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Diablo 4 Season 1 Best Builds Skill to Try After the Major Patch 1.1.1

Diablo 4 is about to receive a significant patch amid Season 1, and some classes will be getting some much-needed love. Two classes hit hard in the previous patch, the Barbarian and the Sorcerer, now see significant tuning. In addition, some other classes are also receiving adjustments to make their builds more viable. In this guide, we'll highlight the builds that have become much more competitive and worth trying out in Season 1 of Diablo 4.



Diablo 4 Season 1 Best Builds Skill to Try After the Major Patch 1.1.1


Sorcerer: Fireball

The Fireball Sorcerer has been a fan-favourite skill, finally getting some long-overdue attention. Fireball will receive general increases to its explosion radius, Critical Strike chance, and beautiful strike damage. These buffs apply to all Sorcerer specs, which is excellent news for endgame survivability. The Paragon board will improve the Sorcerer's survivability, making them more competitive with other classes.


Sorcerer: Meteor

The Meteor Sorcerer will benefit from the same buffs as the Fireball Sorcerer, making it a strong endgame contender. With passive buffs to Fireball and Meteor, along with fire passives, this build should become powerful and exciting to play.


Sorcerer: Firewall

Another fire-based build, the Firewall Sorcerer, will also be worth trying out. The new Season Journey aspect will be helpful in progression, making it a solid choice for endgame content as well.


Sorcerer: Chain Lightning and Ball Lightning Builds

Chain Lightning will receive numerous buffs from the skill tree and legendary aspects, making it a good leveling skill. Similarly, Ball Lightning builds will become more viable with the gravitational aspect changing from a damage reduction to a damage increase.


Barbarian: The Walking Arsenal

The Walking Arsenal Barbarian build revolves around the key passive "Walking Arsenal." With this passive getting a buff, players can benefit from different weapon types for each skill. A popular version uses Upheaval, Plunging Strike, Death Blow, and Iron Maelstrom for a high-damage and exciting playstyle.


Barbarian: Double Swing

Double Swing is getting a massive 25% damage buff, making it a strong contender for Barbarian builds. With further buffs to Frenzy and the Battle Trance amulet, the Double Swing Barbarian could become an exciting and powerful option.


Barbarian: Charge

The Charge Barbarian will receive significant damage buffs to the skill tree and the Aspect of the Ancestral Charge. This build could potentially outshine the Hota Barb and become a popular choice in Season 1.


Necromancer: Sever Variant and Buffed Decay Aspect

The Sever variant of the Necromancer will receive numerous buffs from various legendary aspects. The Aspect of Empowering Reaper and Aspect of Decay will improve Shadow builds, including Infinitum's Blight, Corpse Explosion variants, and even Shadow Minions. The Aspect of Exposed Flesh buff will be a significant boost for Necromancer builds, allowing skills like Sever and Blight to benefit from its effects.


Necromancer: Minion Builds Improvements

Minion builds, like the Reaper Skeletons and Blight variants, will become more viable due to specific Elite mechanic fixes. This change will make minions, especially Skeletons, less likely to die easily, making them more useful in various builds.


Druid and Rogue

The Druid and Rogue classes are already quite strong, and while there aren't many changes coming in the upcoming patch, players can still enjoy their current viable builds. Be cautious about falling for traps with certain skills, and always explore new possibilities to maximize your enjoyment in Season 1.



With the major patch arriving in Season 1 of Diablo 4, players will have the opportunity to try out new and improved builds for various classes. The Sorcerers, Barbarians, Necromancers, and other classes will see significant changes, making them more competitive and enjoyable to play. So, get ready to dive back into the world of Sanctuary and test out these exciting new builds to conquer the challenges that await you!

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