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ESO New Endeavors: How to Understand the Anger Over Group Content?

In the world of Elder Scrolls Online, drama is never too far away. Recently, a heated debate erupted within the ESO community surrounding the introduction of new Endeavors related to group content. In this article, we will delve into the two main aspects of the controversy. First, we'll recap what happened with the new Endeavors, and then we'll explore the broader issue of people complaining about group content in an MMO and the peculiar mentality of the player base.


ESO New Endeavors: How to Understand the Anger Over Group Content?


Part 1: New Endeavors

For those who may need to be made aware, a forum post with a screenshot of the Endeavors on the PTS for update 39 showcased many daily Endeavors tied to completing a named dungeon or trial. This led to a wave of commotion and outrage within the community. The major point of contention was that a significant portion of the player base needs to engage in group content in an MMO.


Initially, players were upset, assuming that the Endeavor system was going to become more grind-heavy, potentially leading more people to opt for purchasing crates instead. The addition of specific dungeons as Endeavors pleased those who enjoyed group content, but it also sparked complaints from those who preferred solo play.


The community manager, Kevin, clarified that the group-related Endeavors were for testing purposes and that they would be mixed in with the existing ones on the live server. Nevertheless, amidst the outrage, some valid criticisms were raised regarding the time and effort required to complete certain tasks and the prevalence of DLC-locked Endeavors.


Part 1: Endeavors - The Downsides

One of the main criticisms of the new Endeavors was the discrepancy in rewards for various tasks. Completing easier tasks rewarded the same number of Endeavors as more time-consuming group content, which discouraged players from attempting the latter. This unbalanced reward system led to concerns that earning Endeavors would become even slower over time.


Another concern was the requirement of DLC or paid content to complete some of the new Endeavors. While this was not entirely new, as there were already DLC-locked Endeavors, the introduction of more group-related content made the issue more noticeable. Some players felt this was unfair to those without access to DLCs.


Part 2: The Player Base and the Game

The Elder Scrolls Online attracts players from various backgrounds and playstyles, leading to distinct factions within the community. Broadly, these factions can be categorized into casual players, PvE enthusiasts, and PvP enthusiasts. Each group has its expectations and demands from the game. The clash arises from the disparity between ESO's roots as both an MMO and an Elder Scrolls game.


Casual players, who constitute the vocal majority and ZeniMax's target audience, often prefer playing solo and expect ESO to be more like the single-player Elder Scrolls titles. On the other hand, seasoned MMO players may have come to ESO with prior MMO experience and expect the game to cater to more group-based gameplay.


The problem lies in the way ZeniMax markets the game, leaning more towards attracting the casual player base and emphasizing the Elder Scrolls aspect while downplaying the MMO and PvP elements. This shift in focus creates tensions within the player base, with different groups feeling left out and unheard.


Part 2: The "What About Me?" Mentality

The ESO community often exhibits a "What about me?" mentality, wherein each player group demands attention and content catering specifically to their preferences. Casual players complain when new content requires group play, while PvE and PvP players express dissatisfaction when their respective playstyles are not prioritized. This mindset can create a divisive atmosphere within the community.


However, it is crucial to remember that ESO is an MMO designed to be played with others, and it is natural to have content that caters to various playstyles. While catering to casual players is essential for broadening the game's appeal, it is equally important to ensure that PvE and PvP enthusiasts have meaningful content to engage with.


Ban Controversy Explained: What You Need to Know

Recently, a wave of mysterious and hit players on PlayStation Europe in ESO. Many players found themselves banned without warning, regardless of their actions in the game. The situation sparked a lot of speculation and confusion among the ESO community. In response, the ESO Twitter account acknowledged the issue and clarified that it was related to Endeavors resetting more frequently than intended. 


Issue with Daily Endeavors ESO players on PlayStation Europe reported mysterious bans unrelated to their actions in the game. The cause was later clarified by the ESO Twitter account, indicating an issue with Daily Endeavors resetting more frequently than intended. Players were warned not to exploit this issue further.
Speculation on Ban Triggers Players have been discussing potential triggers for the bans. Some speculated that the bans were connected to exploiting Endeavors or activities in specific regions like Rawl'kha or Reaper's March. However, the actual cause of the bans remains unclear.
The Developer's Official Response The ESO development team acknowledged the Endeavors reset issue and assured players that they were investigating the problem and working on a solution. They emphasized that players should refrain from exploiting the issue.
Player Reactions Players expressed frustration and concern over the bans, with some claiming they were unfairly banned despite not engaging in any exploits. The lack of an apology from the developer added to the frustration, as players expected an acknowledgement of the inconvenience caused.
Controversy Surrounding Bans The bans raised questions about the investigation process and whether players were being banned based on credible evidence or mere suspicion. Some players questioned why a temporary disablement of the Daily Endeavors system was implemented when a fix was found.
Update from the Developer Following the community's feedback, the development team clarified their intentions by highlighting the Endeavor reset issues. They explained that their goal was to inform the community proactively and that accidental encounters with the exploit wouldn't result in account actions. The developer emphasized that they were focusing on taking action against those intentionally exploiting the issue.



The heated discussions surrounding group content in Elder Scrolls Online reflect the diverse nature of the player base and the challenges faced by the developers in meeting everyone's expectations. Balancing solo and group-oriented content is a constant struggle for MMO games, but open communication between the developers and the community can go a long way in alleviating tensions and fostering a more inclusive gaming environment.

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