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RuneScape 3 Most Useful Consumable Items: Saving RS Gold and Faster Leveling

In this guide, we will explore some of the most excellent and valuable consumable items in RuneScape 3. Whether you are a low-level player or a seasoned veteran, these items can significantly enhance your gaming experience and efficiency. From increasing experience gains to saving time and RS Gold, these consumables are essential for any severe RuneScape adventurer.

RuneScape 3 Most Useful Consumable Items: Saving RS Gold and Faster Leveling


Charming Potion

The Charming potion is a game-changer for those on a summoning journey. By increasing the base drop rate of charms from combat, this potion allows you to collect charms faster, making the process of summoning much more efficient. Don't miss out on this incredible time-saver!


PvM Supplies

Often overlooked, various PvM supplies like incense sticks, vulnerability bombs, weapon poison, and anti-poisons can significantly boost your damage output and survivability in combat. Don't hesitate to utilize these consumables to enhance your PvM experience.


Pulse Cores

Pulse Cores provide not only bonus experience but also random buffs to your skills and those of nearby players. Take advantage of these to boost your levels temporarily, allowing you to achieve feats that were previously beyond your reach.


Incense Sticks

Incense sticks offer a variety of effects that can greatly benefit your gameplay. Whether you want increased experience gains or unique effects like automatically banking ashes while burning logs, incense sticks can make your Skilling journey more efficient.



Choosing the right familiar can significantly impact your gameplay. Waterfiends for extra Archaeology materials, Yaks for additional inventory space, and others can be used strategically to enhance both Skilling and combat activities.


Ancient Elven Ritual Shard

The Ancient Elven Ritual Shard is a valuable consumable that gradually restores your prayer points over time. This is especially useful during extended PvM encounters or intense Skilling sessions, allowing you to save on prayer potions and improve your efficiency.


Acceleration Power Burst

The Acceleration Power Burst removes the cooldown on your surge, bladed dive, and escape abilities for six seconds. Use this consumable to quickly traverse the game world, making it perfect for both Skilling and questing.


Sign of the Porter

Sign of the Porter is a must-have for gathering resources efficiently. Simply use it on items that you collect, and they will be automatically sent to your bank, saving you valuable banking time and extending your trips.


Magic Note Paper

Magic Note Paper is a simple yet powerful consumable that allows you to note items directly in your inventory. It's perfect for extended Slayer or Skilling sessions, where noting items on the go can save you time and resources.


Protein Packs

For Double XP events or when you want to maximize your XP gains, consider using Protein Packs. They provide substantial bonus XP and can be a great investment for those looking to level up quickly.



By incorporating these consumable items into your gameplay, you'll experience increased efficiency, faster leveling, and improved overall performance. Experiment with different combinations and find what works best for your playstyle. Whether you're a skiller, PvMer, or a quest enthusiast, these consumables are essential tools in your journey through RuneScape 3. 

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