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ESO Level Up Fast: Best XP Farming Locations and Strategies

Are you a new adventurer in The Elder Scrolls Online, or are you just looking to level up your characters more efficiently? With the recent Double XP event and the availability of various XP-boosting items, it's a great time to dive into some of the best XP farming methods. In this guide, we'll walk you through the different ways to maximize your experience gains and suggest the most effective farming locations.


ESO Level Up Fast: Best XP Farming Locations and Strategies


Understanding XP Stacking

Before we dive into the best XP farming methods, let's understand how experience stacking works. During the Double XP event, you're already getting twice the experience from every source. Additionally, there are XP-boosting items like XP potions and Crown Scrolls, which come in various percentages (e.g., 50%, 100%, 150% buffs). It's important to note that these buffs are additive, meaning if you use a 150% buff, it's not tripling your XP but adding an extra 150% to the base value. You can only have one scroll or one XP potion active at a time, so plan accordingly.


XP Gains from Gear and Companions

Training gear, which has the Training trait, boosts your XP gains when you defeat enemies. However, it's crucial to understand that the XP bonus from training gear only applies when you deliver the killing blow to an enemy. So, even if you're participating in events like dragon fights or world bosses, only the killing blow will trigger the bonus.


When it comes to companions, they share a portion of the experience you earn. It's worth noting that lower-level characters gain less XP than higher-level characters from the same activity. Therefore, if your primary goal is to level up your companion, it's more efficient to farm with a high-level character.


Top XP Farming Locations

Alik'r Desert Dolmens The Alik'r Desert is known for its dolmens that provide a steady stream of enemies to defeat. The dolmens in this region respawn quickly, making it an excellent choice for continuous farming. Join groups using the LFG ("lfdg") chat command to find others farming these dolmens and enjoy a smooth experience.
Blackrose Prison (Round 2) If you're looking for more challenging content, Blackrose Prison's second round offers high mob density and substantial XP gains. The key here is to die intentionally to reset the round and farm the mobs again. This method is efficient but requires more skill and coordination, making it suitable for experienced players.
Daily Battleground and Dungeon Engaging in daily Battlegrounds and dungeons is a consistent way to earn experience. Daily Battleground rewards provide significant XP, and completing a daily dungeon also yields a hefty amount. These activities are straightforward and can be done solo or with a group.


Honorable Mentions

  • Dragonstar Arena: While not the most efficient, Dragonstar Arena still provides a good experience, along with valuable leads and gear drops.
  • Skyreach Catacombs: Similar to Blackrose Prison, this area offers quick resets for farming, but it requires you to change the difficulty setting between runs.
  • Forgotten Wastes Public Dungeon: This public dungeon in Vvardenfell boasts high mob density and valuable gear sets. While there are better choices for XP farming, it's worth considering its other rewards.



With Double XP events and various XP-boosting items, levelling up in ESO has never been easier. Whether you're a new adventurer or a seasoned player, these XP farming methods can help you progress quickly. Remember to strategize with XP-boosting items, choose the right gear and companions, and explore the recommended locations to optimize your experience gains. Enjoy your journey through Tamriel!

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