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Guild Wars 2 Goals and Tasks: Everything You Need To Know at Level 80

In Guild Wars 2, Reaching the pinnacle of level 80 is a remarkable achievement, opening the doors to a plethora of engaging activities and ambitions. In this dynamic guide, we'll unravel the post-level 80 landscape, unveiling a world of movement tools, immersive storylines, mastery progression, elite specializations, gear upgrades, and an array of endgame pursuits. So we embark on a voyage beyond the confines of level 80, where endless opportunities await you in the ever-evolving universe of Tyria.


Guild Wars 2 Goals and Tasks: Everything You Need To Know at Level 80


Movement Tools

Unlock and utilize movement tools that will make traversing Tyria more convenient and enjoyable.

  • Gliding: Unlock gliding by progressing through the Heart of Thorns expansion's story. Gliding allows you to reach new areas and survive from great heights.
  • Mounts: The Path of Fire expansion introduced mounts with unique movement abilities. The Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, Jackal, and Griffon all offer different ways to explore the world. Start by unlocking the basic mounts, such as the Raptor and Springer, to improve your mobility.


Story Progression

Experience the game's story to unlock important features and gain a sense of direction in your gameplay.

  • Base Game Story: Play through the base game's story, which introduces you to Tyria's lore and mechanics. This will also give you the opportunity to unlock gliding as you progress through the Heart of Thorns expansion's story and earn mounts by playing through the Path of Fire expansion.
  • Expansion Stories: Continue with the Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire expansion stories to unlock gliding and mounts, respectively. The End of Dragons expansion also offers additional story content to explore.
  • Living World Seasons: These are story patches that bridge the gap between expansions. If you're invested in the game's narrative, consider playing through Living World seasons for a complete understanding of the evolving storyline.



Masteries are progression tracks that enhance your abilities and grant you special advantages.

  • Glider and Mount Masteries: As you progress through the expansion stories, you'll earn mastery points. Spend these points to unlock glider and mount masteries, which enhance your movement capabilities. Upgrades like using updrafts with your glider or improving your mount's jump height can be extremely beneficial.


Elite Specializations

Unlock powerful Elite Specializations to customize your playstyle further.

  • Choose an Elite Specialization: Each class has access to unique Elite Specializations. These provide new mechanics and skills that redefine how you play your class. Spend hero points earned from hero point challenges in expansion maps to unlock these specializations.
  • Hero Points: Elite Specializations require a significant number of hero points. Participate in hero point challenges in expansion maps, particularly in the Heart of Thorns, where they offer 10 hero points each. Joining hero point trains organized by players can make the process easier.


Gear Up

Focus on obtaining Level 80 exotic gear. While it's not the highest tier, it's a substantial upgrade from your leveling gear and will make your gameplay smoother. Work towards Ascended weapons and trinkets, which provide significant stat boosts. Ascended armor is also available, though the difference from exotic armor is relatively small. Investing in quality gear will provide lasting benefits, as Guild Wars 2 only sometimes introduces new gear tiers.


Core Endgame Goals

After securing better gear, you're ready to dive into the endgame content. Guild Wars 2 offers a variety of activities tailored to different playstyles:

  • Story: Continue with the game's storyline, exploring expansions like Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns. Engage with the game's rich lore and immerse yourself in the world's narrative.
  • Masteries: Unlock and progress through Masteries, which provide you with unique abilities and bonuses. These can greatly enhance your gameplay experience, offering new ways to interact with the world.
  • Elite Specializations: Unlock and master Elite Specializations to further customize your character's playstyle. These specializations provide unique skills and traits, allowing you to tailor your character's abilities to suit your preferences.


Open World PvE

Engage in open-world PvE activities, including meta events, dynamic events, achievements, exploration, and more. Participate in meta-events that offer significant rewards and challenging encounters. Explore the map, complete dynamic events, and hunt for achievements to earn rewards and further immerse yourself in the game's world.

  • Flying Mounts: Work on unlocking the Griffon and Skyscale flying mounts. The Griffon offers speed and exhilarating flight, while the Skyscale provides manoeuvrability and convenience. These mounts enhance your mobility and exploration capabilities.


Griffon and Skyscale

The Griffon and Skyscale are two unique flying mounts that offer different advantages in the game world.

  • Griffon: To unlock the Griffon, complete the Path of Fire story and embark on the Open Skies collection. This will require a gold investment of around 250 Golds, which you can earn gold by participating in meta events. Flying on the Griffon is exhilarating and can be especially useful for exploring high and hard-to-reach places.
  • Skyscale: The Skyscale mount is obtained through a longer process. First, finish all episodes of Living World Season 4. Then, complete a collection achievement related to the Skyscale. While it doesn't offer the same speed as the Griffon, the Skyscale's manoeuvrability makes it highly versatile.


Dungeons and Fractals

Guild Wars 2 offers instanced PvE content in the form of dungeons and fractals.

  • Dungeons: While ArenaNet doesn't actively create new dungeons, the existing ones still provide a fun challenge. Group up with friends or use the LFG tool to tackle the dungeons' stories and explorable paths. These are a great way to earn rewards and experience unique stories.
  • Fractals: Fractals are smaller, five-person instances that offer varying levels of difficulty. You can find the entrance in Lion's Arch. Completing daily and recommended fractals yields substantial rewards. As you progress, you'll unlock higher-difficulty tiers with even better rewards. Fractals are engaging and enjoyable, offering daily variety.


Conquer Raids for Epic Challenges

If you're seeking more challenging group content, consider taking on raids.

  • Raids: Guild Wars 2 features 10-man raids filled with complex boss encounters. While starting raiding might require assembling a group of 10 players, the heart of these raids offers rewarding experiences. Over time, power creep has made some raids more accessible, making them an excellent choice for players seeking a true challenge.


Choose Your Endgame Focus

Guild Wars 2 caters to various playstyles, so decide what appeals to you most:

  • Fashion and Cosmetics: Become a fashionista by collecting armor and weapon skins, dye combinations, and outfits to create a unique look for your character.
  • PvP and WvW: Engage in structured PvP or World vs. World battles to test your skills against other players. Progress through ranked seasons, join a competitive guild or explore large-scale warfare.
  • Crafting and Economy: Maximize your crafting skills and engage in the game's economy by buying, selling, and trading items on the trading post.
  • Exploration and Map Completion: Complete maps, uncover hidden areas, and find points of interest, vistas, and waypoints for a satisfying exploration experience.


Strike Missions

Strike missions are focused instances consisting of single-boss battles. They offer a more manageable entry point into challenging content compared to raids. You can choose the specific boss you want to face. The newer strike missions even have challenge modes for players seeking an even greater challenge.


Instanced PvE

Guild Wars 2 offers a variety of PvE game modes. Here's a suggested progression path:

  • Fractals: Start with tier 1 fractals, which are beginner-friendly. Join groups through the Looking for Group (LFG) tool. As you progress, you'll encounter more challenging fractals.
  • Normal Mode Strike Missions: Begin with these before moving on to harder content. If you enjoy these encounters, you can gradually progress to raids and eventually challenge mode strikes for the ultimate test of your skills.


PvP (Player vs. Player)

In PvP, teams of five players battle each other. Victory is achieved through a combination of capturing objectives and earning kills. PvP offers a fast-paced experience that's easy to get into but difficult to master. All characters are scaled to max level, and gear stats are standardized, allowing for fair competition.


World vs. World

If large-scale open-world battles are more your style, explore World vs. World (WvW). Players compete over territory, engaging in epic clashes and strategic fights. Unlike PvP, you use your PvE gear in WvW. Coordination and teamwork are key in this game mode.



While playing these game modes can be enjoyable in itself, there are incentives to keep you engaged. You can earn gw2 gold to fund your fashion desires by participating in various activities. Guild Wars 2 offers a wide array of skins and cosmetic items for those who enjoy customizing their characters.


Legendary Gear

For players looking for the ultimate endgame goal, legendary gear is the pinnacle. While it doesn't offer better stats than ascended gear, it looks amazing and provides quality-of-life benefits like stat swapping. However, acquiring legendary gear is a time-consuming process, as it requires a significant amount of gold and materials.



Reaching level 80 is just the beginning of your Guild Wars 2 journey. There's a plethora of activities to suit various playstyles, from PvE content to competitive PvP and large-scale WvW battles. Whether you're interested in fashion, challenges, or team-based gameplay, Guild Wars 2 has something for everyone.


Remember, this guide is meant to provide an overview of the various activities you can engage in after hitting level 80. Feel free to explore each game mode at your own pace and focus on what aligns with your interests and playstyle. Enjoy your adventures in Tyria!

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