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RuneScape Necromancy Skill Guide: Things You Need to Know About the Newest Skill

Necromancy is the first new combat skill added to RuneScape, and it promises to be more than just a typical combat skill. With the release of this skill, many players may be unfamiliar with its mechanics and features. In this guide, we will explore the essential aspects of necromancy, helping you prepare for this exciting addition to RuneScape.



RuneScape Necromancy Skill Guide: Things You Need to Know About the Newest Skill


What is Necromancy?

Necromancy is a new combat skill in RuneScape 3 that reaches a maximum level of 120. Unlike other combat skills, it falls outside the usual combat triangle, making it neither strong nor weak against melee, ranged, or magic. The skill aims to be accessible to learn but challenging to master, incorporating both combat abilities and non-combat rituals. Necromancy introduces a new questline and lore revolving around the first Necromancer, set in a new area called the city of um in the Underworld.


Preparing for Necromancy

Although there are no specific skill or quest requirements to begin necromancy, Jagex has provided helpful milestones to guide your preparation. 

Preparation Milestones Smithing Crafting Runecrafting Prayer Herblore Complete Quests
Recommended Levels 15 15 20 10 11 -
Well-Prepared Levels 65 65 40 46 79 Temple at Centistan
Ready for Anything Levels 85 85 60 99 107 Kings Ransom, Goes Ahoy, The Jack of Spades, Vengeance, Nadir, and The Blood Pact


Unique Combat Mechanics

Necromancy introduces a distinct combat style that diverges from the traditional combat triangle. Instead, it relies on new auto-attack abilities that deal greater damage with fewer available abilities. The goal is to make each ability easier to learn, though players will need to work harder to acquire them.

The skill incorporates two new combat mechanics: Necrotic Attacks and Conjuring.

Necrotic Attacks, performed with the death guard main hand weapon, allow players to build necrosis instead of adrenaline.

Conjuring enables players to summon undead allies using the spirit lantern offhand weapon, with abilities to enhance their effectiveness.


Rituals for Non-Combat Players

For skillers or those not fond of combat, necromancy offers non-violent rituals as an alternative to level up. In the city of um, players can use rituals to attract spirits and toss them into the Well of Souls, providing materials necessary for combat. These rituals also allow players to create impure Rune Essence, which is essential in crafting four new necrotic runes: Spirit, Flesh, Bone, and Miasma runes. Through these rituals, non-combat players can progress in the necromancy skill without breaking their pacifist vow.


Quests and Storyline

For quest enthusiasts, necromancy introduces an exciting new storyline revolving around the first Necromancer. The four quests released with the skill, namely Necromancy, Rune Mythos, Keely Row, and Alpha vs. Omega, will introduce players to the necromancy skill, the city of um, and the antagonist, the first Necromancer. The new city of um in the Underworld promises intriguing exploration opportunities and exciting challenges for players.



With necromancy, RuneScape brings an exciting and innovative addition to the game, offering players a new combat skill with unique mechanics and engaging questlines. Whether you are a combat expert or a non-combat skiller, necromancy provides a fresh and immersive experience for all players. Embrace the new challenge, explore the city of um, and uncover the mysteries of the first Necromancer as you venture into the world of necromancy in RuneScape.

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