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Runescape Gold Making Skills Guide: Preparing for Necromancy with Double Experience

Runescape Necromancy is just a week away, and what better time to complete the last few skill requirements than during the double experience event? LOLTANK will provide the best tips to achieve the necessary skill levels for necromancy quickly. We will focus on 85 Smithing, 85 Crafting, 60 Ring Crafting, 99-95 Prayer, and 107 Herblore. Additionally, I'll share some other helpful tips to train skills that will help you make rs gold. So, let's dive in and get prepared for the upcoming necromancy!

Runescape Gold Making Skills Guide: Preparing for Necromancy with Double Experience


Smithing and Crafting

To make the most of the double experience, focus on creating the highest-tier bars and armor sets. For Smithing, craft Bane plate bodies or consider making burial sets if you have extra Runescape Gold. If you're short on funds, sell the plate bodies to players who are doing the burial method. For Crafting, work on Dragonstone jewelry until 85 Crafting. Dragonstones are relatively fast and cost-effective. Use the crafting outfit and a portable crafter for added boosts.



You have two options for Runecrafting: the AFK method at Runespan or the more profitable Abyss runecrafting. At Runespan, focus on the highest tier essence and the spawning orbs for a relatively quick leveling process. Alternatively, venture into the Abyss via the Zamorak Mage in the Wilderness and create the highest tier runes you can. You may also profit from magical threads, which can be used to craft Rune pouches.



While the ideal goal is 99 Prayer, it may not be feasible for everyone due to the cost of the Appraisal Codex. A more attainable target is 95 Prayer, which will still serve you well. However, avoid training Prayer during double experience as gilded altars and other buffs do not apply. Focus on other skills instead.



To achieve 107 Herblore, start by creating your highest tier super potions and progress to sticky bombs at level 101. Research prices on the Grand Exchange to minimize losses and plan accordingly. Keep in mind that you'll need Overloads for necromancy anyway, so consider making them alongside your Herblore training. It might be worthwhile to hold onto your potion supplies until after double experience, as prices might increase due to the demand for necromancy.


Other Skills for Profit and Training

  • Combat: Consider Elite Dungeons 3 for combat training or take on creatures dropping bones like Wyverns or Frost Dragons. Frost Dragon bones can be valuable due to their use in necromancy.
  • Hunter: Engage in Big Game Hunter for dinosaur bones, which can be used for necromancy or sold for GP.
  • Mining and Smithing: While not directly related to necromancy, you can mine ores and smith bars for gold-making opportunities as these will likely see increased prices during the event.



Prepare yourself for the upcoming Runescape necromancy content by taking advantage of the double experience event to level up your skills efficiently. Focus on Smithing, Crafting, Runecrafting, Prayer, and Herblore to meet the requirements. Additionally, consider training other skills that can bring in profits during the event. Get ready for an exciting time in Runescape as the world of necromancy awaits!

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