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Diablo 4 Season 1 Strongest Options Tornado Druid Build

In Diablo 4's Season 1 Builds, the Tornado Druid build remains one of the strongest options for the class, allowing players to tackle the game's most challenging content with ease. The core item for this build is Tempest Roar, which converts storm skills into werewolf skills. This conversion opens up new possibilities for scaling and effects, making the Tornado Druid a powerful force on the battlefield. In this guide, we'll go over the necessary items, skill tree, passives, and aspects to make this build thrive.



Diablo 4 Season 1 Strongest Options Tornado Druid Build


Essential Items

The key item for the Tornado Druid is Tempest Roar. It grants storm skills a chance to grant spirit, and more importantly, transforms all storm skills into werewolf skills. This conversion synergizes perfectly with the Tornado skill, providing additional scaling and effects.

Another useful item, although not mandatory, is Mad Wolf's Glee. This unique chest piece grants +3 ranks to all werewolf skills, and when fully upgraded, it offers +4 ranks. While this item is beneficial for speed farming Diablo 4 Gold, it can be replaced with a legendary chest piece for harder content. Aim for the aspect that reduces damage taken while in werewolf form and focus on defensive affixes.


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Skill Tree

  • Wind Shear (or Storm Strike): Depending on your preference, you can choose Wind Shear for a ranged generator or Storm Strike for the 15% damage reduction. Both skills have their merits.
  • Tornado: Your primary damaging ability. Upgrade 1 grants a chance to cause enemies to become vulnerable, increasing their damage taken.
  • Cyclone Armor: Provides non-physical damage reduction and slows enemies when you knock them back. Upgrade 2 offers additional damage reduction every 10 seconds.
  • Blood Howl: A significant self-heal that reduces its cooldown with each kill. Upgrade 2 provides a 15% increase in attack speed for 4 seconds after each kill.
  • Hurricane: Upgraded, this skill slows enemies and reduces their damage. It becomes very potent with additional points invested due to your unique chess piece.



Passive Description Points
Heart of the Wild Increases your max life and elemental resistances. 1
Wild Impulses Increases the cost but also the damage of core skills. 3
Predatory Instinct Provides increased Critical Strike chance against close enemies. 3
Increased Movement Speed While in Werewolf Form Helps you reach the speed cap and move swiftly. 3


Aspects and Glyphs

  • Main Aspect: Grizzly Rage (on your necklace) grants spirit cost reduction and allows you to spam tornadoes in werewolf form effectively.
  • Earth and Sky Glyph: Increases the duration of Grizzly Rage.
  • Undaunted Glyph: Boosts your damage while fortified and provides damage reduction, making it an essential defensive aspect.
  • Rare and Magic Glyphs: Prioritize increasing your damage through rare and magic notes early on. As you progress, optimize your aspects based on your needs.


Gear Stats

  • Weapon: Critical Strike damage to vulnerable enemies, or consider Critical Strike damage, Attack Speed, and Willpower cost reduction.
  • Gloves and Legs: Ranks to Tornado, Lucky Chance, Attack Speed, and Critical Strike Chance.
  • Chest and Boots: Damage reduction from Distant, Fortified, and Close. Consider adding a damage reduction while injured on the legs for survivability.
  • Amulet: Ranks to End Venom, Spirit Cost Reduction, and Damage Reduction from Poison Enemies.
  • Rings: Critical Strike Chance, Lucky Chance, Max Life, and Vulnerable Damage. Critical Strike Damage is also viable.



  • Wrathful Heart: Reduces 20% of the damage taken and triggers an AOE explosion when using a defensive skill.
  • Electrically Charged Heart: Applies an electrical charge to enemies when you crit, which causes lightning arcs between them and increases your Critical Strike damage.



The Tornado Druid build is a dominant force in Diablo 4's Season 1. By utilizing Tempest Roar and the right aspects, passives, and gear, you can create a formidable character capable of handling the toughest challenges in the game. Experiment with the build to optimize it according to your playstyle and preferences. 

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