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Diablo 4 Season 1 Unleashing the Mighty Hoda Barbarian Build

The Hoda Barbarian Build has been a favorite among players and content creators alike, praised for its sheer power and effectiveness. Despite some changes and nerfs, this build continues to dominate as one of the strongest Barbarian builds in Diablo 4. In this guide, we'll delve into the Hoda Barbarian Build, its core mechanics, skills, and the Paragon points to help you unleash devastating damage and conquer hordes of monsters.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Unleashing the Mighty Hoda Barbarian Build


Core Mechanics

The Hoda (Hammer of the Ancients) Barbarian Build revolves around triple shouting and stunning enemies to maximize the damage output of your Hammer of the Ancients. By combining crowd control, fortify, and critical strikes, you can efficiently deal with large groups of monsters and Elites.


Build Detail


The Skills

  • Lunge and Strike: Start by investing two points into Lunge and Strike, eventually leading to Enhancing Strike. This skill will serve as your primary Fury generator.
  • Hammer of the Ancients: Max out this skill and focus on Ferocious Hammer of the Ancients. Each point of Fury you have when you use this skill will increase the damage output, making it incredibly potent.
  • Rallying Cry: Invest in Tactical Rallying Cry to gain initial Fury and Fury regeneration. This will keep you ready for constant smashing.
  • Challenging Shout: Max out Challenging Shout, providing both damage reduction and Fury regeneration. It's an essential shout for the build.
  • Ground Stomp: Put a single point into Ground Stomp for its stunning effect on large groups of enemies.
  • War Cry: Choose Power War Cry, which grants a significant damage buff when facing six or more enemies. Additionally, it allows you to activate Berserk mode.
  • Booming Shout: Max out Booming Shout for increased duration and follow up with three points in Gut Wrench for damage reduction.
  • Swift Charge: Allocate three points into Swift Charge to enhance your movement speed for swift mob-to-mob smashing.
  • Aggressive Resistance: Invest a point in Aggressive Resistance for damage reduction while Berserking.
  • Weapon Mastery: Max out Pit Fighter to increase your damage up close, and then put a point into No Mercy for increased critical chance against immobilized, stunned, or slowed enemies.
  • Thick Skin: Max out Thick Skin for additional fortify.
  • Counter Offensive: Take this skill for massive multiplicative damage when you are fortified above 50% of your Max Life.



  • Chest: Use Numbing Wrath to gain Fortify through Fury generation.
  • Boots: Opt for Ghost Walkers for increased movement speed and Unstoppable effect.
  • Two-Handed Weapon: Equip a mace to benefit from Limitless Rage, granting increased damage for each point of Fury you generate while at Max Fury.
  • Amulet: Get Edge Masters to deal 30% increased damage while smashing at Max Fury.
  • Rings: Equip resource-regenerating rings such as Bold Chieftain and Band of Echoing Fury.


Paragon Points

- Right Side

  • Braun: Prioritize physical damage and Max Life Exploit.
  • Iron Strength: Boost your armor and strength.
  • Weapon Master: Enhance your critical chance against immobilized, stunned, or slowed enemies.


- Left Side

  • Warbringer: Invest in this tree for increased Max Fury and Fortify.
  • Hunter Killer: Focus on damage against Elites and increased movement speed.


- Top Side

  • Marshall: Lower your shout cooldown for more efficiency.
  • Hungering Fury: Increase your Max Fury and Fury on kill.


- Bottom Side

  • Decimator: Improve your damage against vulnerable enemies.
  • In-Biter: Optionally, prioritize damage while healthy, or consider other abilities like Territorial or Wrath for crit strike damage.



The Hoda Barbarian Build is a force to be reckoned with in Diablo 4. Utilizing the power of triple shouting and stunning enemies, this build enables you to unleash the mighty Hammer of the Ancients, dealing massive amounts of damage to hordes of monsters. With the right gear and Paragon points, you'll be well-equipped to dominate the battlefield and leave a trail of destruction in your wake. So, equip your mace, ready your shouts, and prepare to become a true force of nature with the Hoda Barbarian Build!

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