

In combat encounters, utilize the rotation to cast Bone Storm, Decryptify, Blood Mist, and Corpses to unleash powerful damage over time effects. Combined with Sever and Shadow Blade, the build shreds through Elites and even bosses with ease.



The Shadow Sever Necromancer build is a force to be reckoned with in Diablo 4, allowing you to obliterate enemies with its insane damage output. By following this guide and optimizing your gear, legendary aspects, talents, and Paragon points, you'll become an unstoppable force of destruction in the world of Sanctuary.

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