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Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.1 Update: Improve Builds and Character Balance

Welcome to dive into the details of Patch 1.1.1 for Diablo 4. In this guide, we'll break down the patch notes to help you understand the impact of these changes on character builds and balance. While many of the listed changes are subtle, they collectively promise significant improvements. Join me as we explore all the changes, including those to the endgame content. Let's get started!


Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.1 Update: Improve Builds and Character Balance


Patch Overview

In this guide, We'll be covering the changes in a structured manner. We'll start with the general changes to the game and then move on to class-specific balancing. This patch addresses several issues that players have been facing, including the density in Nightmare Dungeons, boss health adjustments, experience gain, and much more.


Increased Density in Nightmare Dungeons

One of the significant changes is a 58% increase in density in Nightmare Dungeons, with some dungeons receiving more density than others. This alteration benefits area-of-effect (AOE) builds, as they will excel in this environment. Additionally, this increase in density will lead to faster leveling, countering the experience gain nerf from the previous patch.


Boss Health Adjustments

Bosses at level 60 and below will remain unchanged, but bosses at level 80 and higher will have their health increased. A boss at level 80 will have 50% more health, and a boss at level 150 will have a whopping 150% more health. This change will prolong boss fights and place a premium on builds that excel at taking down bosses quickly.


Legendary Drop Rates

Bosses at level 35 and above will now have a 100% chance to drop a legendary item. Treasure goblins starting at level 15 will guarantee legendary drops. This change enhances the reward system, making boss fights and treasure goblin encounters more satisfying and rewarding.


Buffed Legion Events

Legion Events will now guarantee legendary items starting at level 35. This encourages players to explore and engage in activities outside dungeons, offering a more balanced approach to progression.


Barrier Mechanic Changes

Enemies' ability to use the barrier mechanic is being adjusted. Barriers previously prevented critical strikes and several on-hit effects. Now, barriers can be critically struck, making battles with enemies possessing barriers more manageable. This change also applies to players using barriers in PvP.


Refund Skill and Paragon Points

The cost to refund skills and Paragon points is being reduced by a maximum of 40% at level 100. This change encourages experimentation with different builds, allowing players to explore various playstyles without a prohibitive cost.


Additional Stash Tab

All players will receive an additional stash tab, increasing the total to five. This might seem like a small change, but for players who frequently run out of storage space, it's a welcome improvement.


Nightmare Dungeon Affix Changes

Several annoying affixes in Nightmare Dungeons, such as resource burn, backstabbers, and empowered elites with cold enchantment, are being removed. These changes aim to create a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.


Class-Specific Balancing

Now, let's dive into the class-specific changes that are designed to address balance issues and improve overall gameplay experiences.


Barbarian Changes
  • Buffed fury generation for basic attacks to improve early-game resource management.
  • Increased base damage of Double Swing for better early and endgame performance.
  • Buffed Enhanced Rupture explosion damage to enhance chain and bleed-focused builds.
  • Improved Enhanced Charge to make it a more viable skill option.
  • Increased power of Violent Upheaval's berserking damage bonus.
  • Buffed Keystone passive Gushing Wounds for improved bleed-based builds.
  • Buffed certain legendary items like Ramalani's Magnum Opus, offering more build options.
Rogue Changes
  • Buffed Siphoning Strikes, enhancing Rogue's self-healing capabilities.
  • Improved Poison Trap's damage, benefiting poison-based builds.
  • Buffed Wind Force and other aspects, diversifying build options for Rogues.
Druid Changes
  • Increased Spirit generation from basic attacks to alleviate early-game resource issues.
  • Substantially buffed companion aspects, making companion Druid builds more viable.
  • Improved Wolves, Ravens, and other aspects, strengthening companion-based playstyles.
Sorcerer Changes
  • Buffed Fireball's crit damage and radius for fire-based builds.
  • Enhanced Chain Lightning's damage per bounce, promoting lightning-focused builds.
  • Improved various aspects like Territorial Glyph, Combustion, and more, diversifying playstyle options.
  • Buffed Lightning Strike's damage reduction, boosting survivability for lightning-focused builds.
  • Various improvements to buff the fire playstyle and overall build diversity.
Necromancer Changes
  • Buffed the Wither legendary Paragon board for improved damage scaling.
  • Enhanced aspects like Decay and Exposed Flesh, boosting various Necromancer builds.
  • Buffed Bone builds with improved Essence generation and other quality-of-life changes.
  • Reduced damage from certain enemy affixes to improve minion survivability.



Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.1 brings an array of changes aimed at addressing various balance issues and enhancing the gameplay experience. From increased enemy density to class-specific buffs and adjustments, these changes promise to create a more diverse and engaging endgame. Experiment with different builds, explore new playstyles, and take on challenging content with newfound confidence. Keep an eye out for how these changes impact the game's evolving metagame, and remember to adapt your strategies accordingly. See you in Sanctuary, adventurers!

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