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How To Choose Your Perfect Roles In Elder Scrolls Online, 2023?

Choosing the right race in ESO is a topic that frequently arises among players. Many wonder if race choice truly matters and how much it affects gameplay, particularly for damage dealers (DPS), tanks, healers, and PvP enthusiasts. In this guide, we will explore the impact of race selection on different roles, providing insights into the advantages and disadvantages of each race option. Before we delve into the specifics, it is essential to note that for the majority of ESO content, player skill and knowledge are more crucial than race choice. However, if you are aiming for top leaderboard scores, choosing the most optimal race becomes more relevant.


How To Choose Your Perfect Roles In Elder Scrolls Online, 2023?


The Impact of Race Choice on Gameplay

For 99% of the content in ESO, you can confidently choose any race for any class and role. Skill and player expertise matter far more than racial bonuses in most scenarios. While some races may have advantages over others for specific builds and roles, the differences are generally minor when compared to other sources of power available in the game.


If you're pushing for leaderboard scores, consider the most optimal race choices. In this case, races with specific bonuses tailored to your build might make a difference. However, for the majority of players, the importance of race choice is often overstated.


Imperials Analysis

Imperials receive the Diplomat passive, which increases their one-handed and shield skill line levelling by 15% and grants a 1% eso gold bonus. Imperials are a popular choice for PvP due to their valuable passives. As tanks, they are second only to Nords, with excellent passives for the role. For stamina-based DPS, their 2000 Max Stamina, along with the cost reduction to all abilities, is beneficial. For Magicka-based DPS, Imperials do not offer direct damage boosts but still have extra health and sustain.

  • Strengths: Popular choice for PvP and tanking due to increased health, stamina, and cost reduction passives.
  • Weaknesses: Not the best option for Magicka DPS due to lack of damage-boosting passives.


Nords Analysis

Nords gain the Reveler passive (increased two-handed skill line levelling by 15% and extended duration of consumed drinks by 15 minutes). Their resist Frost passive grants 1000 Max Health and significant frost resistance. Nords excel as PvP and tanking choices, providing additional resistances and ultimates upon taking damage. As stamina-based DPS, the 1500 Max Stamina contributes to their damage output. For Magicka-based DPS, the resistance passives do not boost damage directly, but the extra Max Stamina is beneficial.

  • Strengths: Popular for PvP and tanking with resistances and ultimate generation passives.
  • Weaknesses: Lacks direct damage bonuses for Magicka DPS.


Argonians Analysis

Argonians have the Amphibian passive (increased restoration staff skill line level by 15% and 50% faster swimming speed). Their passives make them versatile for all roles. As healers and tanks, Argonians benefit from the healing bonus and additional resources. For damage dealers, their spread-out stats still make them viable options in both stamina and Magicka roles.

  • Strengths: Versatile race for all roles, including support and tanking. Good sustain and healing passives.
  • Weaknesses: Lacks direct damage bonuses for Magicka DPS.


Bretons Analysis

Bretons receive the Opportunist passive (increased light armour skill line levelling by 15% and 1% extra Alliance Points). Their Gift of Magnus grants 2000 Max Magicka, while Spell Attunement provides 2310 Spell Resistance (doubled when affected by burning, chilled, or concussed). Magicka-based DPS and healers find Bretons appealing due to their strong offensive stats and good sustain. However, for stamina, DPS, their passives are less advantageous.

  • Strengths: Excellent choice for healing and magicka DPS due to increased max magicka and spell resistance.
  • Weaknesses: Not ideal for stamina-based roles.


High Elves (Altmer) Analysis

High Elves gain the Highborn passive (increased destruction staff skill line levelling by 15% and 1% extra experience). Spell Recharge restores Magicka or Stamina upon ability activation, making them excellent magicka DPS and healers. They are also decent stamina DPS options due to the 258 Weapon and Spell Damage.

  • Strengths: Top choice for Magicka DPS with increased max magicka and spell damage.
  • Weaknesses: Needs to be well-rounded for defence or sustain.


Dark Elves (Dunmer) Analysis

Dark Elves have the Ashlander passive (increased dual wield skill line levelling by 15% and 50% reduced environmental lava damage). With 1910 Max Stamina and 258 Weapon and Spell Damage, they excel as stamina DPS. Additionally, they perform well as Magicka DPS due to their 1910 Max Magicka.

  • Strengths: Top choice for stamina DPS with increased max stamina and weapon/spell damage.
  • Weaknesses: Not ideal for Magicka DPS and needs more defensive bonuses.


Orcs (Orsimer) Analysis

Orcs receive the Craftsman passive (increased heavy armour skill line levelling by 15% and 10% extra crafting inspiration). Their passives make them strong stamina DPS options, but they are also versatile for other roles. The reduced weapon ability cost and passive healing are valuable.

  • Strengths: Versatile choice for stamina DPS, tanking, and PvP with good sustain and damage passives.
  • Weaknesses: There are better options for magicka-based roles.


Redguards Analysis

Redguards gain the Wayfarer passive (increased one-handed and shield skill line levelling by 15% and 15% extra food duration). Their stamina-oriented passives make them excellent stamina DPS choices. They have decent sustain and are viable for tanking and PvP, but they could be stronger for magicka-based roles.

  • Strengths: Good stamina sustain, making them a strong option for stamina DPS and PvP.
  • Weaknesses: Lacks direct damage bonuses for Magicka DPS.


Wood Elves (Bosmer) Analysis

Wood Elves possess the Acrobat passive (increased bow skill line levelling by 15% and 10% reduced fall damage). They excel as stamina DPS due to their stamina recovery and 2000 Max Stamina. While they can still perform in other roles, they are weaker than other races.

  • Strengths: Balanced race for all roles, particularly beneficial for stamina-based builds and PvP.
  • Weaknesses: Lacks direct damage bonuses for Magicka DPS.


Khajiits Analysis

Khajiits have the Cut Purse passive (increased medium armour skill line levelling by 15% and 5% pickpocket chance). Their stats are well-balanced, making them strong choices for all roles. With 12% critical damage and healing, they are excellent for Magicka and stamina DPS and healers. Their PvP performance is also exceptional due to the critical damage bonus.

  • Strengths: Well-rounded race suitable for all roles, excelling in stealth and critical damage bonuses.
  • Weaknesses: Crit damage is capped at 125% in organized group play.



In most cases, the race you choose in ESO won't significantly impact your ability to complete content. Skill, experience, and player knowledge remain the primary factors influencing your performance. While some races may offer slight advantages, it's essential to focus on enjoying the game and playing the character you love. Remember, the difference between the most optimal and least optimal race is relatively small for the majority of players. Enjoy the journey and have fun exploring the diverse world of Elder Scrolls Online!

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