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RuneScape AFK-friendly Killing Dark Beasts Combat Strategy Guides

This guide explores RuneScape's profitable and efficient method of killing Dark Beasts. Dark Beasts can be a great source of money and combat experience, making them an excellent choice for players looking to boost their wealth while honing their combat skills. We'll cover the best locations, gear, and strategies for killing Dark Beasts, as well as the potential loot and profits you can expect to make from this endeavour.

RuneScape AFK-friendly Killing Dark Beasts Combat Strategy Guides


Location and Gear

Mourner Tunnels and the Morytania Slayer Tower dungeon are the best places to slay Dark Beasts. For efficient AFK killing, Mourner Tunnels offer 14 spawns, providing plenty of targets to keep you engaged. Ensure you have at least a tier 80 weapon for faster kills, although other combat styles will also work.


- Morytania Slayer Tower

Information Details
Location Under the Mourner Headquarters in the north-eastern part of West Ardougne
Access Requirement Full Mourner gear acquired during Mourning's End Part I quest
Quest Involvement Biohazard and Plague City quests (tunnels remain inaccessible during these quests)
Post-Within the Light Players can teleport to Mourner Tunnels using crystal teleport seeds in the area between Temple of Light and Dark beasts


- Mourner Tunnels

Information Details
Location The Slayer Tower, also known as Viggora's Folly, is situated in north Morytania, to the north-west of Canifis.
Floors There are four floors in the tower, each containing increasingly dangerous Slayer monsters. The final floor requires 71 Agility to access.
Alternate Name It is also referred to as the "Morytania Slayer Tower," which is also used in the ring of slaying's teleport option.
Slayer Requirement All monsters within the tower have specific Slayer level requirements. The lowest level required is 5 for crawling hands, while abyssal demons require 85 Slayer.
Dwarf Multicannon Placing a dwarf multicannon inside and around the tower is not possible due to "dark forces" preventing dwarven construction.
Cannon Placement However, players can set up the cannon outside the gated area surrounding the tower.


Combat Strategy

Dark Beasts have 8,500 HP, so you'll want to dispatch them swiftly. Ascension crossbows are particularly effective, as Dark Beasts are weak to bolts, but other combat styles will also work effectively. Be prepared to use Soul Split and any curse suitable for your combat style for HP and prayer sustain. You can also use aggression potions or a Cannon to make the task more AFK-friendly.


Loot and Profits

Dark Beasts have several valuable drops, including big bones, coins, herbs, seeds, and dark bows. The loot is worth picking up, and you can enhance your efficiency by using a legendary pet for drop collection. For ease of inventory management, consider equipping a seedicide and having a spring cleaner or using Alchemy runes for Rune salvage drops.


Results and Calculations

After completing 1000 Dark Beast kills, the total loot's worth before selling amounts to approximately 9 million Runescape GP. When accounting for expenses, including ammunition and repair costs, the net profit comes to around 8.5 million GP. This translates to a rate of approximately 6.5 million GP per hour and provides around 750k combat experience per hour.


On-task Benefits

If you choose to kill Dark Beasts on a Slayer task, the profit per hour can increase significantly to approximately 7 million GP, while also gaining an additional 220k Slayer experience per hour.



Runescape Killing Dark Beasts is a profitable and efficient method for both money-making and combat experience. Whether you choose to take advantage of the Mourner Tunnels or the Morytania Slayer Tower, Dark Beasts offer an excellent opportunity to boost your wealth while honing your combat skills. Remember to equip yourself with the appropriate gear and use recommended strategies for the best results. So, get out there, slay those Dark Beasts, and watch your riches grow!

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