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OSRS Desert Treasure 2 Awakened Bosses Drops and Fight Strategies

Jagex has just released part two of the Desert Treasure 2 update, introducing a wealth of new content to Old School RuneScape. One of the most exciting features is the addition of four brand new bosses, each with a unique drop table and mechanics that will challenge even the most seasoned adventurers. In this guide, we'll break down the key information you need to know to tackle these bosses and claim their coveted rewards.



OSRS Desert Treasure 2 Awakened Bosses Drops and Fight Strategies


The Awakened Bosses and Their Unique Loot

The Awakened Leviathan, Awakened Dorvus, Awakened Duke, and Awakened Whisperer have all risen to challenge players. 

Each boss boasts an exclusive drop table, with noteworthy items that every adventurer will covet.

  • Vertis Mage Robes: These rare drops grant potent magic bonuses, making them indispensable for those specializing in magic combat.
  • Soul Reaper Ax: This formidable weapon is composed of four distinct untradable components, obtained from each of the bosses. Once fully assembled, the ax can be sold for a substantial sum.
  • Vestiges for Upgrading Rings: Every boss drops a different Vestige, crucial for enhancing previous Dagon'hai King Rings.
  • Blood Torva: The ultimate reward awaits those brave enough to conquer each of the four bosses in their Awakened Hard Mode. The Blood Torva is a potent set that can only be obtained by triumphing over these challenging encounters.


Mastering the Awakened Bosses

Preparing to face these bosses requires a combination of gear, tactics, and strategic execution.

Here's an overview of each boss and their key mechanics:


- Awakened Leviathan:

  • Focus on avoiding falling debris and the deadly white tornado.
  • Pray flick range and Mage attacks in the rage phase.
  • Prioritize movement over eating, as surviving axe hits is crucial.


- Awakened Dorvus:

  • Beware of the axes that emerge from the ground, and avoid the flying axes.
  • Manage the simultaneous range and Mage attacks from the weird hats on sticks.
  • Adapt to the enhanced damage of the basic melee attack and the spike phase.


- Awakened Duke:

  • Utilize Shadow branches for controlled combat to minimize damage.
  • Employ the crassian enchantment special attack for efficient boss slaying.
  • Make use of advanced strategies to enhance your chances of survival.


- Awakened Whisperer:

  • Conquer the lightning phase by selecting your side and timing your movement.
  • Navigate through the ghost phase by prioritizing kill order.
  • Memorize pillar patterns for an easier enraged phase.


Maximizing Your Success

  • Movement Priority: Prioritize movement over healing, as survival against axe hits takes precedence.
  • Gear Selection: Adapt your gear and setups for each boss's unique mechanics.
  • Learning Curve: Expect a learning curve for mastering each boss's mechanics and patterns.
  • Teleport Optimization: Obtain the teleport tablets for efficient travel to the bosses' locations.
  • Profit Consideration: While the initial investment may be substantial, the potential loot and rewards make it worthwhile.



The Desert Treasure 2 Awakened Bosses present an exciting challenge for OSRS players seeking new adventures and rewards. Mastering the mechanics and prioritizing movement and positioning will be key to conquering these formidable foes. The unique drops, OSRS GP and engaging combat mechanics make these bosses a must-try for any seasoned RuneScape player.

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