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Runescape New Skill Necromancy Guide: Start, Progression, Training, Rituals and Rune Crafting

Welcome to the RuneScape Necromancy guide! Embark on a journey into the world of dark arts and forbidden knowledge. Whether you're new or returning, this guide will help you master the Necromancy skill. Explore Um, perform rituals, and craft runes to become a powerful necromancer. Unleash your potential and conquer the shadows in RuneScape's latest skill.



Runescape New Skill Necromancy Guide: Start, Progression, Training, Rituals and Rune Crafting


Starting Your Necromancy Journey

To embark on your necromancy journey, head over to the Draynor Lodestone. There, you'll find a trail leading to an underworld portal. This portal initiates a tutorial that introduces you to the story, both skilling and combat basics, and the City of Um. Even if you skip through the tutorial, don't worry! This guide will provide you with extra details to make sure you're fully informed.


Exploring the City of Um

Before entering the City, speak to Malignius Mortifer. This NPC will give you trails to key shops within the City. After crossing the bridge into the City, activate the Um lodestone for quicker access. If you have Wax, use it to enhance your lodestone teleport charges.


Here are some important NPCs within the City:

  • Loop (Northwestern side): Sells basic ritual supplies. It's recommended to buy everything he has in stock.
  • Sawstrators (Southwestern side): Sells low-level necromancy robes, including spares.
  • Celine (Far Eastern side): Can help you learn necromancy-related prayers and curses if you have curses unlocked.


Speaking to NPCs will provide you with souls for your Well of Souls, a skill tree where you unlock talents in the form of abilities, passives, and incantations (a type of spell). Note that not all abilities are locked within the Well of Souls; some unlock as you increase your necromancy level.


Progression and Training

Necromancy progression involves collecting souls from rituals and quests and then using them to unlock talents. Talents require talent points obtained by gaining combat experience. This means you need to engage in both rituals and combat training for efficient progression.


In the early game, combat training is effective for leveling necromancy. Since the release week might bring fierce competition for low-level training spots, consider using the instance Ghost Troll Cave for peaceful training. The experience gained depends on the monster's health.


Combat Mechanics and Abilities

In necromancy combat, your basic attack happens automatically, generating adrenaline for thresholds like the Finger of Death ability. Hover over abilities to learn more; for instance, using the Touch of Death ability before Finger of Death reduces its adrenaline cost.


You'll notice two colors of damage: purple (necromancy damage) and yellow (spirit damage from conjurers). Conjurers and summon familiars can be used simultaneously. Check the hit chance percentage; aim for 80-90% or higher to maximize effectiveness.


Rituals and Crafting

Rituals are a vital part of necromancy. Prepare by placing supplies in your ritual bank. Choose rituals, set up requirements, and perform them. React to ritual disturbances for extra rewards. Keep an eye on the glyph and candle durability.


Upgrade your necromancy armor and weapons using Lesser and Soul Materials. These materials are crafted from various items and are used to improve gear at different levels. Certain quests like Killer and Ru Mythos offer unique tasks to advance your necromancy skill further.


Necromancy Rune Crafting

At level 24 necromancy, you can access the Ru Mythos quest and learn the Lesser Essence ritual, turning pure Essence into impure Essence for rune crafting. Necromancy runes include Spirit, Bone, Flesh, and Miasma runes, which can have various uses in crafting, upgrading gear, and more.



  • Completion of the "Rune Mythos" quest, which unlocks the Necromancy Incantations and the ability to craft Necrotic Runes.
  • Decent RuneCrafting level, particularly level 92 for Bone Runes.
  • Recommended RuneCrafting pouches and a high Summoning level for Abyssal familiar.
  • Optional: Threads of Fate Relic, which prevents pouches from degrading.
  • City of um tasks completion for Tome of um, increasing rune yield.
  • Teleport to the Smithy for quicker access to rune crafting altars.


Method Breakdown:

Step 1 Prepare Impure Essence Start by heading to the ritual site and gather 200 pure Essence. You'll also need basic ghostly Essence, basic ritual candles, and some irregular ghostly ink (around 150k gold per ink). Use the Lesser ritual (or higher-level rituals if available) to convert 200 pure Essence into 40 impure Essence. You'll need 88 impure Essence per inventory.
Step 2 Crafting Necrotic Runes
  • Set up a preset with Power Burst of Sorcery, pouches, and impure Essence.
  • Teleport to the City of Um and make your way to the rune crafting altars.
  • Consider using the Tome of Um for faster access (limited uses per day).
  • Use Power Burst of Sorcery to double rune yield and craft the runes.
Step 3 Selecting Rune Types Choose the rune type based on current market demand and prices. Bone runes are a solid choice, followed by flesh runes. You can experiment with myiasma and spirit runes too. Check the price fluctuations before committing.
Step 4 Selling Runes
  • Teleport back to the Grand Exchange.
  • Sell the crafted runes to capitalize on their current value.
  • The market prices fluctuate rapidly, so swift selling is crucial.



Tips for Maximizing Profits:

  • Stock Impure Essence: Gather around 600 impure Essence before crafting to capitalize on favourable prices.
  • Utilize Power Burst of Sorcery: Time your crafting sessions with the cooldown of the Power Burst for optimal efficiency.
  • City of Um Tasks: Obtain the Tome of Um for extra rune yield and profits.
  • Teleport to Smithy: Use free teleports to the Smithy for faster access to rune crafting altars.
  • Diversify Rune Types: Experiment with different rune types to adapt to changing market dynamics.
  • Keep an Eye on Prices: Monitor rune prices and adjust your crafting strategy accordingly.
  • Prepare for Demand: Iron and bronze bars are in high demand for upgrading necromancy gear, making them profitable options.



As you progress through the Necromancy skill, focus on a balanced approach between rituals and combat training. Explore the intricacies of the City of Um, upgrade your gear, and harness the power of necromantic arts to become a formidable necromancer in RuneScape. Good luck on your journey!

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